Wednesday, September 08, 2010

An Independent Oromia is Inevitable

By Gumaa Guddaa


Oromia was forcefully annexed to a neighbouring country called Abyssinia at the end of the 19th century during the scramble for Africa. It was once an independent sovereign nation which has, since the annexation, been occupied by foreign powers and inevitably needs to regain its freedom.

Abyssinia itself is an artificial and rickety creation which later on changed its name officially to Ethiopia in 1948. It is important to distinguish Abyssinia proper (Tigray and Amhara) from the Ethiopia we have come to conceptualize today. There is no consensus on what really Ethiopia means. There are those who believe in the myth that has been perpetuated for the best part of the 20th century that Ethiopia is the oldest independent African nation. Others are much more in touch with reality and dismiss this, rightly so, and explain that Ethiopia has only existed for the past 130 years only. What went before the 1880s is no different from other contemporary African kingdoms. There were Oromo dynasties and others too. For example, the Warra Himanu and Yejjuu were powerful Oromo dynasties in the 18th and 19th century. Further back the Oromo dynasty is believed to have ruled over Egypt during the 12th Pharaonic dynasty. Therefore, there is no justification in selectively glorifying the Abyssinian past and attempt to present it as a unique existence when in actual fact it was just one of many.

The current discourse about the relationship between Oromia and Ethiopia is sharply divided between on the one hand, those who argue that the Oromo question is colonial in nature and hence subscribe to waging a classic war of independence, no matter for how long. On the other hand, there are those who argue that the past is history and we have to ignore it and pretend the Oromo question will disappear through time. The first group includes the OLF and other independent Oromo political organizations. The second group includes Abyssinian political organizations such as the TPLF, Qinijjit and Ginbot 7. But, the Oromo “problem”, one of the world’s oldest conflicts, is not about to go away without a significant change in the political landscape of the Ethiopian empire.

Be that as it may, there are times, when, after years of discrimination, an unquestionably oppressed ethnic group, fortuitously constituting an overwhelming demographic majority in a given region, becomes convinced of the utter futility of trying to extract any meaningful concessions from its overlords by peaceful means. At this point, some form of separation by force becomes unavoidable. Nowhere is this truer today than the Oromo condition.

Lesson from History

Prominent Oromo leaders and organizations have tried their best to extract concessions from Ethiopian powers through negotiations without avail. Gobana Dache was the first notable Oromo leader who attempted to make peace with the Abyssinians in the mid 1880s, right at the height of the conquest itself. He died in unknown circumstances. Garasuu Dhukkii, a hero who liberated almost half of Oromia from the Italian invaders, had 50,000 armed fighters under his command, negotiated with Haile Selassie on his return from exile from England at the end of the second world war. Having consolidated power Haile Selassie betrayed Garasu Dhukki. General Waqo Gutu, leader of United Oromo Peoples’ Liberation Front (UOPLF), and the first chairman of the United Liberation Forces of Oromia (ULFO), negotiated with Haile Selassie in 1970. The peace packt between General Waqoo Gutu and Haile Selassie was mediated by non other than Gereral Jagama Kello. Having betrayed General Waqo Gutu had to return to the mountains in 1975 and resumed struggle until he passed away in exile in 2002. During the Derge era certain Dr. Haile Fida, leader of a Marxist political organization known as Meison, negotiated with Mengistu Haile Mariam. But he also ended up losing his life.

More recently, the OLF had been involved in a number of negotiations with the TPLF. Talks between the OLF and TPLF began in 1990, a year before the fall of Derge, followed by the London Conference and the Transitional Charter in 1991. The OLF had to withdraw from the agreement as the TPLF fragrantly violated the terms of the negotiated agreements. The OLF is forced to seek solution through armed struggle. It must be noted that the OLF has been in the fields for the past 34 years since 1976.

The negotiations between the OLF and the TPLF continued for nearly a decade after the OLF left the Transitional Government in 1992. The Asmara Talks (1992), The Carter Centre Talks (1994), Peace Initiative by Congressional Task Force (1994-5), the unilateral offer by the Asmara Group wing of the OLF in 2000 through the so called “Agenda for Peace” are some examples. These efforts did nothing but proved, yet again, that one cannot achieve concessions from Ethiopia through peace talks. These negotiations were at best detractors and at worst source of conflict and division within the organization itself. Ironically there are some who still propose that the OLF can negotiate with the TPLF to bring about peaceful settlement between Oromia and Ethiopia. “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is a form of insanity” (Albert Einstein).

