Thursday, September 15, 2011

WikiLeaks on "REACHING OUT TO THE [Shanee Group of] OLF ..."

A secret document leaked by WikiLeaks (see below) confirms that the Oromo struggle continues to be used as a pawn in the chess game played by western powers on their Horn of Africa chess board.

If history is any guide, it is not likely that this "REACHING OUT TO THE [Shanee Group of] OLF ..." would be in search of a just resolution of the conflict between Oromia and Ethiopia which would be the decolonization of Oromia through the Oromo people’s right of self-determination. The sole purpose in this case seems to be the isolation of Eritrea, another state using the Oromo struggle as a pawn in its chess game against the West and its neighbor to the south.

Eritrea and the West share a common interest, albeit to a differing degree, when it comes to the OLF. A weakened OLF is in the best interest of both. The West would like to see a OLF weakened to the point of surrendering to TPLF without or with minimal face saving concessions for its demands. In that way, it can keep one of its tyrant clients – Meles Zenawi - happy and in power. Eritrea, on the other hand, would not want to see a strong and independent OLF that can take on TPLF on its own. But, neither does it want to see OLF surrender to TPLF before it (Eritrea) has a chance to use it (the OLF) as a bargaining chip in possible future negotiations with TPLF. It would require a total suspension of logic and rational thought to be able to imagine a deal between the two which would not include the fate of THE [Shanee Group of] OLF while they are both (Shanee – The Dawud Ibsaa Group, and Jijjiirama – The Kamal Gelchu Group) stationed in Asmara.

One tried and true method both sides use to keep the OLF weak and pathetic is by helping it replicate itself every few years. How? They simply refer to some of the OLF leaders as “moderates” and to others as “hard-liners.” To top it up, they throw in Meles’ wish to negotiate with the moderates. Then, the race to become the darling of the West would begin. Given the omnipotence some leaders of the Shanee Group of OLF attach to the West and their craving for West’s attention, they start talking to the West behind each other’s backs and promising to meet the set conditions including renouncing armed struggle, accepting the TPLF constitution or whatever is asked of them.

In 1998 a group of OLF leaders, led by Lenco Lata and referred to as “moderates”, signed agreement with World Lutheran Federation (WLF) to accept the TPLF constitution and renounce armed struggle. They gained nothing for doing so except contempt and disregard from the West, TPLF and the Oromo public. Their action split the leaders in to two groups. Another group of OLF leaders, led by Dawud Ibsaa and referred to as “moderates”, accepted the same conditions set by the West and TPLF in the form of “Agenda for Peace” in 2000. Besides causing the organization to split and earning the leaders of the organization contempt from the Oromo mass and others, nothing was gained by this group's action either. In 2008, this later “moderate” group split into two: one led by Dawud Ibsaa a.k.a Shanee and another led by Kamal Gelchu a.k.a. Jijjiirama. It is not enough for the West and TPLF that these two groups offered their “Agenda for Peace” as moderates before their split. As you can read from the leaked document below, they have to further be dichotomized into “moderates and hard-liners” to weaken them further.

Having learned nothing from history and in its race to become the darling of the West, the Kemal Gelchu group has come up with “OLF Declaration of Non-violent Struggle against Meles Zenawi and its Tyrannical Regime” ( READ HERE)

This is particularly interesting coming from a group whose leader was once a loyal TPLF soldier who purportedly left Ethiopia because he felt it was impossible to defeat Meles Zenawi through peaceful methods but only by waging armed struggle. Before he even fires his first bullet as a liberation fighter, he disowns armed struggle. This smells like the Trojan horse Spartans used to defeat Troy from which the adage “beware of gift bearing Greeks” originates. I plan to return to this issue at a later date. (READ HERE)

What is my point?

May point is that what TPLF and the West are looking for is not a moderate OLF. If that was the case, they would have been satisfied with those who signed the WLF agreement and would have pressured or persuaded Meles to compromise with them. They did not! Had the West was looking for a moderate OLF, it would have been satisfied with the group that published “Agenda for Peace” in 2000. It did not happen! That group got no help from the West, nor any compromise from Meles. What they are looking for is a OLF weakened into nonexistence. In other words, the only way you can satisfy them is by destroying the OLF, not by being “moderates”.

Oromo nationalists should Resist! Resist! and Resist this machination at all cost!

