Monday, December 12, 2011

The inherent danger of Abyssinian extremism and bigotry

By Gumaa Guddaa

Combination of racism and ideology is a very dangerous cocktail. In the case of the Abyssinians, the combination of their hatred for any human being other than ‘Habesha’ and their fervent cult like belief in the Coptic Orthodox church is unfortunately at the root of all evils in that dying empire.

Listen to the following poem in the Amhara language:

The above Abyssinian war cry in the form of extreme hatred and religious fundamentalism directed against nations that have done nothing to them other than asserting their national identity and claiming their rights to self-determination seems to be not an isolated incident. What is the civilized world to make of this hateful racist agitation against the Oromo and the Somali nations? But, can the world ignore it as an abrasion or should the world look deeper and wider to look for evidence indicating a deeper rooted malaise? Is it an isolated work of someone with twisted mind or a reflection of a culture?

It is nothing more than a rhetoric one may argue. Nonetheless, it is important for every living Oromo and Somali to understand that hatred for their cultures and identities seems to be deeply ingrained in the soul of every Habesha –Tigre and Amhara alike. It appears that anti-Oromo and anti- Somali sentiment is deeply woven into the Abyssinian psyche. Look no further than how they demonised the Oromo Qubee when the Oromo decided to utilize the Latin alphabet and rejected the Ge’ez script which the Abyssinians use to write their languages – Amhara and Tigre languages. The Ethiopian Orthodox church called on all Oromos who learned Qubee to confess their “mortal sin” of attending Qubee classes and seek redemption. Such is the Habasha extremism and bigotry.

The Amhara have been out of power for over two decades. They, however, still dream to return. Whilst we should not be sleepless about Amhara hegemony returning anytime soon, we must be concerned as to what their cousins are doing right now. The Tigre regime in Ethiopia is perpetrating what the above war cry is calling for in a systematic way. I would argue that the ethnic cleansing, in the name of farmland sale, economic and political persecution and extermination of the Oromo people is already happening. The only difference between what is on the ground and what the above propaganda material is agitating for seems only to be the gusto and the speed of the ‘final solution’ to the “Ethiopian problem” – the Oromo and the Somali nations, the two nations to which the above audio makes frequent references.

Who is Habesha? The etymology of the term Habesha is not certain. However, the widely accepted theory is that the term Habesha comes from the Arabic word al-Habash. The Amhara and Tigre peoples constitute Abyssinians. One thing is clear thus far. History indicates that the people known as Habesha immigrated to Africa from Arabia. Axum was in the hands of the indigenous African people at the time of the arrival of the Habesha.

Geography also tells as a lot. They are sandwiched between the Beja people in the north and the Oromo people in the south since their arrival from Arabia, sometime in the first millennia. These two peoples had a common language known as Ge’ez. They now speak Amharic and Tigre languages, derived from Ge’ez. They share similar cultural heritage. They are both warlike. Listen to the author(s) of the above audio and read their history. There is no mistaking their prejudice in the superiority of their ethnic group and their culture, and their contempt for all non-Habasha peoples in that empire and beyond. Why do we not hear this sort of intolerance from Ogaden, Afar, Gurage, Oromo, etc. nations? Simply, it is because, unlike the Habasha, they are tolerant of other ethnic groups and their cultures.

The Oromo are peace-loving people. They have no problems with other peoples such as Agaw, Afar and Somali to mention but a few. They have peacefully co-existed with them except for the Habasha. But, unfortunately, they find themselves in a hostile terrain. Their relationship with their northern neighbours has so far been acrimonious to put it mildly.

Written history indicates that there has been ongoing struggle between the Oromo and their northern neighbours – Abyssinians - since time immemorial. I would like to hypothesize that the animosity even dates back to the first millennia when the immigrant Abyssinians arrived in Africa. It is easy to understand that the new arrivals would have to negotiate or even fight with the indigenous Africans including the Oromo in order to eke out a living.

