Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oromo Students are Subjected to Discrimination Even in the Freest Country on Earth – Seattle-USA

Blogger's note: An Oromo student writes "Dear Editor; I am an Oromo student at the University of Washington , Seattle . The story I attached is the discrimination Oromo students are facing by the same group who are making Oromos life harder back home. I hope you will post it as the Ethiopian websites would never entertain it. So, you are my only plausible outlet."

Following is what he wanted the whole world to hear (read).

From My Diary: Team Oromia 5 - Team Ethiopia 0
By Maaru Alaku
University of Washington

This is my personal diary and to make it a bit tasty I used football terms quite few times. This isn’t to be offensive to anybody, rather, it is because I am so passionate about football and I want to use this opportunity to test my own reporting skills of my favorite game. May I tell you also this is the first time in my life that I dare to present my idea in written form in any media, so my sincere apologies in advance if you find some grammatical mistakes and wrong usage of words/phrases. In terms of sticking to the facts, everything I wrote below is as accurate as one can be which anyone can ascertain from so many others who are at the same event I am going to tell you.

Every Year at the University of Washington (UW), African Students Association of the UW (ASA) presents Afro-Caribbean Night (ACN) in April. The occasion is usually a very fascinating one even for strangers let alone for nostalgic Diaspora Africans and the event being performed by young African students or Americans of African origin makes even sweeter to the elderly parents and community members coming to the occasion.

As it was customary, last year also the event was carried out successfully. However, to some of the attendees who happen to despise the mere sight Oromo students, the show was deemed tarnished by these "unruly Oromos". The Oromo students participating on the occasion as Oromos not as Ethiopians was the talk of every Ethiopian household in Seattle, even in churches and community centers. May be it went even beyond Seattle as it was negatively reported by SeaEthio web site.

At the time I was really amazed by the negative stance of the websites and individuals involved. I attended the event and I was very satisfied by the shows presented by the Ethiopian (Abyssinian) group and the Oromo group alike. I couldn't see anything offensive being exhibited by Oromo performers unless as I mention earlier, one is being offended by the mere sight of Oromos on stage in which case I can only say hard luck and pray to God to have mercy to this hate-monger-poor-souls.

May be, just may be, it is based on the recommendation of the community members and/or others who took offense by the mere sight of Oromo students having their own show, that last Sunday, 03/09/2008, afternoon, some members of the African Students Association (ASA) made a futile attempt to exclude Oromo students from this year's edition of the ACN.

To begin with, the idea itself is not only unjust, it is evil. It is discriminatory as well as unconstitutional based on the constitution of ASA that these same students and/or their former colleagues wrote. Well, they set a meeting on a Sunday afternoon mainly to the reduce the not-well-informed Oromo students to the minimum possible to amend the constitution so as to pass a law which would prohibit Oromo students from the ACN for good and possibly to expel them from the ASA membership. Had this happened, they would have found themselves in the mother of all troubles.

One cute girl said very loudly, “We should vote on it today as there is need to waste time on this trivial issue. Besides, the final-exam is just round the corner, only one week away”. She is such an ignorant as most of them are that she didn’t even know to vote on constitutional amendment, the proposal should be announced two meetings before. What these bunch of hate-mongers didn't know was how Oromo students were well prepared for this meeting despite the short notice, some of them in fact heard only hours before the meeting, and how determined they are to take the matter as far as needed to make sure that they be part of the ACN event for now and to avoid such a mishap for the future totally.

The president of ASA used her position to come up with a draft constitutional amendment just for the above-mentioned unjust cause. However, the ASA constitution clearly states that "Amendment of the Constitution cane be proposed if only two-third of the general body approved it." But when they realized that Oromo students are a force to reckon with and bound to charge the president of violating the constitution, it was announced that the draft paper written by the president is to be null and void. Goooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaal Numero Uno for Team Oromia. But I wasn’t that happy as it was an own goal. Oromos taught them the first lesson of the day! I personally wondered if Meles Zenawi has registered at UW in the guise of this elegant and seemingly smart lady. Because he is one of those notorious for violating the constitution he himself wrote with his friends to harass and discriminate against his fellow citizens. One wonders if abusing power is a genetically transmitted disease and our ASA officials at UW contacted the disease that way from their Ethiopian (Abyssinian) cousins. The good thing , though, was UW isn't FInfinnee (Addis Ababa) or Mekelle or Bahir Dar University where Oromo students can be harassed at will. We are in the freest country in the entire universe, fortunately. So, Team Oromia knows the playing field is even and all it needs to be victorious is follow their game plan.