===Leaked Document Begins Here=====
Reference ID: 07ADDISABABA1961
Created: 2007-06-23 14:48
Released: 2011-08-30 01:44
Classification: SECRET
Origin: Embassy Addis Ababa

DE RUEHDS #1961/01 1741448
P 231448Z JUN 07




E.O. 12958: DECL: 06/23/2017


¶1. (S/NF) SUMMARY. Norwegian Church Aid representatives Arne Saeveraas and Hans Birkeland told Ambassador June 21 that while there was little progress on their mediation efforts between the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and the Ethiopian Government, they were keeping lines of communications open. The continued presence of OLF hard-liners and leaders in Asmara remains a stumbling block to progress in engaging Ethiopian leaders and the OLF, but the Norwegians are hopeful that they can bring moderate elements of the OLF into closer dialogue with Ethiopian officials. Sebhat Nega, TPLF central committee member and stalwart within the Ethiopian government, is scheduled to travel to Europe in the near future to meet with OLF representatives. The Norwegians believe that strong U.S. support for the moderate OLF leadership will help undercut Asmara,s divisive influence and bolster a greater opening between the OLF and Ethiopian government. Embassy supports Norway's approach and believes encouragement of the Ethiopian Government and outreach to the OLF moderates on a dialogue will enhance internal Ethiopian peace and stability. END SUMMARY.

¶2. (S/NF) Norwegian Church Aid special advisor Arne Saeveraas and country representative Hans Birkeland briefed Ambassador on their latest discussions with Ethiopian officials on an OLF engagement. Saeveraas said Norwegian Church Aid and Norwegian Government remained hopeful but that the current dialogue between the OLF and Ethiopian Government (which is conducted in Brussels through former Ethiopian Ambassador to the U.S. and current Ambassador to the EU Berhane Gebrechristol) required higher Ethiopian attention. Ambassador Berhane, a conservative hard-line member of the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF), had been a barrier to dialogue. Saeveraas noted that TPLF central committee member and stalwart of the Ethiopian Government, Sebhat Nega, who remains a close advisor to Prime Minister Meles, plans to travel to Europe in August to meet with moderate OLF officials.

¶3. (S/NF) While Sebhat,s involvement is hopeful, Saeveraas is trying to push the Ethiopians to reach out and engage the moderate elements of the OLF rather than to set conditions for expanded dialogue. Saeveraas noted that so long as Asmara hosted and played a significant role influencing the hard-line OLF members and much of the leadership, expanded OLF-Ethiopia dialogue would be difficult. Saeveraas said moderate OLF leaders like former leader Leencho Lata were being marginalized by more hard-line members resident in Asmara.


¶4. (S/NF) Saeveraas and Birkeland both underscored the importance of the U.S. to the process. Public encouragement by the U.S. and other countries for the moderate wing of the OLF would help bolster OLF leaders seeking a dialogue with Ethiopia and moderate the influence of the hard-liners in Eritrea. Saeveraas suggested that Norway could host a meeting of the OLF leadership, including those from Asmara, but there needed to be strong support from the U.S. and other countries to help moderate OLF leaders demonstrate to their membership that the path of dialogue was more effective than armed resistance and the more intolerant rhetoric of hard-line members.

¶5. (S/NF) Further, both Norwegian Church Aid officials said that the U.S. and other countries privately encouraging the Ethiopian Government to reach out to the moderate OLF leaders would be the best way to undercut Asmara,s negative influence.

¶6. (S/NF) COMMENT. Over two years ago, the Africa Bureau, working with Norway, engaged moderate elements of the OLF and encouraged Prime Minister Meles and his envoy, Ambassador Berhane, to take a more positive approach to OLF-Ethiopia Government discussions. A meeting with some OLF leaders, including a few based in Asmara, over two years ago at the State Department, while highly encouraging, did not lead to greater USG involvement, because of the lack of interagency consensus and differing views with Post which did not fully support engagement.