Throughout out the long history of mankind conflict on resources has shaped the relationship between neighbouring communities. Therefore, the conflict between Oromia and Abyssinia is no different. The difficulty emanates from the fact that the Oromo live in Oromia and only Oromia. The Abyssinians mainly live in their homeland Abyssinia but some segments of the Abyssinian society occupy Oromia to have access to the riches of Oromia. The Oromo have shown their card i.e. quest for sovereign Oromia. The Abyssinians have become aware of this fact. The power balance at the present is with the Abyssinians. This imbalance has placed the Oromo nation at a disadvantage, an imbalance in need of urgent attention.

I have to admit I was taken aback by the depth of the knowledge of the composer of the above Abyssinian call for the extermination of the Oromo. The author of the lyric seems to have done his/her homework. I wonder how many Oromos are well versed with the efforts of our forefathers, mentioned in the negative propaganda poem, including the Raya Oromo, Anole, Calanqo, the Western Oromo Confederacy declaration of independence, etc. The Oromo need to learn history. The old adage says “those who refuse to learn from history will be punished by repeating it”. Especially Oromos in Tinsa’e Ethiopia, Ethiopian Patriotic Front, AFD, and coalition with G7, OPDO etc. political organizations must re-appraise their stand. By the way, do not forget that the Eritreans are Habesha too.

So that you will have a balanced view I would like to offer you the opportunity to tune in to what the Oromo sing and what their aspiration is:

Simply put, the Oromo claim what is theirs. Unlike the Amhara in the aforementioned war cry, they never call for the elimination of nations. What motivates someone to call for the killing of the entire nation requires a leap of imagination to fathom. Perhaps it is the Oromo dream for peace and prosperity that threatens the evil spirit in others. But, do not be deceived by the lack of reason for such hatred. Hitler did not have a reason either.

Finally, one has to think if we could cleanse Abyssinians from their contempt for the Oromo nation. The short answer is may be never. It seems to be a matter of world-view for them. It is actually how they define themselves. So for anyone to be nice to them or force them to change it will mean changing the Abyssinian make up literally in terms of identity and world-view. I truly believe that the only solution to stop this nonsense and spare the coming generation from listening to this sort of venomous dehumanizing and potentially genocidal propaganda is by bringing forward the liberation of Oromia. What ever the Abyssinians think about us will then be limited to their territory- Abyssinia and their sphere of influence. Surely, that can only be a good thing!

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Dhuga Yoo Bayu said...

I am deeply touch and sadened by what was posted by the So called Tensae Ethiopia. No doubt this is a declaration of war (regardless of age, sex, and political conviction)against Oromo and Somali nationals.

We the Oromos shouldn't keep quite and see this as the work of a few crazy individuals. this is truly the reflection of all Habasha. The people who went in to the Street of New York and Washington to denounce VOA for broadcasting its program in Afan Oromo. This is not a simply propoganda. It is equvalent to Rawand's Radio Milee.
Oromo Lawyers and independent Oromo civil and political organization shouldn't keeep quit. this is a serious matter that should be treated accordingly. What our OLF leards who are willing to work with Habasha political organiation think and say on this matter?
Tensae Ethiopia need to be denounced by all peace loving people across the world.
I used to think, if we could bring decomcrcy in that empire, we can live in peace. After I listened to this poem I changed my mind. the Habasha want the land of Oromo people and indeed have deep rooted hate against Oromo and want to eradicate the entire Oromo People from, the face of the earth. and

Anonymous said...

Whatever the dream of the Abyssinianist elites is, we, the Oromo nationalists, need to hit them from the different directions as described below! Oromo nationals in Tinsa'e Ethiopia are doing it from the right wing! They and the still strong Oromian Students' Movement (OSM) are part and parcel of the Oromo liberation movement (part of our Fighter-Jet). I think we can present our Fighter-Jet as an airkraft with the differentiated three parts of its left-wing, with its middle body and with differentiated three parts of its right-wing. The skilled pilot of the fighter-Jet is our famous mindset of bilisummaa (of freedom), the OLF. I would like to personify the three parts of the aircraft with the following prominent Oromo nationalists.