These group of students were so determined that they also tried to set a new rule which states that "ASA won't accept new members from now on for this academic year" thinking that the Oromo students who aren't paying members of the ASA will pay their dues and become active members which will sway the balance of votes during the ratification of the constitutional amendment (Only paying members have a voting right). This unwritten law took by surprise even some of the supporters of the constitutional amendment. An Eritrean and a Somalian student mentioned their disapproval of this law stating that new members have been accepted as recent as last week and it is unfair to refuse anybody suddenly. As to how Oromos should feel about this, you can guess. One wanna-be-smart fellow even suggested that the Oromos can pay and be members as the money would help ASA but they shouldn't be given a voting right. I couldn't believe my ears. Oh, Jesus of Nazereth, am I in USA or Ethiopia where Oromos were feeding the government army which is killing them as a payback for their kindness. Minilik II should be turning with pride in his grave wondering how his philosophy of harassing Oromos is thriving more than a century after his death in the far land of America while even the Socialism philosophy of Karl Marx and Viladmir Lenin is practically long dead in their countries of origin. That is why I gave the title above to my Diary. Quite seriously, I can’t tell you how shocked I am to find people with such a backward mentality in the 21st century America.

Remember once again, the meeting was held in Seattle USA not Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) Ethiopia.

Anyway, the new law couldn't get the necessary backing except from those who proposed it and not unexpectedly disappeared into thin air. Goal Number Two for Team Oromia.

As one can imagine under these circumstances, the discussion was so intense and full of emotions that some even feared a fight would breakout any moment. Luckily, it hasn't gone that far. The meeting went with Oromo students scrutinizing every single word said by the facilitator, who was a former student invited with others for this unjust cause mainly to outnumber and intimidate the Oromos to no avail. I really felt bad for him, as he was forced to repeat the same thing sometimes for 10 or 20 times.

Among the most debated issues were if the words "country" and "culture" are to be used on the advertisement flyer for this year's ACN event. Oromo students were against the use of the word "country" while the other group was for it. Eventually the idea of not using the word "country” won and a consensus reached. Goal Number Three. Team Oromia is now leading 3-0 and besides, the ball seems never to pass the half-line to be in Oromia–half of the pitch.

Nevertheless, the Team Ethiopia players look hell-bent not only to reverse the three goal disadvantage but also give a final knockout blow. As any team with three nil lead, the Team Oromia players are beaming with confidence with no sign of fatigue. The game is on.

Then, we came back to the most contentious part of who should be allowed to present its own show during the event and how much time to allocate. It was agreed that we should have representative from east, west, north and southern Africa and the Caribbean either by students or hired professionals in the absence of students from a given region. Even this customary practice and straight forward issue took more than half an hour and a lot of bad-mouthing to reach an agreement. The main issue and the core of the meeting, how to allocate time for groups from east Africa and under what name shall they present their show? Remember, it was agreed earlier that even the word “country” should not be mentioned even on the flyer let alone a country name. Some suggested for all the groups to present as one group under the name East African group. But this was rejected outright as it will be difficult to synchronize the schedule of each group with in the east African Group not to mention the not-so-hidden tension among them.

By now, the meeting was raging almost for three hours without significant progress and with no sight of an end to it despite the three goals registered by Team Oromia. The discussion was so frustrating even to the non-Oromos that some of them even started suggesting why don't we do it just like last year? In fact the cheer leader of this noble idea, at least as to me and Team Oromia, is the same cute girl I mentioned above who suggested for a vote today given the urgency of the case. I guessed she has a final exam tomorrow. Really!!!!!! All these fighting just to repeat the way we did last year? Wow, what a concession!!! Obviously this idea was applauded by Oromo students and dismissed outright by the majority of the other group. While those out of these two groups were either indifferent, may be they were enjoying the fight between Oromos and Ethiopians as they are either Eritreans or Somalians, or even support the idea just to get the hell out of this unending and pointless feud.

The group who organized the meeting even invited a representative from the governing body of student organizations at the UW as a witness for Oromos expulsion from the ACN event. The guy came late, fortunately for him, but he was subjected to the later part of the discussion when everybody was so charged that at times one can't know who is talking and who is listening. So, it was quite an experience for him to begin with. He was consulted in the middle of our heated debate that if it would be considered discriminatory to expel a group of students who aren't willing to work within a group with other groups from the same country. Then, the guest responded:" it is unreasonable not to allow student performers while you are hiring professionals from outside". He continued, “besides, priority should be given to the students of the UW". Our dear guest couldn't get the sinister intention of the facilitator. This added another setback to the cause of the meeting organizers while it brought a broad smile to the Oromo students’ faces, with it Goal Number Four. Quite amazing, even the referee scored a goal against the Team Ethiopia, albeit unintentionally.