¶7. (S/NF) COMMENT CONTINUED. Tough measures adopted by Ethiopian security forces in parts of the country in response to increased security threats and continued political differences between Oromo and Ethiopian Government leaders make dialogue between the Government and the OLF challenging. A dialogue with moderate elements, an effort Prime Minister Meles supports, should be encouraged. Post recommends that the interagency support the Norwegian efforts for a moderate OLF-Ethiopian Government dialogue, and that the U.S. play a greater supportive role, along with our European colleagues, in encouraging expanded dialogue. Getting the OLF leadership and supporters out of Asmara would be critical to a successful dialogue, but the U.S. and others will need to encourage the OLF that dialogue will be more beneficial in securing long-term peace, than armed resistance or opposition to dialogue. END COMMENT.


Anonymous said...

Thank you blogger. You hit the nail on the head. My hope is that our leaders will take your advice ti heart.

Hori, buli yaa ilma/intala Oromoo.

Anonymous said...

It is sad to see the organization built by sacrifice our heros is getting dismantled by bunch of selfish wana be moderators who want to make a name for themselves.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with the commentator before me - there is no benefit in blaming eachother. We have tried this route for many years with no benefit at all but disunity and weakness. According to the blogger the western governments are one of the causes of our weekeness. However, if by "Paradime shift" the commentator is refering to democratization of Ethioipa, then the commentator cannot be more wrong. I absolutely agree with the blogger when he said change of paradime (accepting TPLF and West's conditions) is not what they are lokking for; they want to destroy the OLF. "Change of Paradime" will never ear you Western support. On the other hand, it will confuse your people and will become cause of conflict with in your ranks. The only way to get respect from everyone is would be to sterngthen aremd struggle. In other route will be useless.

Anonymous said...

I think, I know the person who blubbered the word "Paradim shift" in the Oromo Diaspora for the first time. For that person, obtaining an opportunity in public speaking to any audience whether to Oromians or to Ethiopians is a golden opportunity and where the deal for the next speaking platform would be set.

Such individuals cater their speech to make their audience happy for that short moment. When they speak to Oromians, they never mention about Ethiopia, when they speak to the Abyssnian assemblies, they change their cloth and never mention about Oromo institutions be it religious, social or political. Even at times they act as adviser to the Wayane regime, by suggesting how to balance religious, social, corruption and other government affairs. I know this flip flapping work will not last long. The time/day when every group of their audience will rebuke not be far away.

Someone in his/her comment above said "WE NEED COMPLETE PARDAGIM SHIFT." Hey Man! Their is nothing to shift here!!! Oromia and Oromian are under occupation till now in the 21st century. Let me tell you a very simple example. Despite Finfinee is the Oromo land, Oromo Christians have been begging the Wayane regime for a piece of land for more than 14 years to build a church in the city limit of Finfinee. Till today, the Gulelle Afaan Oromo church worships in a tent like shade for over 16 years. This is just only 1 of millions of injustice done to the oromos in the Ethiopian empire. Please don't get me started!!! what you mean by shift does not make sense to me. Other than repeating a buzz word.

Yoo Oromoon gabrummaa jala jirrachuti kaa amaantu taatee, falaasumaa dhisii tii wana qabdun wana dandeesun akaa Oromoon bilisaa baa'u carraqii. Yoo amoo, barri jiijirramee jira, technology, pardayimii, jinii kaajetu taatee, dhaqii OPOD yokaaniis, Madrak jalati hiriri malee, qabso ABO afaan faajesu dhisii.


Anonymous said...

Have no doubt about the importance of advancing the Oromo struggle which is currently at its stalemate. But the way to go forward is not blaming one group and trying to put oneself as the true and patriotic group.

The group shouting on this blog simply collecting some sensitive pieces of news and further promoting the division is not really advancing this struggle. By labeling other group or individuals there is no minor achievement. If you have a matured and well organized plan of action and resource, please show it to the nation. If you manage to show some progress and progress, the nation will consider you as a viable power. Even if you show some progress in line of struggle, you have a long way to go to prove to the nation about your democratic values. From what I hear from some of you and from what you write, I don’t think you can rally the nation behind you. God forbid, if you get power and state machinery, you will eliminate all factions of the OLF – no need to talk about the other Oromo social and political organizations. You will not prove yourself as true democratic organization to lead the country. We have died more than we expected in the hands of TPLF and its surrogate organization. We don’t want to die further in the hands of other undemocratic organization.

No one is interested any more in an organization which has no tolerance to views of other Oromo organizations. We believe in and expect a free Oromia in which diverse political and social organizations will flourish. We look forward for government organizations/institutions that accommodate Oromo from all walk of political and social lives and views. We don’t want to live any more where government institutions are tools of one hardline undemocratic party that tries to own the nation and its resources as its own property.


