Monday, July 23, 2007

The Asmara Group of OLF takes TA-OLF to a Minnesota Court

Just when the Kinijit legal saga seems to have come to an end, OLF’s has begun in a USA court.

Reliable sources have informed this Blogger that the Shane Gumii faction (aka the Asmara Group) of the OLF has filed a lawsuit against the TA-OLF faction on two counts: that the later group has violated the “Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act” and that it interfered with the Asmara Group’s “prospective economic advantage.”

The lawsuit, filed on July 19, 2007, lists one active and two inactive Oromo non-profit organizations, seven individuals and a “John Doe.” The three organizations are “Oromo self-help Association, Inc”, “Oromo self-help Organization” and “Oromo self help Association, Inc” all incorporated under MN law on June 3, 2005, July 8, 1999 and March 7, 1994 respectively.

The OLF split into two in 2001 over what some say differences of political strategy but others claim power struggle within the highest echelon of the organization. They have both claimed the name OLF since the split. Attempt at reconciling the two factions have so far produced no results.

The lawsuit alleges that the defendants have interfered with The Asmara group’s prospective economic advantage and have “caused and/or [have] threatened to cause plaintiff [the Asmara Group] to suffer damages in the form of lost good will, lost members or potential members and loss of donations.” This being the primary fund raising season of the year for Oromo political organizations, has worried the Asmara Group who some say will not be able to raise as much funds as it has been able to in the past years due to its very unpopular alliance with CUDP (aka Kinijit.)

The Asmara Group is asking the Fourth Judicial District Court of the State Of Minnesota to enjoin TA-OLF to cease and desist from using the “trade” name OLF permanently, to award the Asmara Group compensatory damages in excess of $50,000.00 and to grant a temporary injunction against the Oromo public meeting called for July 26, 2007 by TA-OLF. The motion for the injunction request is to be heard on July 23, 2007 at 8:30 AM.

The source tells this blogger that this is nothing new and that the Asmara Group has done all it could in the last six years to sabotage Oromo public meetings called by TA-OLF. In support of this allegation, my source pointed me to an audio file at HERE in which someone claiming to be an agent of the OLF asked owners of the meeting hall which TA-OLF had rented for their last year Oromo public meeting “NOT to cooperate with the group....”

Finances collected from Oromo public with the promise to use them toward the Oromo struggle should not be squandered by using them to take another Oromo political group to court or to defend ones group against such a lawsuit. Such money is better used toward taking the Meles Zenawi regime to World Court for its crimes against the Oromo people, lobbying western governments, raising or strengthening a liberation army, or supporting families of our compatriots who are currently political prisoners in TPLF’s Ethiopia.

This is a political issue - a struggle for Oromo hearts and minds - which should be waged, and won or lost, in Oromo public court, NOT in US legal courts.

Stay tuned for more news on this. Also, don’t forget to have your say.


Anonymous said...

Good QA should be killed

Anonymous said...

The Asmara Group is linked to Eritrea and the Union of Islamic Court of Somalia, which is linked to other terrorist organizations. Therefore, how come the Asmara group takes people to Court in America? It is time we inform the US administration about the Asmara Group’s link with the UIC and al-Qaeda and stop them in their trucks. It is time we tell the world who the Asmara Group are. They are puppets of Eritrea and internal enemy of the Oromo people.

Anonymous said...

Now that CUDP is submitting to Woyyane's rule by signing a plea agreement accepting responsibility for the what ever bad took place during and in the aftermath of the 2005 election, what might be the fate of the "AFD"?

I predict Woyyane will have CUDP abandon the AFD. One simple argument Woyyane could use is to say you [CUDP] cannot have your feet in 2 places: One in with legal (legal in Ethiopia) opposition party in the country another in with out-lawed (OLF, ONLF, EPPF] liberation movements. At that point what would Shanee /ASMARA group does? Already lost a trust of the Oromo people; abandoned by the CUDP;

Dear my Oromo Shanee brothers, let me ask you one simple question. What is the honest reason that makes you betray the Oromo legitimate and just cause of colonial question while having over 30 million constituents. Even ONLF, with fewer constituents and fewer years of struggle against colonialism clearly states they are for independence. Tell us the honest reason!