1) The left wing (pro-'independent Oromia without Ethiopia'):
- Galaasa Dilbo, who strives to achieve an independent Oromia seemingly disregarding the possible regional union with the neighbouring nations, who are now living within Ethiopia. In case this position is not against such a union, there is no clear difference with the position of Ob Leenco.
- Daud Ibsa, who is open for both Leenco’s and Galaasa’s position as long as the Oromo people will decide per referendum.
- Leenco Lata, who advocates a nationally independent Oromia within a regional union of free nations in the Horn of Africa (around Oromia).

2) The middle body (supporting both an 'independent Oromia' within and without Ethiopia):
- Fayyis Oromia and his likes, who are open for all the positions of the left and the right, as far as the determiners in this choice are the Oromo public at large per referendum. This part of the fighter-jet believes that neither an 'independent Core Oromia' nor an 'integrative Cush Oromia' is disadvantageous as long as bilisummaa of the Oromo people will be realized and further respected.

3) The right wing (pro-'independent Oromia within Ethiopia' = 'integrative Oromia'):
- Bulcha Dammaqsa, who wants to have an integrative Oromia in a form of an autonomous Oromian state within Ethiopian federation.
- Marara Guddina, who once said “Oromian national autonomy within Ethiopian federation is not bad, but we don’t need to die for it”; he was considering that even Gondar and other northern parts of the empire are parts of Oromia; accordingly, he wants to realize either Nagaasso’s or Bulcha’s position per Oromo public referendum.
- Nagaaso Gidaada, who tries to achieve through his UDJ party an integrative Oromia = the whole Ethiopia, without necessarily having an autonomous Core Oromia within Ethiopia. All individuals and institutions with such goal can be classified here.

Anonymous said...

But, in order to accomodate the move of these different Oromo positions regarding our future type of sovereignty (walabummaa) of Oromia, Oromo nationalists have to be able to concentrate on the common denominator of all the positions, i.e on bilisummaa of the Oromo people. To comprehend what I do mean, we just need to compare the following interesting three concepts: secession, independence and sovereignty. Let me try to put the difference in short as follows:

- secession needs the precondition of being legally part of one sovereign nation and being a minority nation at the periphery. Oromia has never been legally part of Ethiopia and it is neither a minority nation nor at periphery unlike Tigrai. So Oromia’s question is not a question of secession in this sense. This is the point, which Ob. Amin Jundi recently tried to explain to the Habesha elites.

- independence is the liberation of a subjugated nation from the other oppressive one, as we do see in the attempt of some Oromo nationals like Ob Galaasaa trying to emancipate the occupied Oromia from the oppressive Abyssinia.

- sovereignity is the right of the liberated and free nation to decide on the type of arrangement it wants, like the sovereignty of the Oromo nation to decide on its future, be it in a form of an independence within or without Ethiopia, per referendum; this seems to be what Oromo nationalists like Ob. Daud try to achieve.

According to the right of the Oromo nation to its own bilisummaa and walabummaa, it is not wrong even if Ob. Amin or Gen. Kamal strives for the right of Oromo and Oromia within Ethiopia, as long as the determining factor is the result of the referendum. Thus, it is nice to see that our nationalists are bombarding tyranic Abyssinists from the three parts of our Fighter-Jet:- Gen. Kamal, Ob. Daud and Ob Galaasaa from the left wing; Ob Fayyis Oromia and co from the middle body; as well as Dr. Nagaaso, Dr. Marara and Ob Bulcha from the right wing.

This is really very scary for the enemy of the Oromo nation. Important is that all the three parts do fight the enemy, but do not attack each other. In the currently ongoing rhetoric, I didn’t hear Ob Amin attacking the other factions of the OLF. But, it is clear that we do read nowadays a lot of Woyane criminal cadres camouflaging as Oromo in order to sow a discord among Oromo nationals by trying to support one faction of the OLF and attack the others, as well an attempt of a vice versa!

