Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Open Letter to Editor(s) of Urjii.Info

Dear fellow Urjii editor(s),

Having sent you a personal e-mail message and waited for two weeks for your reply to no avail; and having posted my request as a comment on your web site which you chose to remove, I am forced to write this open letter in the hope that you will consider my request.

First, many thanks for posting on your web site the article “The Case for a Sovereign & Independent Oromia” written for my blog. It is very much appreciated.

However, I was wondering why you chose to change the title from “The Case for a Sovereign & Independent Oromia” to “Oromia: Would Sovereignty be the only Way Out?”

As an editor, you should know that first impressions matter and the title of an article is the reader’s first impression of the content of the piece. It is also what sets the tone of the piece for the reader. It is not an exaggeration to say that the title of an article is just as important as the information you put into its body.

As you can see from the content of the article, the writer is advocating for a sovereign and independent Oromia. He is NOT asking whether sovereignty would be the only way or not! The writer and Oromo Affairs are willing to listen to other options advocated by others but they write and publish in support or defense of the sovereignty & independence option for Oromia. Those who are not sure which option they prefer are free to write posing that question.

As a fellow editor, I respectfully ask that you change the title back to “The Case for a Sovereign & Independent Oromia.”

Please note that a core editorial value is commitment to accuracy which is fundamental to your reputation.


Argan Beekan



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