Do not waste, time and energy fighting your own people in US court. Stop waging a physiological war against us by telling "the world has changed and cannot get independence." If you can’t or not interested in independent Oromia, leave the name OLF and form another party and compete with OPDO. You cannot have it both ways: You either Oromo Liberation Front or one of Ethiopia’s parties for unity.


Anonymous said...

For the person above who said "Good QA should be killed":I think you mean TA/QC.

I hope you're not Oromo. If you are, you don't have any passion for human being let alone for your own people. This is a kind of idea that leads to Barbaric action to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Dear argan beekan,

Thank you to keep us informed on the latest action of Shanee against our compatriots. But I dont understand why you used the term TA a long expired adjective for a phenomenon.

Now it is long since TA is dissolved and the Original name, OLF was retained by the Abbaa Kaayyoo. Therefore your report should have read "Shanee Kinijjit takes OLF to Court". For Shane to call itself OLF in form is only an intention to fool public opinion and pass for the rightful organization. In function it has turned loyal Ethiopian party, with supper Kinjit name AFD (TBd). The release of Proper Kinjit has made the position of Shanee-Qinjit precarious. For this reason they have started begging for Habashaa National reconciliation conference, considering themselves as nationals. Shane, it is said had finished planning on how to slip through the fingers of Isaayyaas to join his antagonists! It was only a small misunderstanding between its leading members that short circuited the agreement made between them and Mallas in Norway this year. Now all are in agreement to run away from Isaayyaas if Mallas accepts their apology for failing him last time.

The present action of Shanee is engineered by its usual end of the season project designers. This year more money is needed than the few false field action reports could motivate. They probably heard that US courts could grant millions if lawyers are supplied with make believe fraudulent facts. But we are in a country that digs out the truth, that will bring out to the world who Shanee really is; the maxim, "haqaa guddaan udaan fidaa" should not have been forgotten. Patience of true nationalists should have been appreciated by the so called US based Shanee representatives. Having taken over OLF offices, infrastructures and good will fraudulently would not make Shane legitimate OLF representative. Therefore a counter legal and political campaign is in order.

It is true that genuine Oromo, what ever animosity between them are obliged by aadaa and seera never to expose each other to alien scrutiny. The shanee by its action had proved that it has renounced being an Oromo. Therefore, hence forth no Oromo should be bound by safuu in matters concerning Shanee. It has become a "nyaapha" until it cleanses it self through the process of "faloo" for murderers. Come out nationalists! you are free from the bond of Oromummaa to Shanee members you have been considering so far. Shanee should be sent to its proper corner in Ethiopianist formation.

Thank you Argan once again for the great job!

Anonymous said...

Dear Oromo brothers and sisters,

Do not waste your energy in injecting some sort of common sense into this desparate group called 'Shanee Qinijjit. They have lost their mind. They are desparate for money. They even kill thier mother for few dollars, unfortunetly.

I intend to inform the State Department that the Asmara Group/'Shanee Qinijjit' are engaded in a proxy war in Somalia. The Asmara Group is fighting against the USA. Therefore, we have to inform the State Department about it and stop the Asmara Group raising a single dollar, because the money raised by them has the potential of harming the US.

Anonymous said...

Shane Qinijit is dead even before it is conceived, because losers like the Shane group are members to it. Such cowardice who have dragged our people in a mud have apparently lost there mind, if they have one at all.

Ummata qaanii wallaale ykn duruu hin beekne irraa maal eegu? Biyya ambaa taa'anii (dementian rakkachaa)ummata keenya raadiyoo takkan du'atti kan hoofan hanqatee amma ammoo maqaan OLF keenya jedhu! Raaji dha kun. O fi F fudhachuu ni danda'u. Garuu isa Liberation jedhuu maqaa kaasuu hin danda'an! Tokkoffaa erga kaayyoo liberation gurguranii tureera. Lammaffaa ifiif iyyu ossoo hin bilisoomin ummata guudda Oromoo bilisoomsuu hin dandayan.