Next, one of the meeting organizers raised her hand and said: “Quite honestly I am not personally against the Oromo students having their own show, however; the community members were offended last year and that is why we don't want that to happen again". What an honest young lady she is! But her honesty haven’t enabled her to be fair. May be she mean that she is honest for issues raised by her community while quite the contrary when it comes to Oromo brothers and sisters. But should I blame her being raised by such a community who doesn’t seem to know about individual right. If she was a teenager I may not but for her age I have to blame her as much as I blame the community. What! Said an Oromo student raising her hand. She continued “the community members have no right to give or deny permission Oromo students. Rather, you have to teach your community that everybody has the right to define his/her own identity and tell them to try to live with it”. Well, what options do they have after their young warriors are being clinically defeated by the enemy they despise so much and unwisely underestimate rather than swallowing the bitter pillow of witnessing Oromos having another show for the second year running at the Grand Kane Hall of the University of Washington. May I take this opportunity to invite you to this eventful occasion if you are residing in Seattle or its environs. The exact date will be announced by the coordinators soon, but expect it to be in the third week of April.

To be frank, it is almost impossible to describe all the punches and counter punches thrown from both directions and thus I will go to the final conclusion of this bizarre meeting.

Finaly, when there was no way out of this calamitous web of their own making and after five hours of mind boggling arguments, we were back to square one. The event to be presented the same way as last year. Thus, the east African group to be represented by the Ethiopian group, the Oromo group, the Somalia group and the Eritrean group. Remember, we agreed not to use even the word “country”; thus, when we say the Ethiopian group, for instance, it is a “band name” not a “country name” in this context, mocked the facilitator himself. Quite amazing!!! The students who claim to represent Ethiopia organized the meeting, (though the name is ASA, the members are actually almost entirely composed of east Africans which isn’t their fault to be fair,) to expel Oromos from such an event for good if possible or at least give them an identity known as Ethiopia under which they can present their show with other Ethiopian group. The end result, they lost that identity even for themselves and the name Ethiopia is reduced to a “band name”. No offense intended here, but as I mentioned above it was the facilitator of the meeting himself who designated as such. This wrap up a sensational victory for Team Oromia with 5-0 score line.
What a victory for Oromo students (Team Oromia) given the fact the time and the playing field was exclusively chosen by the Team Ethiopia, in fact, it is a victory for right against wrong. So, at the final whistle: Team Oromia 5 – Team Ethiopia 0 reads the score board.

My personal conclusion.

When I think about the meeting and the whole scenario retrospectively, I really feel sad to experience people not accepting and respecting the will of others in this era and of all the places, in the United State of America. Had there been a mutual respect among us, let alone for people who share a lot of values and experiences, despite countless unfortunate incidences, it would have been possible to have a show as one group even with others from much far places. But it isn’t meant to be.

But why Oromos are being despised for being themselves? Why the Seattle Ethiopian Community or any body for that matter is offended by the mere sight of Oromos on stage? Why some Ethiopians feel they have the right to tell Oromos what is good for them? And why of all the people, these smart young guys find themselves deep into this stinky trench? A lot of whys come to my mind with no answer. I am sure some Ethiopians will give me a sound answer sometime. Should Oromos be blamed for not want to be associated with Ethiopia? Not at all, under such circumstances, who in his right mind would want to be associated with someone who despises even his mere existence on this earth?

As an Oromo, 03/09/2008 was one of my happiest days at UW. As to my Ethiopian (Abyssinian) brothers and sisters who are misguided by something I can’t tell, please try to Love others as hate would destruct the hate-monger him/herself eventually. It is because of your hatred you end up “Aterfe baye agudaye” as the Amharic saying goes.

Have your say!


Anonymous said...

Good work ijoollee oromoo. Bakka jirttan maratti habashaa of irraa lolaa. Ni hinjifanna.

Argan Beekan said...

My heart felt gratitude to those brave Oromo students at University of Washington! The issue is crystal clear. The Oromo recognize Abyssinians as a people with a distinct culture of their own, that they have the right to be recognized as such and that their identity has the right to exist. Unfortunately, they refuse to reciprocate the same recognition given to them. Rather, they work hard to impose their identity on Oromos (and others) in an effort to destroy Oromo identity every opportunity they get.