Anonymous said...


Maqaan kee qofti ni gaha. Dhugaa dubbatte, milkaa'i!

Unfortunately we Oromo learn nothing form history. We have almost same attitude to the Oromo in 16th century who were busy fighting among themselves as has been correctly noted by few observers. We squabble, fight, divide on unimportant issues, while our enemies are draining strength from our eternal divisions. To be honest we are the most fragile and useless grouping in the Horn. If we do not want to be irrelevant we have to address this issue very seriously and NOW!

Anonymous said...

Look brothers/Sisters,behind the british revolution there was highly enlightend britsih people, behind the the French revolution there was the britsih revolution, behind the american revoulution there was French revolution, the chain of partsianship continue and continue.In case of OROMIA AND OROMOS WE HAVE NO ANY RELIABE RECORDED PARTISAN SHIP FROM THE OUTSIDE.why??OROMIA IS COLONIZED BY THE HABESHANS SUPPORTED BY OUTSIDERS FROM TIME TO TIME.only the world masters face is changed in Finfinnee MINLIK PALACE.RESIDNG IN WASHING TON , LONDON , PARIS , ROME , BERLIN,OSLO, ASMARA CANNOT BRING ANY RELABLE SOLUTION TO OUR CAUSE.THE PARDAIGM SHIFT IS NOT ABOUT COLLABORATING WITH HABESHANS OR with their masters to control our destiny.selfreliant and iron tested oromo unity to be mobilized for one common goal.I DONT THINK THAT DEMOCRATIZATION ETHIOPIA IS POSSBLE AS FAR AS MACHIN GUNS ARE IN THE HANDS OF HABESHANS. Idont think that Oromo lebration front can lebarate oromia with its passive actions. IT mustbe active, it must be in action.if you are not in action what is the meaning of lebration front???? what si the meaning of olf1, 2, 3...n-1, n. hide your democratization and come out with your machine gun to demilitarize t5he habeshans then safely we can talk about democracy leberty, justice.unless our boran educated elites are not ready to serve their people indeeds ,unless unmatured new emerging barentu elites are not rEady to learn from history OROMAIN DESTINY WILL NOT BE ON ITS TRACK.

Anonymous said...

The blogger is really Oromo ears, eyes and mouth. Thank you so much for this noble work.In addition, the truth that QC-ABO has been telling gradually has revealed it self and all what they told us but we decided to ignore has become absolutely true.Because of our selfish inttest and any other reason, we ignored calls made by QC-ABO since 1999 and now our failure to heed the call is haunting us today. But still it is possible to repair the remaining and march forward.

Anonymous said...

You Say .....But still it is possible to repair the remaining and march forward.

Where are you marching while demonizing the other half of your organization? Who is marching with you?

Shall I tell you the truth of the time: No one trust any faction of OLF any more, specially the group controlling this blog. The nation needs collaboration among the factions and expecting respect for each other. You try to blame the others for collaborating with enemy. But you don't work in hammering the difference between your group and the others to step forward and execute the nation business. The group which is Tiger on this blog is the most obstructionist group from all OLF factions.

Unless you come to the will be the nation, it is simply matter of time to see an end to your loud voice with no action. The demising and varnishing of this faction is very close. The same will be true for the other factions if there is no tangible development.

For the nation we will see solution from somewhere. Who knows, heroes will be born out of the current teenagers and young generation movement.

I have advice for the teenagers and the youth. Never collaborate with these tugs in all your effort. Please organize yourself separately from their spoiled origination(s) unless they tangibly come to terms with one another.


Anonymous said...

Dear Adios,

You should not tarnish everyone with the same brush! You call people "tugs"? You may be one of "moderates"? You seem upset and I suspect you are caught with your pants down.

With regards to the wikileaks, we know these were happening. QC-ABO told us again and again. The vast majority chose to ignore again and again. Pay respect where it is due. I for one will absolutely trust QC-ABO's judgement in the future!

Viva OLF!

Anonymous said...

You mentioned ----The vast majority chose to ignore again and again.