Shanee lubbuun jirurra OPDO du'e wayya!

Anonymous said...

I strongly disagree with fact that OLFs are waging physical war against each others . This does not represent who Oromos trully are. We should be figthing enemies together not each other. This is corruption and OLF should now step down and let the other parties rule. Blessummaa does not come easily as some may think, but we have to work together to earn it.

Anonymous said...

It is really gowummaa to fight on the issues of supporting unconditional independent republic of Oromia (TA-OLF) vs autonomous Oromia in an integrated Ethiopia (SG-OLF). Can't you two fools agree on common vision of Self-Determination per referendum and live according to the verdict of Oromo people??????????????????

Anonymous said...

my q is how come this stupid shanee get into olf/abo we know for 30 years and they dived us apart and what we the oromo people has do about this? we just set aside and watch or stand up and kick them out of oromo people? please what ever we do, we need do us 1 natoin and 1 people they think they own oromoo people. but there is some stupid people who don't think 2 way.the only say yes never say no.there is people who don't know the history of ABO where it start and how it start.anyway hinjifaanooo ummata oromotiif.

Anonymous said...


The creation of the OLF in the early 1970’s was the culmination of a long struggle against Ethiopian colonial domination. Even though the OLF has always been dismal militarily, a lot of the early leaders were true nationalists who put Oromo national interest above and beyond anything else including their own personal safety. The Oromo people accepted the OLF as a continuation of the liberation struggle being led by the late General Waqo Gutu in Bale and other pro liberation movements in Oromia.

1991 and what happened thereafter were turning points in the history of the OLF that the people who were crying foul were eventually vindicated. Now some of those same “leaders” are acknowledging what we have already known for years; and that is they never meant what they had been saying and what they really believe is that there is not an Oromia or Oromo to be liberated. Hassan Hussen of the OLF actually told a gathering of Qinijit supporters that there is no Oromia to be liberated. Is that not a big fat joke if it wasn’t so tragic? They told countless people to rise up and fight for their country, got thousands up on thousands murdered by successive Ethiopian regimes and now they are telling us “sorry we really did not mean that.” What I am writing used to be branded “allegation” by some people a few months ago, it is not any longer an “allegation” by OLF’s own admission. They are telling us now, in no uncertain terms, what they really meant was to use the Oromo cause as a pawn to negotiate for government posts in murderous Ethiopian regimes and hence a better life for themselves and their cronies. These people have the blood of innocent Oromos on their hands and it is our responsibility to stop them now. You can go to, click on the radio link and listen to the excerpt of Hassan Hussen’s speech to Qinijit supporters. I’m sure most Oromos will be vindicated but some of you will be shocked to hear that.
Finally, we call upon members and OLF leaders not tainted by this scandal to rise up and take charge. We call up on you to expunge these traitors and join forces with genuine Oromo liberation movements to make the home stretch of our liberation journey as quick as possible. Our prize is within eyesight and there is no force short of an act of God that will be able to stop us; and we know God stands with those seeking what is truly theirs. Oromiyaan ni walaboomti.

Anonymous said...

To be short sighted in any National struggle is more damaging to the cause of the Nation. I do not believe Hassan Hussen and his cohorts support no body except their own narrow self interest of daily living, let alone OLF or Oromoo people's National interest.

On the other hand, branding the Asmara group with the Somalian Islamic Court will not serve in the best interest of the Oromoo people in the long run. Therefore, I sincerely believe that short slightness in all cases are more hurtful than it's temporary rushes.

Anonymous said...

To be short sighted in any National struggle is more damaging to the cause of the Nation. I do not believe Hassan Hussen and his cohorts support no body except their own narrow self interest of daily living, let alone OLF or Oromoo people's National interest.

On the other hand, branding the Asmara group with the Somalian Islamic Court will not serve in the best interest of the Oromoo people in the long run. Therefore, I sincerely believe that short slightness in all cases are more hurtful than it's temporary rushes.

Anonymous said...

