Saturday, March 26, 2011

The nature of TPLF regime

By Leenjsoo Horoo

It is quite amazing how little those of us who even follow the events in the Ethiopia Empire and in Diasporas really know and understand the very nature of TPLF (aka Wayyane), its sinister scheme, its aspiration and the degree of its danger.

It is a marginal organization from a tiny population, a population that barely exceeds the population of Finfinnee (Addis Ababa). Its leadership being a member of such a tiny marginal organization, it fears larger ones. As a consequence, it lives in fear and so feels insecure. It found itself in the midst of ocean of the insurgent people: the Oromo people and other peoples. It fears the people and peoples' organizations. So it has built a source of its own security. Its source of security is based on its army, the police force, the security apparatus, and rings of spies, informers, Death Squads, kidnapping squads, and their foreign supporters.

On the other hand, it is a violent organization; a violent regime. As such, it is a rebel, a militia, a court, a church, a corporation, a legislative, a judiciary, an army, a government in open, and a government in secrecy, all in one. It controls all; it runs all. Having grabbed all these, it has turned itself into a murderous regime of men, women, and children. Hence, in Oromiya its rule is characterized by, and based on, repression, intimidation, assault on human rights and human dignities. Arbitrarily arresting, kidnapping, torturing, and killing, and quick arrest and release, long-term and life-time imprisonment of opponents are its core policy. It is a regime that has lost the spirit of humanity and moral values; it is a sadistic killer. TPLF is an arch-anti-Oromo organization.

This enemy is artfully using Oromos to destroy Oromiya and its people. It has created collaborationist Oromo police and informers within Oromiya that keep a close eye on the Oromo population, regularly visiting, detaining and torturing suspected ones, in the name of "democracy", state security and safety. Hence, in the teeth of Tigrean reign of terror, ruthless suppression of political dissent has become part of life in Oromiya and Ethiopia. Many Oromo were arrested and tortured and killed; many disappeared without trace. Violence is the nature of this regime. Violence emanates from its frenzied insecurity, from its intolerance, from its desire for grabbing someone's wealth, from looting a country's resources for enriching themselves, from lust for power and dominance.

Dr. Levi, himself a survivor of holocaust, wrote about the violence, and the genocide that happened in Europe. His words read in part as:

We must be listened to...we have collectively witnessed a fundamental, unexpected event, fundamental precisely because unexpected, not foreseen by anyone. It [violence] took place in the teeth of all forecasts; it happened in Europe; incredibly, it happened that an entire civilized people... followed a buffoon whose figure today inspire laughter, and yet Adolf Hitler was obeyed and his praises were sung right up to catastrophe. It happened, therefore it can happen again: this is the core of what we have to say.

Moreover, he predicted that the same violence can happen anywhere. Again, his words reads in part as:

It can happen, and it can happen anywhere.... Violence... is therefore before our eyes: it snakes through ...government lawlessness.... In the Third World it is endemic or epidemic. It only awaits its new buffoon... to organize it, legalize it, declare it necessary and mandatory, and so contaminate the world. Few countries can be considered immune to a future tide of violence generated by intolerance, lust for power, economic difficulties, religious or political fanaticism, and racialist attritions. It is therefore necessary to sharpen our senses, distrust the prophets, the enchanters, those who speak and write "beautiful words" unsupported by intelligent reasons.

As Levi predicted, it again happened. The awaited new buffoon has arrived with his violence. And so the violence has already begun in the Third World. It is happening in the Ethiopian empire against the Oromo and other peoples in the Empire. Indeed, the Tigrean buffoon, Meles Zenawi, has already organized violence, legalized it, declared it as necessary and mandatory to be implemented not only against the Oromo people, but also against all peoples in the empire; not only against Oromiya and its natural habitats, but also against Ethiopia itself and its natural habitats. Indeed, TPLF is a fascist organization and the Empire is under the teeth of its fascistic rule.
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