Anonymous said...

Dear Oromians,

This sort or wrath against a people can only come out of the mouth of the Habasha. The Habasha are paranoid and their paranoia can lead to such a vitriolic hatred for other people. The sooner we dissociate ourself from such people the better. We have to simply redouble our effort to extricate ourself from listening to such low lives!

Nagaan naaf jiraadhaa Ilmaan Ormaa

Waqjiraa Gudataa said...

Dear our heartly loved Blogger,
Thanks for such an absolute vigilance when our historical enemies have already declared the ethnic-cleasning policy against the Oromos and others.
As your vigilance always helped us to saveguard our nation and the direction of our movement, ALL in ALL the Oromos are refusing any alliance with our such enemies/Ginbot7, Tensae Ethiopia or with any Ahmara Organization/ except those ahmaranised Oromos and Neftegnas.Now,can this group may open their eyes,they are dancing with their enemies who at appropriate moment ready to assasinate them?.
Today more than ever, Tensae Ethiopia if has the means and capacity has showed its idology of Ethnic-cleasning against all nations and nationalities of the empire except the ahmaras as a move to restore the Chauvinist supermacy. True, alliance with any ahmara forces is always a poisonous cocktail. Therefore,our some leaders MUST stop deceiving our nation for such unfriendly alliance and lead us to protect our nation from chauvinist aggression.
What the chauvinists /ginbot7, Tensae and others/have in mind is that after destroying the TPLF nationalism,Oromos and Somalians are the next.The question to be raised is what did we learn from 1991, when we helped to bring in The TPLF?.For any socio-political out come,our struggle must based on die or win like Croatians or South Sudan.
Victory for the Oromo nation

waaree said...

Dear blogger,

Thank you very much for posting this deadly Abyssinian su-human thinking for us. It is telling to the point to those confused Oromos and others the inherent, unchangeable and unconditionally determined racist behavour of Kibre-Negest Abyssinian family stock in common.Can confused Oromos learn something from this and come back to the main stream of Oromummaa that inherently abhors racism?

Anonymous said...

Our weakness was / is always the strength of our enemies. As long as our brothers and our sisters dance at the side of our enemies and as long as we tolerate such our brothers and our sisters we do not have easy way out of it. So let we start taking action from our self and go beyond. By the way , I my self do not agree with the idea of our three dimensional fighter jets. As long as we fight with out synergy, we are weakning our self.

Anonymous said...

What an ignorance, what a racisim, what a hatered is still running in small minds of Amaharas.
These people never learn from history. Just because we change we shouldn't assume they too will change. They never change. They are the true sons and dauthers of their fathers and forfathers who killed millions of our people in Anole, Calanqo,...and colonized our country Oromia.

Anonymous said...

My amharic is not that good for me to do it, can anyone translate this to Oromo please so that those who don't understand can have a chance to listen to it.
It would have been nice to translate it to english too so that the wold can hear it.

Anonymous said...

"Oromoon haafaca'u" jette jalqabddi, rabbi sii facaasu jedhiin. Ayyannii Oromo sii haa facaasuu jedhiin. Hunduma irra iyyu Oromoon walii galeee sii haa facasu. WBO sii haa facaasu.

Anonymous said...