On the issue of negotiations with the TPLF, “Just for the record, what happens to the immense violation of Oromo national pride and honor, the huge loss of Oromo lives, the horrendous destruction of the social fabric, the colossal pillage of resources? Are these non-issues in peace negotiations with the perpetrator?” asks Abiyu Galata, Harvard educated lawyer and one of the founding fathers of the OLF, in his paper presented to OSA (2002) challenging those who advocate for making peace with the TPLF on flimsy grounds.

Facts on The Ground

For anyone who makes the slightest effort to scratch below the surface there is a tremendous tension in Ethiopia. The tension is created by differential cruel treatment of the majority Oromo by a hegemonic despotic minority. This phenomenon is far from new. It is characteristically Ethiopian since its creation. In the past the Amhara hung onto power through similar distractive techniques. Now, the Tigreans are doing the same. Nevertheless, there a striking difference in the sense that the former was 20th century and now we are in the 21st century.

Technology has transformed the world we live in. Today you can hide nothing. Washington DC and Gadaa Dissii are interconnected. Grandparents not only fly between Finfinne and Washington, London and Minneapolis but also use mobile phones to speak to their children and grandchildren in the diaspora. Young Oromo artists use YouTube to spread the message of ‘bilisumma’/liberation/. Watch HERE. And HERE. There are some who even aspire to revive the Gada ceremony in the Oromo diaspora communities around the globe using the internet. It is naïve to think that you can control people under inhumane condition for long when people can see how the free world is enjoying unrestricted freedom and progress.

More importantly, the Oromo nation has awakened. The word ‘bilisummaa’ is uttered by everyone. “Free Oromia already exists in the minds of the people” as one prominent Oromo political leader described it recently. The OLF has not only become part of the Oromo collective consciousness but almost the DNA of the Oromo people. You cannot separate the Oromo people from the OLF. At the same time you cannot separate the OLF from independent Oromia, within or without. The minority Tigrean led regime is scared of anyone who appears to be self-confident Oromo. The TPLF regard the entire Oromo people as enemy and treat them as such.
The current Ethiopian rulers from Tigray have exposed the Oromo people to famine of epic proportion not to mention political and economic subjugation for the past two decades. Today, the regime is leasing away millions of hectares of fertile Oromo land to foreign investors when there are some estimated 8 million Oromos requiring feeding by donors due to starvation in the most fertile land on the planet. Something has horribly gone wrong here. Watch HERE. It is suspected that these Oromos are now suffering from acute food shortage as a direct consequence of dislocation from their ancestral lands where they proudly lived for many generations.

Democracy or Independence?

The question whether the Oromo should struggle for democracy or independence is naïve at best and foolish at worst. The first democratic right a colonized people demand is the right of self-determination to free them self from the yoke of colonization. There is no higher democratic right than liberating own country from tyrants and set free the nation from poverty. Democracy itself is a flawed system. It is, however, generally accepted as the best system around. Remember how Gorge W Bush was elected in the 2000 US election after the close-call between him and Al Gore? Swapping your struggle for freedom through declaration of independent state for search for freedom through democracy in Ethiopia is a stupid thing to do.

First, one has to struggle for independence and then worry about the system that best serves the new nation. The argument that one can replace fighting for independent Oromia for democratization of the Ethiopian empire is disingenuous. I fail to see where the two separate projects converge. The Oromo demand independent Oromia by rejecting Ethiopia. They reject Ethiopia not because it is undemocratic. They reject it because they are not Ethiopians. The Americans rejected being British subjects because Britain was not undemocratic but the Americans decided to be Americans. Eritrean rejected Ethiopia for not being Ethiopians. South Sudan rejects Khartoum not because of lack of democracy or not. It is a matter of identity.