It is unfortunate that, in this day and age, one needs to fight for his/her identity to be accepted as who one is. But the habashaas (Ethiopians) are a virtually impossible people to change. The choices in front of the Oromo people are clear: play dead and risk extinction of your culture or confront them every where to assert your rights and culture. Oromos have chosen the later. There is no other way to change them but to confront them every where.

The struggle continues!

Argan Beekan

Anonymous said...

While reading the article, I was thinking hard as what could or should be done to have the Abyssinians adapt to the contemporary world views. I thought of possible inventions of cure for such a contiguous disease that traveled across continent boundaries. May be a pill? To the Abyss, I can’t say I found the chemical ingredients that formulate the pill so that a social scientist prescribes to help you think, act, and live contemporary world views of societal and individual rights. But, To the Oromians, I can say you know better than I as to how you promote your identity and fight for the realization of national self-determination i.e. no need educating you on this. You already have scored FIVE goals and I trust in you more to come if the ball is kicked to your side of the field again.

I once was a student at one of the major state universities here in U.S.A. As some one with an open mind to peoples’ and individual’s equal rights in addition to my Oromian cultural upbringing that honors such rights, I bear no hatred other than mutual respect to others due to their identity be it race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, religion etc. Like my fellow Oromians at the University of Washington in Seattle, I had my share of issues with them during my days in the university. They hated me and tried to ridicule me for no reason other than identifying myself as an Oromian NOT Ethiopian.

To the blogger: I’m willing to share my story of similar incidents that took place close to a decade ago here in the United States of America which you can post in the future.

The struggle continues!!!!

Daniel said...

Well said! You have done such a remarkable job capturing the whole idea of the issue and communicating to the world. It’s not a new phenomenon to witness the habesha people acting in such a way to embarrass and undermine the effort of oromo people. They did it in the past, they’re doing it now and they will continue to do so in the future. You have just said it…it’s already in their genes. There is no way they can stop behaving this way over night. The children are the genetic extension of their parents, grand parents and ancestors. This are people who have done so much damage and crime against innocent oromo people in the past and present. I am not going to that detail for now. No matter what happens they always consider oromos as their number one enemy and they always make sure to weaken any effort that they think might contribute to the oromo cause.
Having said that, I want to finish this small paragraph by expressing my deep appreciation to the writer of this blog for posting this important issue for us to share it. I encourage oromo student at UW to stand strong and do what needs to be done to make the oromos dream come true.

Anonymous said...

The personal dairy presneted above clearly demonstrates how determined as an individula and as a group Oromo children are to bring an end to the Abysinian ignorance,negative ethnicity and their wrong percepption and attitude towards the Oromo nation and the Oromo culture. Where ever we are we must give abysinians a lesson from which they can learn and improve their impaired thinking, unerstanding and realization of the community and society they are living with.

Ignorance can only be tamed by wisdom. Abysinians always pride themsleves of ignorance and that should not continue.It dangerous not only for them but for us people who leave along with them. They must learn some wisdom, the kind of wisdom the young Oromo childeren at Seatle demonstrated.

The Gada Republic of Oromia shall be a reality !
Dawn with negative ethnicty and ethnic chauvanism!!!!

Oromian in Diaspora said...

The personal dairy presneted above clearly demonstrates how determined as an individula and as a group Oromo children are to bring an end to the Abysinian ignorance,negative ethnicity and their wrong percepption and attitude towards the Oromo nation and the Oromo culture. Where ever we are we must give abysinians a lesson from which they can learn and improve their impaired thinking, unerstanding and realization of the communities and society they are living with.

Ignorance can only be tamed by wisdom. Abysinians always pride themsleves of ignorance and that should not continue.It is dangerous not only for them but for us people who live along with them. They must learn some wisdom, the kind of wisdom the young Oromo childeren at Seatle demonstrated.

The Gada Republic of Oromia shall be a reality !
Down with negative ethnicty and ethnic chauvanism!!!!

Oromian in Diaspora said...

