Saturday, November 13, 2010 editor’s response to Oromo Affair’s Open letter

November 10, 2010 at 2:47 pm
TO: Obbo/Aadde Argan Beekan
FROM: The Editor

Dear Obbo/Aadde Argan Beekan,

Thank you for your honest and friendly reaction. To begin with, it is only the title of your article that was “touched”. The content of your article, which we presume is very important to you, remained intact.

The reason why we edited the title of your article is, as an independent publication that always attempts to remain neutral and professional, we cannot put words into the mouth of others. Besides, we strongly believe that such choices are up to the Oromo People only; and nobody, not an individual or a group of individuals, not even the political organizations who claim to have been fighting for the independence of the Oromo People could make such choices on behalf of the Oromos. URJII believes that the only thing that we and others like us, and even those political organizations, could do is working on facilitating situations and political environments in which Oromos could make collective decisions for example in the form of referendum. And, we hope, such articles as that of yours would help Oromo brothers and sisters learn more about their political questions and make conscientious choice when the time comes.

Finally, we would like to remind you that it is a part of URJII’s editorial policy to make necessary editing to articles and the like.

Thank you for your understanding; and we apologize that we didn’t respond soon.
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Anonymous said...

To Urjii editor:

Please change back the title to waht it was, learn from this mistake and move on. Thta is the respectable thing to do.

Waqjiraa Gudataa said...

Dear Urjii Editor,
Thank you for your response to Oromo Affair's Open letter and your friendly reaction to your nation. We, the readers of both Oromo Affairs and Urjii, tried to provoke you as a motive for common sense- for being only our Oromummaa. The response is not as much as we expected from you in line with the Title of the Article. You said "we cannot put words into the mouth of others". Here is a painfull point in which realiy, you cannot put words into the mouth of the Oromos. Since from the time when we lost our Walabummaa by unfortunate of historical accident , never ever the Oromo nation experienced the spoonfeeding dilemma for our cause. Being forcefully removed from their land mariginalized on their own country by the minority outsiders led them Self Conscientious for their National Interest. Hence , nobody can succeed for such move.
It is from such point of view as recently from Chigago Radio popular to Italian mass media: Corriere Della Sera and la Repubblica expressed " The Oromo struggle througth the eyes of "Fincila Diddaa and the celebiration of our Irreechaa "of this year sent a clear message of approach for Nation Identity. Thus, even when the world mass media chose to speak out about our cause, our Urjii chose a Neutral makes us a pain a lot. We thought Urjii will procceed the foot steps of its founders who remain as our heros.Comunque, la lotta continua!-in any
case our struggle will continue up to the last solution for
our Identity and stabilty of the Horn.
From Kinshasa



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