That voice is NOT Fekadu Wakijira's as any one who knows Fekadu can tell you. This is Bayan Asoba's voice. However, the cell phone number left on the voice mail is that of Fikadu Wakjira. I am positive that Beyan Asoba made the call on behalf, and with the consent, of Fikadu.

To be honest, you guys amaze me. You recorded Dhaba Wayesa's inteview with Obbo Galasa Dilbo and exposed Dhaba's censurship. You now give us this audio clip to show what your former friends are doing to sabotage your work. You seem to be metculus and very good. My question is, are using this skill against TPLF as well or just your former friends?

Nagaa, Nagaa, Nagaa Oromoota jiddutti!

Anonymous said...

I do agree with you, as long as I know Fekadu Wakijira, he is not a person of such low standard, and doe not think that evil way even if he happen to support Shanee. That is not his character/type.

The two names came to my mind for being professional experts in Legal Affairs were Taha and Bayan. Again Taha is a person of unflinching convictions when it boils down to the best interest of Oromia as far as I know him personally. This leaves Bayan who has the reputation of playing the major role in the Shanee's attempt to destroy OSA's integrity.

What a shame on him, on you, on me, and an all of us?

Anonymous said...

Argan Beekan,
I was ashamed to hear about your Minneapolis meeting of 2007. You had only 45 people, including AWO and FIDO delegates. However, the OLF turnout was about 2000 people. I know this is a nightmare to you, but remember your little deceptive mind can not think that far and that big.

Moosisaa said...

What a shame! These oldies akka QC have nothing else to do than blaming the OLF day and night. So bad so far! If a liberation struggle is the QC way, then i prefer to give up the struggle. Because it leads nowhere. Let oromos say no to these oldies who are crying only for a leadership position and their regionalism. May God/ Allah bless the oromo nation!
Injifannoo Uummata Oromoof!
Long live the OLF and its liberation army!

Anonymous said...

Ilmaan oromoo kan dhugaa saba keessaniif hadooddan, yeroon dhaabota oromoo kan wal nyaatu itti dhiifnee nuti akka Oromootti tokko taanee akka dhaabonni tokko tahan dhiibbaa irra keenyu geesse. dhaabonni wal nyaatan kun hundinuu gargaarsaa fi yaada keenyaan malee akka gara tokko hin geenye hubannee nuti haa tokkoomnuu

Anonymous said...

Dear obboo mosisaa,
How come educated individual like you with a PHD degree keep on celebrating and widening the difference between two siblings of mother Oromia?

Is it so hard for you a Wayne Community College graduate to realize that the Unity of all Oromoos are the current most practically needed venue to pursue so as solution for fragmentation, disenfranchisement and power-emptiness of the Nation of Orommo could be achieved?

What does it takes to convince Wayne C. C shaped mind to realize that it is for the best interest of the Nation of Orommoo: preaching unity is much preferable as opposed to conspiring with Qinijit to destroy the Nation of Oromia?

Whose interest are you serving by advocating for more disintegration of the people of Oromia as opposed to unity?

Didn't WCC prepare you for the conceptualization of Unity of the nation of Oromoo is a sources of unstoppable/non deterable power ? Brother, to venture for unity of Oromoo is nonnegotiable issue as it is indispensable reality of our nation.

In case you prefer to continue conspiring with Qinijit how to control the Nation of Oromoo for ever, I will simply say to you... Shame on you, shame on me, and shame on all of us, because Oromia will be free!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Mosisaa,

You said "i prefer to give up the struggle" Do you really think you are in the struggle to liberate Oromia? Don't fool yourself Doctor! You and your circle are deceiving the Oromo people and talk the same thing year after year after year, decade after decade after decade. You simply waste your time and our time by begging Tigre at times and Amhara at another time. Even asking the U.S to beg Woyyanee for you.

So, it's better if you give up what you are into. It would rather be best if you could join the Proper OLF.

TA Drowning. said...