I love the victory Oromos are counting against Abysinians from time to time. At the end of the day, the Oromo nation is going to emerge as the only force in Africa that can bring peace and stability to the troubled east Africa and centeral Africa.
If we continue with similar determination to bring down ignorance, injustice and hatred against humanity like this, we can move a mountain, not simple Abysinins on throne.
When you fight evil with right, when you fight injustice with the notion of justice, when you fight ignorance with wisdom that is the time you irriversable destroy your enemies who are on the wrong side.
Lets join arms and fight the enjustice of Abysinian and its wrong legacy.
Oromo unite against evil forces!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Weldone Maaru and all other players as well as supporters of Team Oromia in UW!!! The habeshas never ever learn from thier mistakes as far as the gene that the devil named Lucifer fixed in their brain and inheritable it is as Maaru has said in the story he shared with us. We don't have to worry to remove the gene. We should just forget them and participate on the World stage as Oromians. Thier days are over, the old politics they are trying to play has no place in the World of today. No doubt each of them will come to justice soon. God bless Oromia and her Children!

Anonymous said...

Although those evil Hebesha people are not in position to hear the sound of FREEDOM, there is NO FORCE that hinders these the 21st century OROMOO generations from the road of FREEDOM!!!!!!! Hebesha's mind is running out of date. They are wandering with 20th century software, that needs upgrading with the special software so called "FREEDOM" Do not worry about the compatibility since the Engineers are from OROMIA!!!!!!

Hawwii, Czech Republic
Please, read this Mandela's sayings!!!!

There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires.
Nelson Mandela

Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another.
Nelson Mandela

The time comes in the life of any nation when there remains only two choices - submit or fight. That time has now come to South Africa. We shall not submit and we have no choice but to hit back by all means in our power in defense of our people, our future, and our freedom.
Nelson Mandela

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Well done for standing for your rigts and teaching the Abyss a lesson or two. "Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere" as the saying goes.

As to the way of cure for these people (Habasha) from the stone age it is simple - decleration of independent republic of Oromia. Thus, we all have to work towards that.

Long live Oromia!

Gumaa Guddaa

Daniel said...

The fate of our people, oromos, does not lie on the hands of the habesha people, nor on the habesha government (Ethiopian). The fate of oromo people lie on the hands of oromo people themselves. Oromos decide their own fate in thier own way. The last time I checked, that’s how a democratic and civilized society functions. Although this might be a hard core reality for most habeshas to sawallow, but that’s how it is meant to be. They need to accept the hard realities and move on. They have based their judgments on false pride and unrealistic historical facts for long time. Time will show them the real history of that nation. A nation that make up more than 45% percent of the oromo people, with the oromo land (oromia) being the major source of economy for the entire country. For decades, their reputation both at societal and individual level have been projected against destroying oromo culture, more importantly oromian identity. But the fact is, they’re not even a step closer to their goal. Rather they’re digging their own graveyards by sensitizing oromo people towards the issues and increasing the awareness. In this information age, it is simply not possible to murder and mask the crime, just like the Ethiopian government killed oromo immigrants a month ago is Somalia for simply being oromo. Not only this situation victimized oromos, but their own people too. The magnitude of ethnic hatred that is growing everyday in that country is one good example of the situation. No doubt that Ethiopia is leading its way to be the next news headline, just like Kenya recently was. The Ethiopian governments unjustified actions is not in the best interest of anybody in the nation. It has driven the country to a point of no compromise and no return.
When I look at the stamina of young people like students at WU, it makes me believe that there is an enormous amount of possibility to solve the greatest challenges we are facing today as oromos. I believe this is a tremendous progress, considering the need for more capable and patriotic oromo people to get involved in the political process and make a realistic impact. This is a generation that knows how to do business in any fashion needed under any setting. That is exactly what is needed and that’s exactly the kind of message the WU students are sending to the world, particularly to the Ethiopian people (primarily the Amhara and Tigray). I can see a strong momentum building down the road to make unstoppable force that will liberate oromo people and other minorities in Ethiopia once and for all. Let’s keep up with the good work. We don’t need to rest our minds until we, oromos, reach our goals…FREEDOM
“You can do anything you set your mind to when you have vision, determination, and an endless supply of expendable labor” Larry Kersten

Anonymous said...

Hojii boonsaa hojjaattan barattotni University Washington, kanneen naannoo biroo jiraniif fakkeenya guddaa taatu. Jabaadhaa, ayyaanni Oromoo fi Oromiyaa isin waliin haa jiraatu.

Anonymous said...

While standing to what is right is right,insulting some one does not make you better and in good position. You smell like rotten meat.when are you guys gonna educated yourselves and pushing issues to the edge remaining on the right track?

Anonymous said...

some muscle heads like the anonymous above don't even know what they are talking about. Which part of Marru's article is insult? For Marru and his likes which includes myself and tens of millions of Oromoos we know we are on the right track, fighting for our ligtimate right at home and abroad.