Democracy is not a burden for the Oromo people anyway. Gada is deeply ingrained into the Oromo way of life. The Oromo people are respected for their tolerance and fair play even by the enemy’s standard. Oromia itself bears witness to this. One of the reasons why independence is so attractive to the Oromo is actually the country will have a great opportunity for peace and stability which are prerequisite for unlocking the immense potential the country has for success and prosperity. Thus, preaching democracy to the Oromo at this point not only untimely but ironical since they are practicing a near perfect democracy wherever they are able to protect their Gada system. Not many people are aware that the Oromo Gada system is perfectly functioning today albeit not at the centre.

In the first place one needs to understand that independence is a guarantee against foreign aggression, the type of violence that the Oromo endure at the present. The primary purpose of a sovereign state is to defend its people. Therefore, declaration of independence is the only sure solution for the Oromo people not to continue to suffer in the hands of others.

More over, Oromia is a potentially rich country. Independence is the best way to bring about the much needed economic development to overcome the century old underdevelopment due to Abyssinian rule and exploitation.


All sorts of nations are declaring their independence around us. Djibouti and Eritrea were part of the Ethiopian empire. Both became independent in our life time. Puntland State of Somalia, independent for the past 20 years, will soon get international recognition. South Sudan is more than likely to be independent after referendum in January 2011. These four countries are geographically connected to Oromia. The Oromo people are engaged in the same journey. No doubt Oromia will follow in their foot steps and become an independent country before the end of this new decade. I expect the Oromo will declare independence before the end the twenty teens. And that will only be a good thing.
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Anonymous said...

Obbo Gumaa,
well put and clear declaration on the necessity of independent Oromia. I didn't see any difference among Oromo liberation forces regarding this Kaayyoo, the problem is only on the Karaa they chose to the Kaayyoo. You always cry about the conflict between the "independent Oromia" and "democratic Ethiopia". Let alone Oromo liberation forces, even Oromo federalist organizations do believe in independent Oromia. Even Oromo nationalists in OPDO know that democratizing Ethiopia is a pipe dream! Why do you cry untiredely about this apparent conflict, which Oromo "blind nationalists" like you and of course the Weyane cadres pray as a mantra day and night? The purpose of Weyane rabid dogs is clear: they want to sow a discord among Oromo nationalists? What is the purpose of your mantra??

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

The article by Gumaa is not about the Oromo conflict. You seem to suffer from selective abstraction. The article make a case for independence. It also predicts that the Oromo will declare indepndence within a decade. How come this be from Wayane?

Gumaa has exposed what Wayane has done to our proud people? Have you seen the documentary by BBC that Gumaa has drawn our attention to or you just saw the name Gumaa and sent your cut and paste?

Gumaa has given us his views. What is your personal view about the chance of Oromia becoming an independent nation?

I certainly believe that Gumaa has got it right.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on September 8, 2010 3:15:00 PM,
didn't obbo Gumaa wrote: "The argument that one can replace fighting for independent Oromia for democratization of the Ethiopian empire is disingenuous. I fail to see where the two separate projects converge."? Just read repeatedly, you may get suddent revelation to understand this open fact!

Anonymous said...

Yaa Obbo FAyyis:

Please spare the messanger and deal with the message. How is it that everyone who disagrees with your view is supposed to be a TPLF rabid dog? Following the same logic, would you not say that at least half of the Oromo population is Wayyanee rabid dog? You have the habit of calling people who disagree with your view "chimpanzee politicians", "blind nationalists", "Wayyanee rabid dogs" etc ...

Can you not make your points without name calling? Please don't spoil the spirit of discussion.

Thanks you for your consideration.

Nagoo Ayyaanaa

Anonymous said...

The "ghost Fayyis" is again tormenting you the last commentator in your daydream and nightmare! Are you one of the rabid dogs? Why concerned and touched by the expressions? Fess yaalebbet zilay ayichilim say your cousins!

Anonymous said...

Dear Fayyis, your writting style by itself gives away your identity. words such as rabid dogs, furting..., your kaayyoo and Kara teory. Your usage of amharic words in english passages, ...are your writting styles.
If you want to be taken seriously, stay away from insults and engae in a sivilized discussion.

Anonymous said...