Dear Author,
knowingly or unkowingly, you fell into the trap of the Woyane cadres! I am almost sure that NO Amhara with sound mind writes this poem. It is surely written and read by the Woyane agents, who love to see Amhara and Oromo peoples live in conflict, so that the Tigrean elites can rule further in Finfinne palace. Just wake up and small the coffee!! Don't be fooled by the tyrants now tormenting both the Amhara and the Oromo nations!! Wake up! Wake up!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The official writter of this poem is Tinsae ethiopia and they have the right to prove otherwise.
The new generation amaharas never admit to wrong doing of their ancesstors. They never took responsiblity of their brutal attack on our people, our language, our culture.Actually they are trying to reverse the little development we made in that area. The least they could do is stay out of our way when we try and develop our language and cutlture, the culture they almost erdicate from the face of the earth. Qube is been their nightmere for almost 20 years now, Irrecha is their new monster as described in the poem. They panic with our achievments in our language and cutlture.
Some one mentioned the author of the poem could be woyyane. It doesn't matter if it is woyyane or amhara. They are all habashas and the same forfathers, the same culture, their language branched out from the same tree (Geez) and they share the same concern.

Anonymous said...

Simply put, this is the product of yet another Abyssinian wishful thinking. Let the Abyssinian keep on dreaming. It will not be long before their dream definitely changes to nightmare. They must learn to live with the confident even independent Oromia or anyone who gets headache by seeing Oromo can all walk into red sea!

Anonymous said...

If you are almost sure that no Amahara with sound mind wrote this poem, and think that Amaharas are copletely changed to write such poem, it is not the Amaharas who are not in the sound mind it is you. You coldn't get out of their trap.
If you think Amaharas are changed, why don't we see one Amahara come out and condemon this poem and other unjustice occuring daily on the oromo people?

Anonymous said...

If you are almost sure that no Amahara with sound mind wrote this poem, and think that Amaharas are copletely changed to write such poem, it is not the Amaharas who are not in the sound mind it is you. You coldn't get out of their trap.
If you think Amaharas are changed, why don't we see one Amahara come out and condemon this poem and other unjustice occuring daily on the oromo people?

Waqjiraa Gudataa said...

Dear Anonymous dated 15,2011 5:33,
You lost an opportunity to shut up, when you once more trying to deceiving our nation in covering up the crime of our foes.Such crime against humanty can come from Habasha, particularlly Ahmaras who used to song the sin song aganist Eritreans when in those days ahmaras expressed the desire to destroy the Eritrean territory to reverse the Eritrean nationalism.
Today such desire against their worest enemies-Oromos and Somalians hardily surprise us except ahmaranised Oromos including you.The failure of our Gobanaa Daccee was NOT in a battlefield,but his believe in alliance with ahamaras who later betrayed him. So, if you are an Oromo, please wake up OR shut up.The Oromos never ever trust ahmaras and they will remain our worest enemies. If you considered yourself as an Oromo, You failed to stand up against Tinsa'e to challenge it legally a similar to Radio MILEE instead of covering it up.It is a great message for Oromos to unite against such enemies to defend our self and our national interest.

Anonymous said...

I personally think the airing and publishing of this poem is a good thing to us, Oromians. Although it's insulting and dragatory it may be, in a way it's evidentiary for us when one of their own people or group acknowledges/confess all the crimes they did to our people back then. I say this because most Abyssinians deny what took place during the time of occupation of the Oromo land and people. As far as them dreaming to destroy us, one can fantasize as he/she wishes. But those times are gone and at least they will never come back.
Listening to this poem help me draw a starking similarity between the Abyssinians and the racists Whites during slavery in U.S.A and/or apartheid in South Africa. The racist Whites in America were killing Black Americans in what is know as lynching. The white racists South Africans were conducting similar acts to Black south africans. In this poem the person was braging the killing of Oromos what was also known as xxxxx gaday (killer).
I'm certain we can identify the poet and reader of the poem. I hope that we will deal with him at due times.

Oromia shall be free!!!

Anonymous said...

No need of being fooled by Woyane dogs, who orcastrated this poem! The political enemies of the Oromo nation, specially the currently ruling gezhi gujile from Tegaruland, tried to give the Oromo liberation movement in genreal and the OLF in particular a fake and false picture. They tried to present it as a secessionist or separatist movement just trying to discredit the legitimate struggle of the Oromo people for bilisummaa/freedom in front of the international community. They also tried to exploit and use certain areas of conflict in the Oromo liberation camp to hinder the forward march of the Oromo people to bilisummaa.