So, anonymous why don't you try to educate us if you know better? The truth is you know nothing other than scribbling what reveleas you stupdity. without any specificity and fact you are the one that stinks like a fish also not only like a rotten meat.

OromoRoots said...

I am proud of you and other Oromo students at UW for standing up to these ignorant Habashas.It is the responsibility of every Oromo to be an advocate for the identity, culture and freedom of the Oromo people.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

You call this a victory? You are a useless Oromo and i am ashamed of you since i consider myself as a proud Oromo.

Just being allowed to dance on the stage was enough for you to declare the day, the happiest day for you. This shows how racist and backward you are. As an Oromo, i resent to some of the attitudes our fellow Ethiopians have since OLF raised a sessesion agenda. You are stupid enough not to mention that you wanted to dance on the stage under the OLF banner which many Ethiopians would find it uncomfortable. This doesn't make abyssinians Oromo haters. They would resent had the Tigrayans come with the TPLF flag.

But as a shallow OLF member who is good for nothing, you have come up with such a stupid diarry to waste everybodies time.

My advice for you is that OLF is a useless Organization that haven't done nothing constructive for the last 40 or so years except insulting Abyssinians and bad mouthing them. Changes wouldn't come that way. If we Oromos have to go our own way, it will be done the same way the Checks and Slovaks go their own way with the blessing of one another. It shouldn't be the way you and OLF prescribe for us.

What happened in the past 100 years had already happened. we can't turn the clock back and undue whatever had happen. The present Ethiopian population had enter mixed and lived beyond the barrier of race and religion. and you and your OLF ignorants want to indoctrinate us with the 12th century style of race and tribalism. go to hell. if you have the guts, go and fight the TPLF now instead of mambo jamboying in the comfort of the U.S

Anonymous said...

I bet you are not Oromoo. A true Oromoo would careless by the discomfort that the Ethiopians felt due to his people exercising their god-given right—be it dancing under the OLF flag or Oromia’s flag. For your sake even if I trust you’re born of an Oromoo family, you don’t have a contemporary Oromoo value—One who believes Oromo deserve the right to self-determination according to Internationally ratified declaration, One who accepts Oromoo’s Latin script to be used for Oromoo language, etc.

One thing you’re stupid and ignorant about is that Oromoo is not Ethiopia. We are not racist; we have different identity from that of the Abysinians. For you the last 30 or 40 years of OLF may be a nightmare and characterize it as good for nothing. OLF has accomplished remarkable jobs but still has to achieve more. just to give a little scoop of it here goes: Now, Oromia is a separate entity within the Ethiopian empire although it’s still under occupation; Millions of Oromos are very conscious of their distinct identity and history nowadays; The International Community including U.N is very much aware of the major issue the Oromo people engaged in with the Abysinnians; OLF leads a major armed resistance against occupation; And many more.

I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. Who are you to advice OLF? You are right in your closed boxed world OLF is “useless” because you don’t want the Oromo people not to see the light other society in the world have, the right to self-determination. There is only ONE point I tend to agree with you. “What happened in the past 100 years had already happened. we can't turn the clock back and undue whatever had happen.” I would say we can determine what should happen in the future. For that we go by what our people choose—to establish Independent Republic of Ormia. As for having the gut to fight TPLF, there are so many Oromos out there doing—The most heroic duty in liberation struggle and some others pay their dues to the struggle in one way or another—today could be monetary or political advocacy, tomorrow could be facing the occuping force fact to face.

Nagati/salam senbet

Anonymous said...

All I could say is as Oromia American I wish I was there atteding the show.I heard you guys put on some great show.We Oromos have no hate inside us.We don't hate Ethiopians.We don't hate people who are diffrent from us.We come in peace.We give respect to these who respect us.Again I wish I was there.I would love to stand by you and supporet you but I don't live in Seattle.My Waqaa Bless you.May Waqaa Bless Oromia.Oromia Shall Be Free.

Anonymous said...

This history can make the best movie ever where oromos are the good guys and the evils so called "ethiopians" are the bad looser guys.
I promise i will make a movie out of this.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

do u know what exactly OROMO is and from where they came?

Truely speaking there is no OROMO tribe in Ethiopia. The Ethiiopian OROMOs are a mere Oromifa speakers. the genuine oromos are found in KENYA.Ethiopia's oromo (originaly semetic)have only 400 years history.

Anonymous said...

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