I found that after H.Q.LOLTU, the OROMO AFFAIRS blogger discusssion and debating forum satisfied my thirsty to know the core problem of my nation .ARGAN BEKAN and GUMAA GUDDA'S OPINION AND ARTICLES are the best to voice the heart and mind of Oromo people and their country are my tank, migs or mirajs really the bomb to dismantle the habeshan colonization. keep it up.this is the way ignorants of justice can understand.leave alone oromia we will marsh to liberate "Ethiopia proper"!!!. history repeats itself for those who cry like a crow day and night to keep the statsque of the habeshan hegemony through lame democrataization of Ethiopèia your sun will set in the habeshan palace and will rise in the oromian democratic gadaa republic.If you can't learn from those kind and peacful oromo leadres in one one way or another collaborated with cruel and shruwed habeshans in the past.It is time to head up like a digniifed and proud oromo citzen.thank you obbo Gumaa

Anonymous said...

Obbo Gumaa,
Thank you for your excellent article. I think some of us have not learned enough from the past and expect ''a miracle of thinking'' from our enemies to understand us and accept our question and our future fate. Do we need them to solve our problem ? We are still debating only about the terms colonization, Democracy, identity, different types of federalism with our enemies and about Karaa and Kayyoo within ourselves. Do you see any solution and progress from these debates? We have not learned much from the past history, from the continued subjugation and finally from our weakness and strength. This is very sad.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous September 8, 2010 10:09:00 PM EDT,
why do you see Fayyis in all your daydreamings and nightmares? Did he dismantle your scheme of dividing Oromo nationalists based on your fictious division: "Ethiopian democratization" vs "Oromian decolonization"? Why don't you try to target Weyane (if you are genuine Oromo) who is now tormenting Oromo people, instead of singing about the non-existing conflict among Oromo nationalists. Do you have brain to recognize how even obbo Gumaa toned down his pro-indepebndence/anti-democratization rhetoric?! Instead of looking for Fayyis here, go and study all his hitherto articles, which may deliver you from your nifxaam mind!

Anonymous said...

Obbo Gumaa,
well put and clear declaration on the necessity of independent Oromia. I didn't see any difference among Oromo liberation forces regarding this Kaayyoo, the problem is only on the Karaa they chose to the Kaayyoo. It is really good that you toned down your pro-indepebndence/anti-democratization rhetoric, even though you wrote: "The argument that one can replace fighting for independent Oromia for democratization of the Ethiopian empire is disingenuous. I fail to see where the two separate projects converge." You used to always cry about the conflict between the "independent Oromia" and "democratic Ethiopia". Let alone Oromo liberation forces, even Oromo federalist organizations do covertly believe in independent Oromia. Even Oromo nationalists in OPDO know that democratizing Ethiopia is a pipe dream! Why do you still try to write untiredely about this apparent conflict, which very few Oromo "blind nationalists" and of course the Weyane cadres pray as a mantra day and night? The purpose of Weyane rabid dogs is clear: they want to sow a discord among Oromo nationalists? But, what is the purpose of the mantra of the very few Oromo nationalists regarding this "fictious" conflict?

Anonymous said...

Do you know that some webisites donot publish comments before viewing it themelseve. It may sound censorship but in a case where people insult one another that is a good thing to do. If you don't agree with what I say. I think you should/ought to remove postings that insult persons.
I thought people who can write in here at least have some proffesional discpline if they have not given value to "Saffu Oromo." I think it's possible to challenge ones idea without including words like "nifxaam mind"

Naamni wana kana bareesitu dhugatii yoo Oromoo taatee, dalgaa qaaenye akanaa dalagu keetii ofumaakee salphifitee.

Maalii dhiroo Oromoon safu bekaa!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear readers,

pay attention to the three comments above mine and the comment on September 8, 2010 2:06:00 PM EDT and at September 8, 2010 3:56:00 PM EDT.