I truly want to tell you that I am supporting neither Shanee nor QC faction of the organization. I have no reason to be in the middle of already fractured power which is active in distracting itself to fall into the lamentable place in the history of Oromo nation. These factions are working on further distracting the organization which the nation rallied behind some 20+ years ago. I know both will achieve nothing unless they come in terms with one another for the people business by distancing themselves from the elements of their respective extreme members.

I know most of those extreme elements in both sides who are taking farthest sides in both ‘principles’ of the factions and who totally oppose the idea of bridging both or all factions of OLF. For your surprise, nearly all of these extremes of both sides were not even identifying themselves with Oromo nationtional questions some 25+ years ago. These individuals got a gap due to the break apart of the organization and jumped into the OLF boat. Getting on the boat is not bad. Oromo need every one to be onboard. But these individuals took over the stirring wheel of a boat on which they have never rod before. Except very few genuine, but misled, individuals, all who push for extreme views and who stand against any form of negotiation between the factions of OLF are those tugs. They are truly tugs which are delaying the aspiration of the nation. They are tugs which are holding the nation business for their dream of achieving their own ambition.

At last, I have no other interest, but to see when the tugs are rooted out and the nation agenda because the business of the organization. At that time the narrow ideology will not hold the national struggle hostage of respective dogma. At that time millions will be onboard of the wagon and renew their oath for the Oromo case with the organization.

Unfortunately, this organization of the heroes and heroines of 1970s is heading to Cimetière. Observing this journey of the Front to its demise is very worked hard for the survived members of dedicated individuals from the 1970s spirit of struggle for Oromo nation.

I am not disagreeing with you on the venue of Oromo struggle more. But I want to ask you a question. Whom the vast majority chose to ignore again and again?

Aren’t the vast majority ignoring the QC? Both of you are ignored by the vast majority of the nation.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Adios,

It seems to me that you are barking up the wrong tree. You are advocating for OLF unity correct? My reading of the article is that the author is also asking the OLF to refuse to be divided any more. Where is the difference in what you are calling for and what the author is saying? I see none. God knows there are many issues that you can disagree on with the writer but you should guard against your hatred of the writer making you blind to your own interest. Practice what you preach and don't let hate of someone blind you to your own interest.

Nagaa fi araara Oromoo hundaaf.

Anonymous said...

I would like to ask simple questions. Is what we learned from wikileaks document how our adversaries divided and conquered as?
Did our compatraits who were/are labled as "moderates" by the West and the Abyssinian organization's (Wayane or others) inched up the life of the Oromo a bit? NOT a bit! As we all know, the life of our people in the homeland detororated since OLF was forced to leave the Transitional government. What did our leaders gain by trying to please the West and/or call "Agenda for peace" ?
As for me, one might as well be a "hard-liner" as oppose to be "moderate" and not again anything.

I don't understand what the Adios person above is defending. Is he/she defending what was exposed by Wikileaks? Instead of commenting on subject matter, he/she went off tangent, and blamed the people who defend the original Oromo cause day and night from internal attacks. I agree unity within the OLF camp is paramount. However, just for the sake of unity, simply watching when some group attempt to surrendring the NOBLE cause that tens of thousands have lost their dear life for is unacceptable.


Anonymous said...

I also was surprised by what drove mr. Adios crazy. He didn't say anything about this article, he didn't come up with a single idea to oppose it, rebuttle, he didn't gave us a reason to hate it.

He just cameout and started shooting in the dark.
It shows that his gun was loaded way before the article was written.
Rabbi ittin haa araaramu marata kenys.

Anonymous said...

The train that in boarded the genuine OROMO LEBRATORS and Habeshan mongers voyaged for half century is retarded. it is time to sieve deadly and surly the genuine lebrators and power mongers.The QEESI and SHEEKI dominted OLF failed the OROMO CAUSE.When the Qeesi indoctrinated militants pulls to the front the sheeki indoctrinated pulls to the back and vic versa. from whom do you expect victory when the the old and the young are all flock to gether in western capitals in the name of asylum.yesterdays ambition to lebrate oromia is dead in the heart of old as well in the young.who is willing to respect you and compromise to bring peac ful solution to your people?to kill and to be killed to destroy and to be destroyed. are you ready for that? no one is fear western black listing, you fear your commitment negotiate with habeshan .you are fed up with struggle you write books,you facilitate means to gain the power wagon you lost. our 40 years of passiveness and undefined agenda stagantes the lebration proved what we are up to.we need only two highly qualified fronts. lebration front and democratic infiltration, no double stands, no confusion,no regional and religion dominacy.lebration poletcs is not practising poletics for power to luxury and fame.

