Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Asmara Group vs. TA-OLF Court Case: Ibsaa Guutama weighs in

In an interesitng article he wrote in July 2007 and posted HERE, Ibsaa Guutamaa weighs in on the The Asmara Group vs. TA-OLF court case and many other issues currently under debate in Oromo circles.

One of the founders of the OLF, Ibsaa Guutamaa is widely recognized for the leadership he provided to the team that produced millions of school text books in Qubee Afaan Oromoo in 1991-92 while he was Minister of Education and the OLF was a partner in Transitional Government of Ethiopia.

Ibsaa’s article begins with a brief introduction of how the Oromo failed under Abyssinia colonization. Then, it quickly moves to posing the often asked question “what do Oromo[s] want?”which he claims “arise from the mixed message and lack of clarity” of some so-called leaders who carry “two cards one for their freedom craving people another for donors who have interest in the status quo.” The “two cards”, writes Ibsaa Guutama, are the search for solution of the Oromo question within a democratized Ethiopia or in a free and independent state of Oromiyaa.

Of carriers of the first “card,” Ibsaa goes no to say:

"There are Oromo groups that would like to remain within Ethiopia whether others like it or not. They only pray to be tolerated by the Ethiopians. Among these are those with nostalgia for the emperors and the Darg’s era. Others are those promised benefits like land and positions if they join the regime. Still others are those who fraudulently joined the movement with a mission of wrecking it and burying the thought of independence ones and for all. Still others are the confused nationalists who had fallen victims to alien machination.

All together they are not OLF but its zombie. They lack the soul and flesh of Oromoness. Hence cannot represent the OLF in any dealing. Above all no group that doesn’t show credibility and consistency of principle can represent its nation. There are those that remained with the kaayyoo and still have more claim of legitimacy than any one. As long as such credible groups exist and the desire for freedom is engraved on the[ir] minds, even of a small group, OLF can never phase out before the liberation of the Fatherland."

Of the pending court case filed by The Asmara Group vs. TA-OLF, Ibsaa writes:

"Many have abandoned Oromoo tradition of safuu. According to [Oromo Safuu] no Oromo shall expose other Oromo to alien scrutiny for individual or group benefit. But a case where compatriots were exposed to freely extract from them some fifty thousand dollars was observed. In the case against compatriots the OLF was presented as an economic firm. Members were presented as donors. The good will and the trust OLF accumulated over years as a result of the sacrifices comrades made was presented as an effort of the plaintiff group. This exercise by a group has cost both sides a substantial amount of money which could have been used for the struggle against the enemies of the nation. For the group OLF that upholds OLF programs as amended in 1998 are the principal enemy. So no wander if they prefer Ethiopia’s democratization over Oromiyaa’s independence."

"Alien courts will not stand witness for our being OLF. OLF was born and registered in the minds and hearts of all Oromo and its rightful members, signed and sealed by those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. That is the evidence we carry with us all the time..."

Source: Gubrimans Publishing

NOTE: This blogger calls on other heavy weights of our struggle to follow Ibsaa's example and weigh in on this court case to inform the public.


Anonymous said...

First, I would like to thank Obbo Ibsaa Guutama for clarifying the issue on hand.

Second, I am so proud of my Oromo heritage when I see the tenacity of our leaders such as Obbo Ibsaa. It is not only the tenacity of the gentleman that renewed my trust in humanity, but also his clarity of thinking made me admire that golden generation of his more than ever. I think our generation needs to learn a lot from them.

Third, I fully agree with Obbo Ibsaa that the legitimacy of being OLF cannot be obtained in any court. The legitimacy emanates from the hearts and minds of the Oromo people. Legitimacy also comes from the mountains of Oromia, not any court in the USA.

Fourth, the OLF is only OLF when it fights for liberation of Oromia, and when it fights the enemy but not the Oromo people. Any other form of OLF is total madness. Shanee Qinijt is so frantic and may Waaqayyoo show them His mercy.

God bless Oromia.

Gumaa Guddaa

Anonymous said...

