Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nuro Dedefo Defends the Asmara Group's Law Suite

In an interview he gave to Oromo Community Radio on KFAI Radio without Borders 90.3 of MPLS – St. Paul, Nuro Dedefo confirms that the temporary restraining order against TA-OLF has been lifted, and that the Asmara Group of OLF is proceeding with the court case seeking permanent injunction against TA-OLF from using the OLF name, emblem and flag.

According to Nuro Dedefo, who was introduced by the interviewer as chairman of the USA chapter of the OLF [Asmara group,] his group was forced to go to court because TA-OLF booked the same conference room which the Asmara Group had previously booked for their public meeting on July 27, 2007. He informed the radio audience that after appealing to the courts and obtaining a temporary injunction against TA-OLF, they [Asmara Group] failed to post the necessary bond as ordered by the court. As a result, the restraining order was vacated.

Asked why they failed to post the required bond, Nuro says they refrained from doing so because TA-OLF re-scheduled their public meeting to a different date (from Friday to Thursday.) He goes on to say “Contrary to what they [TA-OLF] have been spreading, the temporary injunction was not lifted based on the merit or demerit of the case but because we failed to post the required bond.”

Responding to Nuro Dedefo’s assertion on this matter, my TA-OLF contact had the following to say.

“It is true that the meetings were scheduled on the same date and at the same conference center. However, it is not true that this was done intentionally on OLF’s part. Your readers should know that the OLF held its 2006 public meeting at the same conference center and on the same date (July 27, 2006.) The truth, in this case, is the OLF booked the conference center for July 27, 2007 before the Asmara Group. It, also, announced its meeting to the Oromo public well in advance of the Asmara group. The OLF became aware of the scheduling conflict with the Asmara group’s meeting on July 8, 2007 after it announced it to the public on MPLS’s Radio Voice of Oromia program. Soon after becoming aware of the scheduling conflict, the OLF decided to change its public meeting from July 27 to 26, 2007 and, as listeners of MPLS’s Radio Voice of Oromia program can attest, it announced this change to listeners of that radio program on July 15, 2007. The Asmara group filed their law suite on July 19, 2007, four days after becoming aware that the OLF had changed its meeting date to July 26, 2007. The matter was heard before a judge for the first time on July 23, 2007, 8 days after the Asmara group had become aware that the OLF had changed its meeting date to July 26, 2007. For Nuro Dedefo, who prides himself so much on being a lawyer, to get on a public airwave and make a false statement by saying “the OLF changed its meeting date after July 23, 2007; As a result we refrained from posting the required bond” shows how seriously he takes his lawyer’s oath which he swore to “…never seek to mislead … by an artifice or false statement of fact …” For those who do not know Nuro Dedefo, he "had a very noble job in Ethiopia," as president of the Arsi Regional High Court under TPLF. As for his legal opinion on the matter, the Internet is peppered with records of his losses as a lawyer and one is advised to not take him seriously. In 1998, he filed a complaint against Midwest Patrol and Commissioner of Economic Security in MN and lost. He appealed that decision to Court of Appeals and lost again (read HERE.) In 2004, he appealed a court decision against him granting an individual “an order for protection.” He lost that appeal too (read HERE.) In 2006, he filed a defamation suite against Aliyi Wake, et al. Upon lossing, he appealed the court decision and lost again. (read HERE.)

The list goes on and on but you get the point. The point is I would not want Nuro Dedefo to represent me in any capacity let alone in a court of law. As for who is OLF proper and who is not, suffice to say that no partner of Qinijjit can claim to be OLF.”

On whether the Asmara Group is seeking compensation from TA-OLF for using the OLF name for the last five years, Nuro made no mention of the $50,000 US they applied for in compensatory damages but said “what is past is in the past. What we are seeking is to stop them from operating under the OLF name in the future.” Interestingly, Nuro asserts that TA-OLF does not cause any damage to the Asmara Group but is a “nuisance.”

Asked if it was necessary to go to a USA court to determine who is OLF and who is not, Dedefo said TA-OLF had to be stopped from confusing the people by claiming to be OLF proper and causing a “nuisance.”

This blogger wishes the interviewer had asked Nuro Dedefo how much Oromo hard earned dollars are squandered on bringing this case to the courts. Hopefully, TA-OLF will also give an interview and let us know how much they have spent so far to defend the case.