Fortunately, after many years of conflicts in the Oromo liberation camp, now it seems that all Oromo nationals from the Oromo political spectrum, extending from the left wing to the right wing, are coopertaing with each other and coordinating our efforts in order to liberate the Oromo people from the currently ruling fascist and racist regime.

Specially, it is encouraging to observe the still strong Oromian Students' Movement (OSM), including the Qeerroo movement for freedom and democracy, being part and parcel of the ongoing Oromo liberation movement (part of our Fighter-Jet). I think we can present this Fighter-Jet as an airkraft with the following left wing, middle body and right wing. The skilled pilot of the fighter-Jet is, of course, our famous mindset of bilisummaa, the OLF.

Anonymous said...

when our destination, dignity and our national valueare at stake, practising the poletical , philosophical terms in th vaccum questions our integrity and maness.who is the right wing , who is the left wing, right centerd, left centerd,etc. is there any one of these leaders seriously dedicated themselves to oromian lebration or safe guarding the interests of oromian peopel at national level and inter national level.they are simply confused and confusing the oromian public.why they play hide and seek.If some one listened to Jarra Aba Gadas VIDEO INTERVIEW,the French ambassadors statment " you are not for lebration but for power share you planed coup de eta".stop playing with poletical terms commit your self last long solution of our objective.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"OROMIA IN ETHIOIPIA" AND "OROMIA IS ETHIOPIA" IS THE SLOGAN OF CAPTULETIST, CONFUSED, SUBMITTIST SLOGAN.Hidheesinee miiliqnee taati is known that even AFRICA IS ETHIOPIA, LIBYA IS AFRICA THIS INDICATE THAT ETHIOPIA =AFRICA= LIBYA for those Greecs and Romans many many years ago.dont tell me your shames once again and again. gurrii gafa habeshan biyya keena cabsitee duudee aar'alee Habesha habesha jedha.bishan ortodxsumman habeshoon facaaftee summi taee huno bara baraan ilmaan Oromoo uuf walaalchisee waalwallaalchise wall nyaacisee ta'rra hafte uuf nyatee BIYYA ABBAA HINQABNEE,HAAYYU HINQANEE FAKKESEE KA GUDDA JENUUN UUF XIIQEESEE, KA XIQQA JEENUUN UUF GUDDISEE AMBA AALI UUFIT KOLFISISEE NUT KOLFSIISA JIRA HANGA YOOM ITT FUUFA DHIIROO.It is time to stop all this jargons of terms.The left is under stood as soclalist and communist oriented movements while the right is understood as liberal or neo liberal oreintation.theorsing and terrorising your goal is simply "bishaan waraabi deebisi".lets debate on independent of oromia as neighbour to abyssinia or the united states of horn of africa as united states of europe?? only free and independent nations can make union for the benefit of their common goal. not for the benefit of tigray, amahara, eriterea, somale, oromo selfishly.just blocks are piled one on the other to build just house with just system to secure justice not only justice on paper but the equal liberty and equal opportunity for all.we are human beings the ideal social system cannot befit humanity as much as possible trying to nearer is important.Habeshans With machineguns in their hand and thier brothers in faith at the back never dreamt of just system in the region look at their symbol of habeshnism ( ABSSINITY) VERY SIMILIAR To JUDISH ( Israelians).The poem indicates ther is something boiling to encourage them from those at their back. what do think my brothers from macha and Tullama?any way there is a message to those barentu brothers who are in the emerging stage in poletics.prepare yourself for the worst.not bla bla.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Despite these different positions, which do characterize the arrab-torbee (seven tounged) nature of the Oromo nationalists regarding walabummaa Oromia, in comparison to their arrab-tokkee (one tounged) position referring to bilisummaa Oromo, the political enemies of the Oromo nation, specially the currently ruling Gujile from the Tegaruland, attempt to give the Oromo liberation movement in genreal and the OLF in particular a fake and false picture. They try to present it as a secessionist or separatist movement just wanting to discredit the legitimate struggle of the Oromo people for bilisummaa and walabumaa in the eyes of the international community.