To the commentor before me, I say you are right on the money. The OLF is loved and respected by the Oromo people NOT because it is led by any one person (Galaasaa, Leencoo, Daawud, etc ...) but because it embodies their aspiartion which is an independent state of oromia. Once it abandons that aspiration of the Oromo people, it will be abondaned by the them. Its leaders are well advised to always keep this in mind.

Oromia Shall be Free!

Anonymous said...

King Ibsa is an aging power moger, not a true nationalist. tell us how many woyanne you have killed or diplomatic success king. we have followed your wrong leadership for so long and your days are long gone king. Just cause u funded OLF doesnt mean you own it.
Your empirial magesty king of king Ibsa Gutama.

Anonymous said...

1 more question 2 our king which child of urs r u gonna crown as a head your organization(OLF).

Anonymous said...

What a load of crap are these guys called Shanee Qinijit? I am glad I have nothing to do with these morons called Shanee and their supporters. You scams, Obbo Ibsaa is of a man of much higher intellect than you low lifers are and that simply annoys you. You Shanees thought that you can run away with the OLF but that isn’t going to happen.

Finally, Shanee Qinijit should stop writing gibberish and come up with a convincing argument of your crap 'haallii addunyaa jijirame', if you can. Or else just shut up and get the hell out of here.

Gumaa Guddaa

Anonymous said...

QC why dont you shut up after six years no military activity or diplomacy. Tell us how the hell you are going to free oromia? Artile written from Newyork is not gonna free oromia. GO to oromia jungle fire one gun shoot then talk about freedom. All the royal family in East coast and Europe like to talk but are afraid to walk the line.

Anonymous said...

The person calling Obbo Ibsa "King" below is for you.

Obbo Leenco Lataa is also one of the founders of OLF. Can we say just because he founded the OLF, he thought he owns it and have his followers change the Original OLF program?

I don't think that is the case whether for Obbo Ibsa or for Obbo Leenco. I think these two precious sons of Oromia have two diffrent views regarding the ultimate goal of the Oromoos quest for freedom. Obbo Leenco's happens to be we could remain under Ethiopian empire and acheive some betterment there. On the contrary, Obbo Ibsa's view is we're no less or more than any other society who are in the struggle for Independence. We should strengthen our struggle do our homework to acheiving independence--no matter how long it takes.

These are the two views that led to the creation of Shanee--OLF and TA--OLF. I personally don't support Shanee-OLF's view. In my opinion if we were to go the Shanee--OLF's way we will end up the same place we were and still are--under the Absynians rule. Although, I agree with the view of TA-OLF's, I'm afraid it's an uphill battle. Not because of our external adversaries alone. Nowadays, even our own Oromoos are confused by what has emerged since the split of the liberation front. I obeserve some Ethiopianst tendency within the ordinary Oromoo citizens residing in the Western Hemsphere. That makes the stuggle much tougher for the TA-OLF.

In conclusin, the choice do we need to get a shortcut and endup at the same spot? Or push harder take longer and get to where we have to get to?

Dhugaa Dubataa

Anonymous said...

The Asmara group or shannee qinijiit is doing nothing but handcapping our struggle for our independence.Loo at this way,since obbo Dauwed ibsaa took over i did not see any development.He brought our struggle to his knee.And he is already surrendered to abyssinia.look since adde almaz makko,obbo yontaan dhibisaa,General kamaal Galchuu,kolonel....koloneel....where are they today.Do you know where.They are sitting in Asmara cafe and wasting their time.Why obbo Daud Ibsaa doesn't allow you to fight.They all want to fight but the problem is obbo daud Ibsaa.what can we do with this man? we have to remove him by any means neccesary in order to see oromia librated.As long as Daud Ibsaa is there don't dream to see any development in oromo struggle.we have to do something.

Anonymous said...

Most wanted!!!Obbo Daud Ibsaa.
This man,i can for give him but i will never forget what he is been doing to our struggle.Since he came to the picture he done nothing.only crises after crises.he disbanned our fighters.Look since last year when General Kamaal Galchu joined the asmaragroup did you see any development?no,why?obbo daud he doesn't let you fight the habeshas.obbo daud is making big mistake in which he totally creating dictatorship.He must be stopped by any means neccesary.Obbo daud is nothing but habeshas agent.I'm really pist offe by what happened to our struggle.I'm worried for our future.why can't we fight? we are more than capable to fight.Then why?It is all obbo Daud and his co.the shane qinijit Asmara grou-p.look when qinijit trying to bring back nefixengas rules.So where is obbo daud?He is born loser and that is why he is waiting the habesha government handing over librated oromia as a gift.He must be hunted down and must be put down where he belongs.I hate him to see anymore.Enough is enough.Obb Daud if you read this message i hate to see you anymore.