Listen to Nuro Dedefo’s interview HERE


Anonymous said...

Mr. Blogger, I think you've lost the semblance of neutrality. You seemed to favor TA group when one deciphers the thrust of your blogging! It behooves one to be fair and objective if one desires to be credible and trusted with the information one provides.

You may have your own views but, since you purport here to be a provider/dispenser of information, do not forget to balance the expose you try to blog.

Anonymous said...

To a commenter before me,

Would you give him similar advice (to balance) if you believe the logger favors Shane? If you say you would, I have a follow up question. Have you made the same request to magazines, radios web sites that disseminate the real unbalanced information to Oromo audiences. One has to have a balanced view to see what is balanced and what is not.

Anonymous said...

The blogger is QC!

Anonymous said...

The above anonymous is Shanee Also known as (AKA) Asmara group!

Anonymous said...

To me, it appears balanced. But remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is, however, not just enough to say it is unbalanced without providing the evidence for it. In any case, who says the media is not biased? It is up to us read and come to our own independent views.

Notwithstanding the above, the reports provided by the blogger have been very crucial. Let us not be diverted from the main challenge of how we can stop this silly business of spending our (Oromo) money on American lawyers. It is simply immoral and shame on our nation.

Let common sense prevail.

Gumaa Guddaa

Anonymous said...

TO Obbo Nuro

I learned today the law suite filed by the Asmara group was dismissed before the August 16 date. Forgive me for getting the news too late (I guess most people have already learned it) as early as three days ago.

I don’t know if you, Obbo Nuro (sorry Doctorrrrr Nuro) accept this reality. Speaking of calling you and others in your circle Doctor, when did the customary rule (rule of academia) has changed to call people who studied law Doctor so and so? Or, every one associated and affiliated with Shanee creates his own world and call JDs doctor. Do we call the current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Dr. Clinton? If I have the time and enough space to name names that are accomplished lawyers, political leaders or human right or community activists, I know I will be in trouble for missing some big names. Those names never been preceded by Dr. One good example would be the late Jonney cochran who became a household name during the O.J.Simpson trial for representing O.J Simpson. Do you ever hear him being called Dr. Cochran? I remember few months back what one of my Oromo compatriots wrote in a discussion board regarding this subject. According to him the Shanees call each other Dr to bully their poor and unsuspecting members who work hard to make living while paying these Doctor Wannabes some income. You know our culture: we even call a teacher “Master” back home. So if you call someone Doctor then it becomes hard to question him/her on issues.

Going back to the subject under discussion, here is my question to you, Obbo Nuro. On the interview you said TA did not and would not cause any damage to your group (Asmara Group) it’s just nuisance. My question would be: Are you lying to the radio audience or are you filing unsubstantiated claim. Which one? Pick one! Let me make my self clear. I had a chance to see the copy of a law suite you filed. It says the defendants interfered with prospective economic advantage and have caused or threatened to cause your group to suffer damages. Now on the interview you said the law suite is because it irritated, annoyed and bothered your group. Did you not tell the court the truth? Or you did not tell the radio audience the truth? My next question is let us say you went to court just to stop them from bothering your group. Is your group that wealthy to spend such huge amount for a simple reason of gaining comfort (to stop the annoyance)? My last question is very minor but I might as well ask all at once. Every time you attempt to answer the question you begin by saying “Well”. Is that a word that makes a Hamline JD a Doctor? I don’t have to apologize for not calling you Doctor because I know a lot of people Oromos and non-Oromos that went to school and studied law and I never called them Doctor and why should yours and your likes be different? I’m really disappointed with Oromos who call you and others in you circle doctor and not call other Oromos the same way although they went to Law school as prestigious as Yale, Harvard or as locale as Hamline Law school. In my view they are not fair and they discriminate against others.

Dhugaa Dubataa

Anonymous said...

To those animals and mindless creatures bark out of refugee zoo, I know u have so hurt and scared the consequences. I know this time we are serious and this is on your part failed to obey to Oromo “safuu”, we shall get to the bottom of this for once and all.

I am 100% sure that except that u been barking behind PC screen, we (Oromo) have not seen from you any merit and sense of prominence neither in political life nor in Oromia jungle. U are bunch of beast, and arrogant infested with locale and “kebele kinship”. Anything out of your “Nekemete circle” could not assumed good for Oromo. Of course you proclaimed yourself as the only messiah of Oromo.