There is someone with lots of time on his hand among the reader of this blog.
The person has nothing much to say
and he repeats himself to componsate for it. watch for words like karaa and kayoo, wayanne rabid dogs, mantara....
This person wittes articles too (I saw his article some where before) and his message is the same : karaa and kaayyo.
(At least he is consistent lol)

My main reason for this comment is for readers not to worry thinking that the majority of Oromos are insane when you read such an insult, just one person is insane. I encourage this person to visit a mental clinic so that he can come back and discuss his view as a normal person.
He can belive in what ever he wants, he is entitled to his opinion but he needs to learn how to discuss issues without calling names. This is absolutly un Oromo and shouldn't be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

I meant the 3 comments above not including the one right above mine.
By the way I also apeal to the blogger to remove unclean comments like I mentioned above.

anonmous said...

Dear all,
We the Oromoos by now we do know the meanings of realty from fantasy, as well as perseverances from the acts of vacillations. No time in the History of the struggle of Oromia did the true/original OLF members and the founding fathers vacillate from the Original kayyoo of OLF as specified out clearly in the OLF Manifesto of 1973. Most of my generation were not the member of OLF by then. But still cherished and up held it, because that is what proved to be the truth by then, and still stands the unflinching reality when the question of Oromia is brought out for discussion, either by the supporters, or by the enemies of the Oromo Nation's quest for freedom.

It is a public secret to know that there are the sarcastic individual Oromoos and non Oromoos who can not even trust themselves, let alone, the long journey of the Oromoo Nation for freedom, as well as the enemies of the Oromoo Nation's genuine struggle within, or from the outs, who do not either care or believe that the eventual journey of the Oromoo people will be the freedom from the colonization and subjugations of the abbys. Those enemies who fail within this latest category are often willing to collaborate, assist, and even sacrifice their own wealth, life and, their intellectual propertes, with the enemies of the Oromoo Nation just to delay the freedom journey temporally, but not for ever.

I am sure that those who continue to believe in the eventual victory of the Oromia people, will not be shaken by the artificial set backs; like the pursuing of the abortive strategies within OLF, including by the enemies propagandas.

The choices of simple life, lack of commitment, perseverance, and dedication with in the rank and files of those who claimed to be the advocates of the Oromo Nation, will never stop the natural and the inevitability of the Independence of Oromia. But those who did doubt about the freedom of the Oromo Nation from the century old Abyss colonization because of these vacillators, did not had the real believe in the Independence of Oromia to start with, the same as never to expect a drop of water in the basins of the desert.
Asalaam Aleikum,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous September 9, 2010 9:24:00 PM EDT,
is the person you are talking about the one who killed your divisive hyperactivity, where you use the artificial conflict: "Ethiopian democratization" vs "Oromian decolonization"? You see how few of you the rabid dogs still fart this divisive message, even though it is known that all Oromo nationalists (both the federalists and the liberators) are marching on the same route towards independent Oromia, which you want to preach to us, though you don't believe in it, but which you use just to hinder the upcoming possible all-inclusive alliance against your fascist regime in Finfinne palace? I know it is painful to you to see the UNITY of Oromo nationalists and the ALLIANCE with other non-Oromo democrats coming against you! Scared? Then kill yourself!!

Anonymous said...

To the last commentator,
I appreciate that you just showed the conflict between "Ethiopian democratization" and "Oromian decolonization" is not the real conflict between Oromo nationalists (federalists vs liberaors). It is how Weyane cadres paint Oromo nationalists in two ways, divide the nationalists in to two and try to make them fight each other. It is good to tackle this artificial conflict.

But the conflict is real between Habesha Ethiopianists (who do lament about the possibility to democratize Ethiopia) and Oromo nationalists (including both tactical federalists = covertly supporting Oromian independence and strategical liberators = overtly supporting Oromian independence). Of course there are few Oromo rallying behind Habesha Ethiopianists, but this doesn't include the consious Oromo federalists in OFC and even the genuine Oromo in OPDO, let alone the Oromo liberaotrs in all the three factions of OLF and ULFO!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Oromo nationalists who killed the divisive hyperactivity of Weyane rabid dogs, where they tried to use the artificial conflict: "Ethiopian democratization" vs "Oromian decolonization"! Still few of the rabid dogs do fart this divisive message, even though it is known that all Oromo nationalists (both the federalists and the liberators) are marching on the same route towards independent Oromia, which the rabid dogs want to preach to us, though they don't believe in it, but which they do use just to hinder the upcoming possible all-inclusive alliance against their fascist regime in Finfinne palace. I know it is painful to them to see the UNITY of Oromo nationalists and the ALLIANCE with other non-Oromo democrats coming against their regime! Are they scared? Then they can kill themselves!