I read comments that this court case is about 'OLF fighting each other'. But for those who have no idea which group is OLF and which one is not, please note that the group that was taken to court and that calls itself 'OLF' is in fact QC dissident, while the group that QC dissidents refer to as 'Asmara Group' or 'Shanee Gumii' is indeed a genuine OLF. QCs try to create confusion and distortion by using the name 'OLF', the main reason they endup in court. In short the court case is not OLF against OLF, it is OLF against QC (the dying dissident group who have no vision even for themselves let alone for Oromo people).

Anonymous said...

Dear TA Drowning,

I wish things are as simple as you put them. The truth, I don't care which side you are on, you guys are fighting among yourselves instead of fighting the enemy. I fault you both but I fault your group more for sawing confusion by claiming to wirk for independence of Oromia but working for saving the dying empire and allying with qinijjit. Granted that they are both our sworn enmies, I will take Wayyaanee over Qinijjit any time. You confused me, you confused our friends, you confused the Oromo people. It is only a matter of time before the Oromo people will find out what is going on. Then, what you gonna do?

Anonymous said...

Asmara Group or the fake OLF doesnot have vision. Instead it has PTSD(Power Thrist Syndrom Disease)

Let me ask you, Shanee Gubbii, You wanted to negotiate with Woyyane 9 years ago and signed a document to cease an arm struggle and take part in Ethiopian government. When Woyyannee ignored that, you wrote a letter called "Agenda Nagaa" that one did not work either. Then, you begun working with Kinijit as recent as 2 years ago. That does not seem to work for you either. You even change your slogans from time to time. So who is with no vision? You or the patriotic Oromoos who with all the odds out there willing to bring about the original goal by working with the people and within the people for the people. You're working day and night to dash this hope. You know how you're doing this? You're confusing our people by waging a psychologial war on them killing their aspiration for independence.

At one time I remember what Leenco Baati was saying. "Impayeraa sanaa cacaabsine Oromiyaa bilisomtee Ijaarraa" that was changed and he said "tagabtenal abrne norenal" in other words we're inter-related through marriage and societal unity. When they [Shanee Gubbii's] come to us, the Oromoo's, they say we're heading to independence This is just a strategy.

In conclusion, it's the Asmara Group/Shanee Gummii that does not have a vision at all. If it has one that would be to live in the Ethiopian empire with little goal.
Remember the day will come to pass when you will be responsible for your today's deeds.

May God gives us the age to live and wittness your total political death!! You're half dead now, I mean politically.


ta drowning said...

"Anonymous said...
The Asmara Group is linked to Eritrea and the Union of Islamic Court of Somalia, which is linked to other terrorist organizations. Therefore, how come the Asmara group takes people to Court in America? It is time we inform the US administration about the Asmara Group’s link with the UIC and al-Qaeda and stop them in their trucks. It is time we tell the world who the Asmara Group are. They are puppets of Eritrea and internal enemy of the Oromo people."

Dear hadgee wayyaanee,
You should probably preach this to your fellow wayyaanees, not to Oromos. Oromos know who you are.

Anonymous said...

Mosissa Said
"Let oromos say no to these oldies who are crying only for a leadership position and their regionalism."

Hey Obbo, sorry Doctor, do you remember what you responded to some one on O-net months back when he played the regionalism card. I do remember what you responded to him. you said, "You stink ..." in other words smell horrible.

Now you played the same card. Does it mean you both stink or when it comes to and your group, the Asmara Group, the definition of stink changes?

Let me tell you there is no position to cry for. Position is in the hands of Wayyanee and you group is the one crying for it. Let me improve a bit what the earlier anonymous said. PTSD stands for Power Thirst Stress Disorder. That is you group, Shanee.

Moosisaa said...