They also do exploit and use the above mentioned area of conflict in the Oromo liberation camp to hinder the forward march of the Oromo people to bilisummaa. Even some politically concsious Oromo nationalists fell in their trap and described the other genuine Oromo nationalists with different position on walabummaa as Quislings in the Oromo liberation movement. But, actually, the only true Quesilings are those Oromo nationals, who are against bilisummaa Oromo, not those genuine pro-bilisummaa nationalists with their own different position regarding walabummaa.

Fortunately, after many years of conflicts in the Oromo liberation camp, now it seems that all Oromo nationals from the Oromo political spectrum, extending from the left wing to the right wing, are coopertaing with each other and coordinating our efforts in order to liberate the Oromo people from the currently ruling fascist and racist regime.

Anonymous said...
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anonmous said...

The brave Oromoos who never hesitated facing their Nation's enemy forces either died honourably, or in Habasha's prison, yet other unflinching Oromo heroes/heroines are still on the battlefields endangering their lives each day unselfishly.

It is the public secret to know that those cowards who deserted them on the front lines are leading their disgraceful dog lives in their asylums. It is neither a crime to live in a country which offered them shelter and asylum, nor a shame be a burden to those Nations' tax payers for a specified number of years. But if one may be able to see the pig picture such a life, it is otherwise.

It is morally, ethically and psychologically just like committing suicide when you are directly or indirectly, but knowingly, contribute to your own pathetic predicament, you put yourself in. That is what other visionaries see when reading what this "Fighter-Jet" person hallucinates all the times when presenting analogy of the unity of the Amhara and Oromoo forces. As opposed to making a stride for a lasting solution, this individual shamelessly advocates for non coherent strategy. On all the political forums this sell-out participates, the same message is written, with no audience gained.

Even if not having things to do, could be the justification, any counsellor with a baseline ethical standard may counsel to use the time and energy wasted here, to be free of the public assistances first.

Anonymous said...

The last Anonymous,
but Fighter-Jet got your attention and not only that, he seems to have irritated you, just as he is doing to the members of the fascist and racist Gujile! Are you one of them???

Anonymous said...

Only a bigot would miss the irony of calling an entire people inhuman.

This article is basically pointless. I say this because it neither gives an accurate analysis of what's taking place in Ethiopia, nor does it give any solution.

1. How many people do you exactly include in Habesha/Amara/Tigre/Abyssinian? Embarrassing. Irrational and vitriolic drudge like this is why the move towards Oromo freedom keeps failing. The enemy is so vaguely and broadly stroked with a paranoid brush.

2. Who are Oromos exactly? How many people do you exclude from your group for this and that? Would I be excluded if I am Orthodox? If I have an Amhara blood? If I don't believe in your vision? Are you kidding me? People like you scare the living crap out of me. What if I am gay? Would you deny me of the ability to call myself gay Oromo? In a sense, you are basically just the same type as those you try to paint as inhumane. A mirror reflection.

I propose to everyone that, the only way to gain freedom is to look as humanity as one entity. Only then can you see the commonality of dictators, intolerance and generally evil. By the way, this goes broadly to any inept group calling for 'freedom' in Ethiopia. They are all victims of their making because they are always willing to support another dictator/evil.

Anonymous said...

"Only a bigot would miss the irony of calling an entire people inhuman." What a misplaced comment. The above comment makes sense only if it is direced to the author of the poem - the so called Tensae Ethiopia. What ever question you posed above including the gay, the amhara blood etc. You should direct it to the author of the poem - The so called Tensae ethiopia. Democracy is not forign to Oromo,The Oromo invented Gadaa democracy and governed by it for generatoins and you don't need to lecture us on democracy. You should take that lectue to the author of the poem - Tensae ethiopia.



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