I do appreciate that few Oromo individuals just showed the conflict between "Ethiopian democratization" and "Oromian decolonization" is not the real conflict between Oromo nationalists (federalists vs liberaors). It is how Weyane cadres paint Oromo nationalists in these two ways, divide the nationalists in to two and try to make them fight each other. We still need to tackle this artificial conflict.

But the real conflict is between Habesha Ethiopianists (who do lament about the possibility to democratize Ethiopia) and Oromo nationalists (including both tactical federalists = covertly supporting Oromian independence and strategical liberators = overtly supporting Oromian independence). Of course there are few Oromo, who are rallying behind Habesha Ethiopianists, but this doesn't include the consious Oromo federalists in OFC and even not the genuine Oromo in OPDO, let alone the Oromo liberators in all the three factions of OLF and ULFO!

The claim of Habesha Ethiopianists to reverse the present formal killil-federation is like an attempt of the feudals to get back their lands lost in the 1974 revolution. Just as the private land ownership is irriversibly lost in 1974, the national areas in the form of killil are lost for the unitarists now irriversibily. The future arguement should be between only true killil-federation (union of autonomous nations within Ethiopian union) and possible con-federation (union of independent nations in the Horn within African union).

For that matter, there is no conflict between Oromo federalists promoting the true killil-federation, which is a prelude to the con-federation, which is the goal of Oromo liberators! This is a MERDO for the rabid dogs and of course it is ye MISIRAACH for Oromo people! I hope Obbo Gumaa also gets this fact and be sure that Oromian independence is inevitable, take it only 1 year, about 10 years or as long as 100 years!

Anonymous said...

Dear Gumaa,

I agree. We need independent Oromia. We have been working for it since the time of our grandfathers who lost their sovereignty. You may recall the short-lived declaration of independence by the Western Oromo Confederecy in 1936. So the quest for liberation of Oromia is real.

Second, independent country gives you a collective security. Living in security is a fundamental basic human need. The Oromo deserve to live free in their own country.

We have to push forward!

Nageenya waliin.

Waqjiraa Gudataa said...

Dear Obbo Gumaa,
Thank you for your excellent article at a crucial junctures of Oromo Identity which speaks the feeling of the hearts and minds of Oromo mass as a general and a strong message for those at least by name who advocating "democratization of the empire" as a hidden move to restore the status quo of the empire. But they failed to convince us which empire has been democratized since the time of Roman empire to the latest Yugoslavian empire. Even though our question is a question of an Identity, yes an Independent Oromia is inevitable.
I found it interesting based on honesty in speaking the core problem of the region and the way how to handle the inevitable outcome as the last solutions for common benefits of all.In content and general outlook it has a similar to the historical speeches of FRANJO TUDMAN of Croatia and VLADIMIR MECIAR of Slovakia in 1990th two years before their independency both expressed to their nstions it is a time to march for our own destiny based on respect and common interest for all. Indeed, today they are the union of independent nstions with the nee era of stability & development. We too in that direction, welldone Obbo Gumaa!!.
The 1st anonymous: 08/09/10
Why you are too sensetive when it comes into Independent Oromia? For good it exposed you your hidden agenda by hiding behind the mask of democratization as a tactical move to restore the status quo of the empire. For such move your contribution to the Oromo cause is irrelevant. Thanks to the mindset of Our gallant OLF, today there are millions of Oromo sons & daughter who can stand for that matter and renew Their Identity similar to Croatians, Bosinians, Slovens, Kosovo Albanians and Slovaks. Stop your arrogance in biting and insulting the author who may differ from yours view in a civilized manner in a civilized society. Thanks!
From Kinshasa

Anonymous said...

