Monday, April 14, 2008

Mediation Failed to Settle Dispute Over OLF "Trade" Name

The OLF legal drama in Minneapolis, Minnesota turned another chapter on April 8, 2008 when mediation failed to bridge the gap which brought the two parties to MN justice system in July 2007.

You may recall that Oromo Affairs reported that [The Asmara Group of] OLF had taken [TA-] OLF to court over the use of OLF name, logo and emblem in July 2007. You will also recall that the plaintiff had obtained a temporary injunction order against the defendant which was over turned a couple of days later. The case was eventually dismissed “without prejudice” a month later. (Read HERE)

One would have thought this retarded drama would have ended at that point but The [Asmara Group of] OLF re-filed the same lawsuit in September 2007. (Read HERE)

According to this blogger’s informants in both parties, an attempt to mediate the dispute by an independent mediator through MN court systems failed to settle the issues as both sides would not compromise on the use of the OLF name, logo and emblem. One informant summed up the exercise by saying "At the urging of the judge, we jointly hired a mediator — he spent a lot of time trying to figure out this case and it got nowhere."

By both accounts, the [Asmara Group of] OLF persisted in its claim to the sole use of the OLF “business” name without offering any middle ground for a compromise. It continued to insist that [TA-] OLF violated “Uniform deceptive trade practices act,” that it interfered with [the Asmara group-] OLF’s “prospective economic advantage” and that [TA-] OLF should cough up $50,000.00 in compensation for loses suffered so far by [The Asmara group of-] OLF.

[TA-] OLF, on the other hand, continued to insist that OLF is not a business organization formed for trading nor to collect funds for “economic advantage”, that the solution to the dispute is to be found in Oromo public court and not in a foreign court and that [the Asmara Group of] OLF is not an Oromo liberation front but an Ethiopian opposition party. They point to the fact that Dr. Taddasaa Eebbaa, the man who initiated the legal battle (Read HERE) was the same man who in 1998 signed agreement to accept the Ethiopian constitution and to renounce armed struggle as a precondition to mediation by Lutheran World Federation between the OLF and the Meles Zenawi regime.

Both sides are preparing for depositions to learn all of the facts before the trial. This is a process whereby attorneys on both side will ask the witness (may include both plaintiff and defendant) a series of questions about facts related to the lawsuit. It is expected that some big name OLF personalities will go through deposition. The case is scheduled to be heard in court mid-summer of 2008.

While our people are suffering under a brutal regime, our refugees are going hungry and without shelter all over the Horn of Africa, why are we lining up the pockets of American lawyers and mediators?

Truly retarded.

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Anonymous said...

Hi brother

What else do you expect from retarded prisoners of Asamra who sold their soul to the most wretched tyrant on earth?

These guys forgot they are in the field of liberation and mistake it for the business of money and fortune making. It is big shame they are still calling themselves OLF. They cannot liberate themselves from the manipulation of a tyrant regime but here they have the courage to sit in a foreign court flirting all the secrets of their "liberation" to enemy attorneys. When will the Duda Ibsa will come and sit on the dock to explain what business he is in? Shame, shame, shame!!!

ilma Maccaa said...

Pseudo claims can not deter the originally committed OLF from pursuing in the best interest of the Oromoo people. Asmara group did make a conscious decision to protect the unity of Imiyye Ethiopia when they entered into special treaty with Qinjiit. Why are they still after the name OLF? Didn't they know that they can not have both: the unity of Ethiopia, and the OLF leadership, even as a Trade Mark? God help them to distinguish the difference.
Ilma maccaa

Anonymous said...

When social movements are captured by retartded leaders and indviduals, there will be no progress, only backward digression. The asmara group must give up any claims to represent OLF and they should join Bulcha Mideksa or his sister Birtukan? These are good for nothing retards.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blogger,

Thank you for your hard work. The Shanee Qinijjit group is so desprate these days. They have reached the lowest point. They should not waste their time in claiming the OLF. They are AFD and should head for Finfinnee(Addis Ababa for them) for the 2010 election if they have the gut. Shame on Oromos who are supporting these loosers with finacial support. I do not blame SQ. I blame you people who give them fincial support.

SQ refused Shanacha Jaarsummaa and now the Mediation Court. They will no doubt will regret one day. Sooner than they think. "Ilkaanni tocho'ee hin buqqa'in hin hafu". The SQ is divided along regions and that is the biginning of their end. Haleeluya!


Dhugaa Dhugi said...

"Hin bari'u seetee udaan manatti haddee' jedhani.

Dalagaan SQ kun boolaa keessaa hin baanee keessa ishee buusaa jira malee, ishee ijaaraa hin jiruu, tolchaan tolchiitee tolchitee dhuma irratti off-itti tolchitti jedhani

Anonymous said...

What a waste of prcious resources which are vital to the Oromo nation. It is sad to see that OLF in its entire entity(flag,emblem, etc. has been reduced to "Trade Mark".OLF is an institution belonging to all Oromos and no individual or group can claim ownership. Let us salute the people
who formed this institution, flag, emblem and invest all our resouces on productive projects that can liberate the oromos and oromia.

Anonymous said...

Hello Oromo,

Have your say, it reads at the end.I agree with your closing comment. TRULY RETARDED. I personally classify Oromo struggle under two major catagories:those that are struggling for free and independent Oromia and those that believe in democratizing Ethiopia. If the asmara group cant think of a more suitable name for themselves, I will be nice to them as an Oromo and will suggest "ODF". Oromo Democratic Front. How does that sound? The use of the word "Liberation" doesnt make any sense for an organization that does not believe in the liberation of Oromia.
Indeed truly retarded



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