Anonymous said...

My Oromoo compatraits,

Don't forget there could be some external enemies trying to add fuel to take advantage of our diffrences of views to promote their agenda.

This is an open medium where Woyyanee and Qinijit also have access to. If you're a real Oromoo don't badmouth your own people. Please give your view in an appropriate manner. If you're Woyyanee or Qinijit or other anti- freedom individual or group, don't waste your time employing old tactic. We Oromoos have come to a point where we know our external enemies' divide and rule tactics and smart enough to figure out who is who.

Dhugaa Dubataa

Anonymous said...

Dear oromoos,
Could you just tell me why we can't fight? just tell if we oromos are can't capable to fight like the men from the northern?just tell who librated his/her country without fighting?what problems do we have not fight?Are we going to win only with propaganda machine against ruthless abyssinians?do you believe the abssinians let you librate your oromia without fighting?I think we've seen it all,In 1991-1992 when olf participated in the TFG.I never think abyssinians let us even participated in the democratical election.why? They know the will be deffited.we are the majority.They scared that to death.So what opition we left with.the only opition we left with guys and gals to pick up our guns and fight like you never been.That is the only way and opition we have.whether you like it or not.""If the principle Dictates the freedom,war is the only way""

Anonymous said...

Dear Oromo brothers and sisters,

Did you know what Dawud Ibsa a.k.a. Waddi Masho sent a message on OLF mailing list way back in 2001 when OLA southern command revolted? He said "The force that revolted has no capability. However, we need to be mindful that a more determined group shall not survive on the backdrop of this. Therefore, we need money to eliminate the potential and I ask you to raise fund". What the hell do you expect from the man?

Now his disciples are dragging the real OLF through an American Court.

Anonymous said...

To the commenter who calls Ibsa Gutama a king.

King and queen have no root in our (Oromo) culture and it rarely comes to Oromo mind. That makes me believe that you are an Habasha.

In that case I have a question for you, which one of your kings founded a libration organization in order to be crowned?

I am asking you, because you seem to be passionate and knowledgeable about "ye nugusoch tarik".

Qaanqeen Bosonaa: said...

• Qabatee belbela malee hin dhaamu!
• Suphaa siyaasaa kan ayyaan-laallattootaa tiin hin dagamu!
• Kittilliyyoowwan gamaa gamana dhodhommoqan, ‘gooftota” isaanii wajjiinuu haleellaa siyaasaa jalaa
hin miliqan jedha!
• Dheebuu ummatni Oromoo bilisummaa-f qabu fiixa baasuuf daandiin jalqabame wal-xaxaa tahus, haga
humna isaatti warraaquuf, ammas irra deebi’ee waadaa seena!
Of-sobuu fi Wal-sossobuun Qabsoo miti !!
Daandii Siyaasaa Qabsoo Oromoo

Anonymous said...

The entire OLF is an organization founded by losers who remained/remain losers. No other organization did hurt Oromos more than OLF.

Loser! Stay in white man's country, eat you hotdog and free your people with a stroke of a keyboard, hahaha!

If you guys are man enough, go home and fight for your freedom. Then again, you become too fat and confi to move a finger let alone hunt an enemy.

May God wipe you out of the face of this earth. Please Lord, save Oromos from OLF! Amen!

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types of leadership styles said...

Ibsaa article begins with a brief introduction on how Oromo failed under Abyssinian occupation. Then, quickly moving to pose questions often asked "what Oromo [s] want?" Which he claims "arise from the mixed messages and lack of clarity" some so-called leaders who bring a "two cards one for the freedom they desire others to donors who have an interest in the status quo." The "two card", writes Ibsaa Guutama, is looking for a solution of questions Oromo in Ethiopia democratization or in a state of free and independent Oromiyaa.

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