Anonymous said...

Adios said "I have advice for the teenagers and the youth. Never collaborate with these tugs in all your effort. Please organize yourself separately from their spoiled origination(s). unless they tangibly come to terms with one another."

I absolutly disagee with isolating the use from political process (depolitisizing). We know that no organization has a future without the paticipation of the young. Is isolating the yourng from polical organizations is by design?
Whose design is it, are you part of it?
Why don't you advice them to take over the organization by participating in it instead if you realy are a concerned Oromo.

You also are contradiciting yourself when you suggest the fourth organization while you are asking for coming to terms with one another.

We need an idea that units us not breaking us apart furhter, this time in age group.

Anonymous said...

Due to the fact that what they devil they have been warning Oromos against has become true, QC-ABO has absolutely gotten my trust and mandate to lead Oromo independence struggle. For being the true defenders of Oromo independence struggle, I salute QC_ABO. As the truth about the cause and the sources of the conflict in OLF has come out unequivocally and straight, Oromo people have no more reason to be confused but pass their verdict and rally behind the clean, virgin, uninfested, true nationalist who have never ever paid to serve the interest of Ethiopia and Foreign imperialists.

Anonymous said...

From leaks it has become clear now that Asmara used Shanee Dawwit to sabotage Oromo struggle while Norway used Leenco Lataa to weaken our independence struggle.Remember, the book written by Leencoo Lataa and the surrender conference in Bergen was funded by Norway

Anonymous said...

What happened for the last ten years to us a blessing in disguise to the least. It opened our eyes and it gave us tremendous opportunity as to who is who in Oromo society. It specially helped as to fathom who is wolves in the sheep's skin and who is the true sons and daughters of Oromian independence. I have names of the collaborationist and names the true nationalist.Hence no one can ever hoodwink me in the future.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I absolutely believe in dissociation of the recent dynamically moving Oromo Youth Movement in Oromia calling itself QEERRO. Unless the Qeerro group, which is currently making notable action at the midst of very dangerous situation, makes itself independent of one of the wings of the OLF, their fate will be no different from that of the hundreds of groups who organized themselves and purely shouldered by local low level leadership and resources in the last 20 years. In the last two decades all the effort by the youth and even elderly group tried to regroup themselves and clearly pledged their loyalty to OLF and tried for getting leadership from the Front were exposed to the Wayanne security web either due to reckless news release of the factions of OLF or through unknown reasons. No one wants to see such cycle failure anymore!!!!!

The best this new movement in the country can do is to forsake the OLF factions until they put aside the ideology driven inflexible stand and make common platform to lead the national struggle. The nation waited for concrete and practical action for 20 years. The entire oppressed people of the Horn waited for a common ground from the factions for the last 10 years. There is no lullaby for the organization which has never taken any tangible action in 20 years because of in-fight in the 1990s or fighting each other of the factions after 2001. With due respect for the fallen and the living elderly leaders of the Front in the most difficult time, I want to say there is no maturity from any of the factions to lead any dynamic young generation within homeland territory as far as the factions are spearheaded by power mongers. The worst of all the factions is QC-OLF. Any member of the QC-OLF I met in the last 5 or more years engages himself/herself in demonizing the other faction rather than aiming at the primary enemy of the nation. This type of trend should be stopped!!!!!!.
If such defamation of each other is not stopped all groups are good for nothing.

Foon laffa jirru cululeen mukaa irra wal-lolitti Jeedha Oromoon.


1. I am not supporter of any faction of the Front. Don’t misread me from my writings.

2. I believe there is no waste of time with the OLF or with any of the organizations unless there is more comprehensive strategy and action. Neither dogmatic KAYOO nor flip-flopping works to solve the multitude problems the nation found itself today and at this very second.

3. At last a piece of advice: Please don’t call names for the sake of respect for individuals who sacrificed more than most of you in the history of this organization. I am not saying there were no mistakes, but these people should have a due respect for their share of the sacrifice. I also don’t think it is time to go so far to call names and painting them with shade we want in the history of Oromo people.

With due respect for the sake of the fallen heroes and heroines,

Anonymous said...