You dumb QC oldies! It doesn't worth to discuss with you at all. You are fully idiots composed of your regional and gandummaa politics. By the way, just because of that i choose the nick "Moosisaa" you started biting "Dr Moosisaa" (did you wrote he is from O-Net?). If you hate the guy, tell to him. The Moosisaa here has no relation to your nightmare "Dr Moosisaa". Remember that Moosisaa is a typical oromo name.
Long live OLF!
Let QC tries to join the liberation struggle instead of biting oromos!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Atoo Mosisaa,
You are neither chronologically nor mentally young. So do not be so quick to point one of your fingers to others, while forgetting three of you own fingers are pointing at you.
Besides, one of our the Oromoo sayings goes like that: A Fool who yells saying "Please See me, see me, hey I am here", when the truth be revealed at the end, the same fool will say "Hide me, please hide me" That is the cheapest chapter you are actualizing when you are trying to deny that you are the same Mosisaa of Qinjiit/Shanee. Or is this the new Mathematical formula that you discovered at the dawn of you PhD dissertations? What a funny guy? But what can one expect from a graduate of Wayne Community College? Shame, shame and real shame.

Anonymous said...

The whole Shanee Qinijit saga is a belly politics gone horribly wrong. The leaders of Shanee Qinijit had never been, and are not, OLF. The likes of Dawud (a.k.a. Frew Masho) have been refugees in the Sudan during Mengistu's time and are now refugees in Eritrea. They always give priority to their big belly. They are now fighting for their gara. The lawsuit itself gives away a great deal of truth how their mind operates. They simply claim that they are interested in the hard earned dollars of the unsuspecting Oromo mass. There is no claim for damage to their principle but their pocket. Do not expect any sort of principle from such a group, except money, money, money.

The Shanee Qinijit, it seems, have lost the plot completely. First they were screwed by Meles, then by Eritrea and now by the Amahara. Then they take out their frustration on the Oromo people. The best way forward form them would have been to repent. If they cannot repent, they should walk into the red sea and banish into wilderness never to be seen again. But they lack courage, which placed them between rock and hard place in the first instance.

In any event, I am not sure which faction of the Shanee Qinijit that has gone to court. The likely faction to have gone to court seems the Dawud group rather than the Lencho group. I say this because the Frew Masho group must be the more desperate them of all. Because the Lencho group is the group that sold their soul to the devil as they have now started maneuvering their supporters to pack their bags and head for Ethiopia, by hook or crook, before 2010 election. This group does not care about Frew Masho and the rest in Eritrea. ‘An gallaan gabaan wal haa loltu”. As far as this faction of the Shanee Qinijit is concerned the rest of the world can go to hell.

The Frew Masho faction has become captive to the Eritrean fortune. “Dabeessa du’atu barbaada”. It takes a miracle to free them. The sad truth is that neither Frew Masho nor Lencho Lata really understands the Abyssinian game; however desperately they both want us believe them as the best Oromo Machiavellians. They both should listen carefully to their Amahra buddies who say “hodaam hagaru ayigabaam”.

Gumaa Guddaa

Anonymous said...

Kotta afaan Oromoon dubbanna!!!!!!!
(Let's talk in afaan Oromoo!!!)

Harka fuunee Oromoon Hunda,
Yeroo dubbiin obboleesi/obboleettin kee odeesu/odeesitu bareedina dhabu, hingorfata, hintura malee hinumaa galaaf, hindeeba' jette gorsa kee itti fufta. Buleemmo hamaa biro hojjeta. Ammas garaa kee hinkutatu, hinuma gorfatta. Silaa inni simaballeesumaaf waan ka'eef, diina kee wojjinnmoo ka'e woliigaltee woliigodhanii wolit heerumu. Amma egaa dubbii aja'iba gudda sif ta'a. Kunumtuu higeenye jedhee fira/lammi kan hundaa keessan ajjeesa. Amma kuno aqilii/sammu dhabuusa darbees maraachuun isa hundaafu sirritt beekama, ifatt ba'ee argama. Shanee Gumii akkas taatee'. Oromoon hunduu yaa Rrabb yks yaa waaqayyo aqilii/sammu deebisi keniif jeedhanii, inni Islaama Masgiidiit, inni waqeefataan oodaa gudda jalatt, inni Kristina mana kadhannatt hunduu jilbeefatani waaqaa kadhachaafi jiru. Obboleeso atis kadhadhuuf maaloo. Garuu amma waaqayyo barakaa isa kennuufit Shanee Gumii hundishee akka marattee bari.

Merry said...

Good words.

Anonymous said...

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