Obboo/Aaddee Argii Amani,
Please do not preach us with two faces of defeatist. The Nation of Oromia knows, and understands those who try to hide behind slogans without any substantiated enthusiasm for the freedom of Oromia are just fake, as you are. You can call the true Oromoo Nationalists what ever your Abyssinian trained tongue may vomit, but you will never camouflage, or disguise as a true Oromia Independence loving compatriot. We did try to expose your true faces and agendas to the Nation of Oromo starting as early as 1998, but you still mix with the dust and try to come up as an Oromo Nationalists with completely shaved eye brows, as the our Nation's- Oromoo saying goes. Shame on you!!!! The Nation of Oromia do not need your type. You have no guilt, but talk about bringing divisive agendas in the Oromo's struggle? Shame on you, do not push me to bring out your dirts in public.
Asalaam Aleikum.
Oromia shall be free.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Indipendent Oromiya equals strong solid Tigray, we lost our focus trying to educate and erect sense of identity.

Next time think twice to come to the north as you did with the dergue.

No tigrean need Oromiya or Eritrea or the chuvunist Amhara.

If your indipendence quest is a tactic to grab a power and start to brag as you did with your name giver chuvunist Amhara then as you know it we will whip your fat sweating ass and will burried again in mountains of Tigray.

That is word whjich will be told for generations to come.

Anonymous said...

To September 12, 2010 6:32:00 AM EDT,
"No tigrean need Oromiya, eritrea or amhara"?
What are the tigrean doing in Oromia then, why did you come down in the first place, why didn't you stay in the mountain of tigray you are braging about.
How about this, If you pack and leave peacefully we are not going to follow you to your mountain.

To fayyis,
Where do you see that the wayanne are singing about independent state of Oromia?

To Admin,
Thank you for start manging this site.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous:September 12, 2010 7:48:00 AM EDT. the famine that drove you from south arabia to axum and settled there for more than 2000 years again drove you from makale or axum to FINFINNEE PALACE,if you are not wise enough the end of your #11 identity very soon. you are in a circle. no way out.take care.the independecne of OROMIA MEANS REMOOVING THOSE FOREIGN DICTTAORS AND COLONIZERS ONCE FOR ALL.TIGREANS which coudnt penetrate SHEWA for more than 2000 years how on earth dreamt to be strong if oromian democratic gada repubilic is established. FUMIGATE YOUSELF TO SOME ONE WHO DOESNT KNOW WHOM YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU UP TO!!!TAKE CARE TIGARU

Anonymous said...
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Yaadasaa Dafaa said...

Harka fuune ya ijjolle abbaa Gadaa,

Please allow me to clear what the last commenter claimed September 12, 2010 1:28:00 PM EDT. This is pure fabrication so as to distort people's reputations. As far as I know, I am the only Yaadasaa Dafaa who has been writing under this name. I have never written a word on any Ethiopian Media/Forum, leave alone to ..."sing independent Oromia in Oromo forum and imiye Ethiopia in Amhara forum ...."

Yes I have written some short articles, and commented as well on about 41 issues. To check my writings, any one can visit " and type Yaadasaa, at the right hand side on the the top of the page, in the space which says SEARCH WITHIN. Furthermore, in case, if there is any thing written on any of the Ethiopian Forum/Media, it is not mine,as my line of thoughts and beliefs are made clear on the That is what I was, and still am.

It is very sad to read such trash from any one who may associate himself as an Oromo.
Ulfina Wojjin,
Yaadasaa Dafaa

Yaadasaa Dafaa said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Argan Beekan said...

Dear readers,

It is really unfortunate and distasteful but I am forced to delete some comments on this blog.

These comments, posted by a single individual, have all crossed the line of civil discourse
and trampled on "safuu Oromoo". This is the same individual who is known for posting the same comment multiple times just to annoy my readers. Judging by the disparaging and abusive Amharic epithets s/he used against our brethren, I doubt this person is of Oromo origin much less an Oromo nationalist.

I have left one he posted on September 9, 2010 9:06:00 AM EDT for my readers to see and understand what forced me to remove this person's comments.

I urge this commenter to please refrain from name-calling or personal attacks of any kind in these discussions. Such comments will be deleted. And if they happen too often, I will be forced to moderate comments on this blog, which I would rather not do, as I’d much rather see a free and open conversation in this space.


Argan Beekan (Blogger)

Anonymous said...