Norway is always sabotaging people's struggle. Look at what happened to Oslo peace accord between Palestinians and Israeli. After 20 years of that accord, Palestinians are still under the occupation of Israel.

Anonymous said...

The execution of Troy Davis in Georgia on false accusation and the false accusation against QC-ABO is the same. The hatred of the above contributor against QC-ABO is the same as the hatred of few white people against innocent Troy Davis.While those who prostituted against independent Oromia has become clear for everybody, the reason why he hate QC-ABO more than Wayanee is that he/herself is a Wayane who want this genuine and nationalist organization to be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Dear firend,

Telling the truth and trying get all factions of OLF, specially the QC-OLF. QC-OLF is totally focusing on on the other factions instead of working with their limited resource on the enemy of the Oromo people. There are some statements and actions by other factions against TPLF. But all articles and writings we get from the QC is always against the other factions. Get up and focus on the true target. Don't try to sell yourself my belittling the other opponents within OLF.

By the way, all factions are toothless old lion to act against the TPLF. One is even dwith broken jaw and not able to open its mouth - QC-OLF.

Focus and aim at the right target. Don't miss the true target.

Kutataa irra

Anonymous said...

The sabotage planned and executed by foreign powers through their Oromo mercineries has become clear for every body now. When it comes to freedom and democracy, the naked lies of foreign powers has also become clear for every Oromo. Look at the double standard by USA. They directly and militarily engaged and dislodged Gadaffi from power under the guise of freedom and democracy. But when it comes to palestnians quest for state hood, USA is opposing palestianians quest for recognition of state hood at UN.So Oromo can learn a huge leason from this un predictable foreign policy of the west and the USA. Their deeds have exactly indicates that they are not for freedom and democracy but for their selfish economic intrest. The Oslo accord left palestnians under occupation while Israel continued building settlment on the occupied land of palestinians. Under the guise of peaceful settlment of conflict, these powers, conspire against just cause of the people. The same way they have been sabotaging palestinians quest for stathood, Norway and USA have been sabotaging Oromo people's quest for statehood, paving the way for Wayyanee to destroy all the gains of our struggle and sell all our fertile land to them.

Anonymous said...

We have seen that Oromo liberation struggle has no backing from USA or Western countries. Therefore, Oromo people must renew OLF's original strategy of self-reliance and unity of Oromo people.

Anonymous said...

brothers/ sisters,
The Oromian unique charactestics and the habeshan unique characterstics obliged us to think again and again. ANC struggled for over 80 years to lebrate its people,. Their struggle was enforced by mass movements of factory workers , students and intellegentia.Americans were negligent of their struggle.ANC fortunated that it gave birth to well dedicated sagacious leaders who proved their merit to whole world.south sudans won the western patisan ship because of their creed and braveness.our sleeping giant peasants are still at low level of oromo nationalism except few.the current multi party approach struggle to lebrate oromia proved lameness of the approach.reorganizing re structuring the lebration front as the 21 century lebration organization is of paramount importance.the unique characterstics of oromia needs multifacted approch focused one main goal.that is lebration of Oromia or the justice that establish social order in urgent mobilization of the diaspora oromo only on two effective lines is the issue of the day.the lebration force and the democratic force.the lebration force with strategic goal and the democratic force as as tactical mut be designed in such away strategic goal and tactical goal = the lebration of Oromia or the the just social order with supermacy of justice and law in in the land.

Anonymous said...

This claim has no substance what soever. This is pure conspiracy. If anything, the action of these brave people has revitalized the otherwise dormant, non-existent organization. I commend them for that. They are hero in my book: Heroes are those who do what is right regardless of the consequences. Only lousy people accept and be content with the status quo.

With its usual modus operandi,this organization will not be able to set its feet in Oromia soil, even if TPLF army completely withdraws today. The same Organization, 20+ years ago, was not able to liberate one single village from DERG and had to wait for TPLF's arrival. This itself speaks volume.

To me, these people are General Taddese Birru of our time, and I see them as such!. Talk is cheap!.

So, the writer claims that TPLF is omnipotent and it is able to get them wherever they are, even at their hiding place in Asmara. What does this say about you? RUN!, RUN!, RUN!, hide, hide, for your life! and that is ‘struggle’ in your book?; This is pathetic!.

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