It is nice to differentiate between two groups writing by supporting Oromian independence:

- true Oromo nationalists trying to promote Oromian independence in what ever way. This group are not necessarily against Tokkummaa Oromo and Tumsa Hundaa against the current colonizers.

- Weyane cadres camouflaged as “pro-independent Oromia”, but do every thing under the sun to hinder both the Tokkummaa and the Tumsa, to hinder the two important moves which are of course dangerous against the current colonizers.

Anonymous said...

Obbo Gumaa
Well put and clearly stated the destiny of the Oromo people. There are two issues I need to bring to you and your readers, number one at this time I don see any situation such as organizational or material evidences which makes me to believe the time for independent Oromia is close. I hope you are not going to tell me that it will happen eventually. The second missing from your writing is the relation ship between the independent Oromo and the surrounding nations. I am sure there must be some kind or relation ship will exist among the Oromo people and the people from the Amhara, Tigree and other regions. There must a relation ship before independency means during the struggle and after the independency, so how do you describe that relation ship?

Anonymous said...

It is good that Dr. Bayan Asoba killed the mechanism of Weyane cadres to divide Oromo nationalists based on Kaayyoo (Ethiopian democratization vs Oromian decolonizations) by stating in Toronto overtly that OLF-SG struggles for the democratric republic of Oromia, not for the democratic federal Ethiopia as usually alleged!

Waqjiraa Gudataa said...

Good. News:to hear finally, No Ethiopian democratization, Yes Oromian decolonization as Dr. Bayaan has declared during the last week meeting in Toronto de facto becoming our common home- pan Oromummaa a nation that can say enough is enoough by renewing our Identity ,we have a historical responsibilty to shape the geo-politics of the Horn for a durable Stability and Development.
Based on our potential population as much as the population of Poland and our Geo-political position & Human Resources as much as Germany in Europe we have to march for that role for justice, freedom and human rights respect for all. As my friend prof. Dario Galimberti from Italy put it" sono sorpiresso guardando la poteziale e nazionalismo del Oromo solo quelli Oromo di Australiani nesuno puo fermare la realita nazionalismo del Oromo". Lit. Translated " I was surprised by looking in to the realities of Oromo nationalism only to mention those Oromos in Australia and came to the conclusion that no any power on earth can stop Oromos in searching their own Identity". As this is our historical fact , our lncredibly respected and loved obbo Gumaa as one of our Policy Maker Group ,we your people the Oromo nation eagerly waiting for our Tokkummaa where our daily minds & hearts are. Then Obbo Gumaa it is a historical promise we will do the business where and when our struggle needs from us . Coming together is our Historical Tumsa when we feel our national interest is concerned. Long Live OLF
Tokkumman Hmna
From Kinshasa

Anonymous said...

If Beyah Asoba has said as is alleged, this is a great victory for the decolonization camp. I say so because, in the past, Shanee spokespersons (Leencoo Baatii, Beyan Asoba, etc ...) have said in many interviews that decolonization is impossible. In fact, Leencoo Baatii was asked point blank by Jeliil if he would vote for independent Oromia. This was before the Shanee split in 2008. His response was "I will vote in secret and I am not going to tell you now." Beyan Asoba has also said on many occassions that independence is an obsolite idea given globalization of the world. Even Dawud Ibsaa, their leader, in an interview with Nouvelle Addis did say that he would like to use the Wayyanee constituion. Now, thanks for the persistent struggle by the decolonization camp, they have changed their views. But don't be convinced by words alone. Watch their actions. It will take them years to convince me that they mean waht they say and they are not saying this now just because they think that idea has more support than their idea.

Please appreciate their coming back and welcome them with open arms, and also verify if this change of heart is not just to collect a few dollars but genuine.

Qabsoon itti fufa! Abba Dulaas ni dhufa!

Anonymous said...

To the last commentator,
good that you now started to sing like this, instead of further continuing to spread your divisive poison based on the non-existing schism "Ethiopian democrarization vs Oromian decolonization". Surely your payroll from Finfinne palace will be cut starting from this month for you failed in your attempt to divide Oromo liberators. Now you better come up with new tactic for the above way of dividing Oromo nationalists is killed never to come back again, thanks to those who permanently worked against the serpents under the grass!

Anonymous said...

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