I can see your bitterness about some Oromo individuals for not been from your “kebele kinship pocket”, your personal character assassination and blackmailing can not serve any purpose other than dumper at back yard. I know this individual your are try to pacify and un abated defamation is that he/ they stand bold on truth and reality, no more confusing the general population behind the screen and got to have conclusion. Indeed their stands are embraced and applaud. They got gut to stand bold and say no to garbage’s behind the screen.

To person who specially wrote an idiot thought I ever came across from QC garbage diary is a person who wrote about individual who hold law degree. I think your dumb mind can not understand the types of degrees are given in universities in different field. Sir, if you are not afraid to call a sociology PHD holder a doctor, how in the world you afraid to call JD, the most prestigious degree not all dumb people such as yourself can’t hold, be not to be called a doctor? Anyway, my point is not about individual, the degree and others mentioned in here by QC is very irrelevant, it is extraneous to the point to be addressed inhere.

Sir before you jump for personal character assassination, learn how to stick to your point and point being addressed in the article.

Hopefully, this saga of QC will be come to the end and I am 100% confident that it is the matter of time and the time will tell. At the end, OLF will remain with his people and in the heart and mind, soul of the Oromo and the Oromia country but QC will remain friend “with their good old days friend = PC (personal computer aka the jungle Qc from PC terrains). The bottom line. The confusion in cyber will be cleared as it is now cleared in real world. In real world, we see only the real OLF with it is gallant fighters not toothless and coward QC who does not even hold single knife let alone holding AK47 to fight enemy but PC to allege OLF in cyber world.

Dhugaa Hadhooftuu

Anonymous said...

This is to "Dhugaa Hadhooftuu"

Frist of all, you would not know DHUGAA if it hit you in the face much less the "Hadhooftuu" ones.

The dhugaa in this story is:

1. Your group took another Oromo group to faranjii court
2. They spent thousands of dollars they collected from oromos in the name of Oromo struggle on such a court case
3. The case is dismissed
4. JDs are not addressed as Drs. in this country - just in MPLS I know of two JDs but we don't address them as Drs.
5. You could not refute these assertions so you had to pull out your "regionalism" card
6. You are very disappointed by the fact that the case was dismissed to the point of calling fellow Oromos "animals" ... You sound like a bitter looser and a badly trained lawyer. For all I know, you could even be Nuuroo himself.

My advice to you? Use your own advice and "learn how to stick to your point and point being addressed in the article."

Anonymous said...

you fucking pis shit who came from jungle. dont even under stand what it means to be oromo,first of all what you wrote on this article is punch of pis shit.let me tell you Nuro will not be house slave for you or punch of Nekemtes. he always do what right for oromo people he will fight for our freedom.unless you assasinate him like gishu jarra. you fucking bastard.

Anonymous said...

first of all u have no clue what a freedom fighter is do you.u guys can go back to killing real oromos and next day going to meetings like u care about oromo being free.shame on you u know what fuck you.u people are the reason why we dont have freedom.obviously u live in a fantasy world where DR.nuro is wat u say he you remember gishu jara a true oromian hero you bustards killed.oh i am sure u dont you dare even meansion nuro dedafo name cause you are not even worth about u go back to church so us real oromos can fight for freedom.after were free u can go home to the land of rocks and sand with tigres i am not sure they to will welcome dont talk about things u have no clue about.since when did u people fight for oromiya .u tell me one wolaga that died for oromiya.

Anonymous said...

Mr Blogger,Let me be frank and be all over the place for the sake of my poor Oromo people who have to read nonsense shit like this when we have soldiers and young brave Oromo men and women DYING for their Rights.Let me ask you a question? What was the purpos of you writing this Junk? If you claim that The "Asmara Group" as you call them are not doing what
was right for Oromo people,what good does your article do? NOT A DAMN THING!!!!!!
Your problem it seems to me is With Nuuroo himself and not the actual lawsuit you claim to be upset about.Your personal biases and assassinations are not doing much for you.You seem to be one of these Qaacca idiots that we seem to have to deal with and I can Undestand why you seem to soo despise Nuroo so much.To be honest with you I am not going to lie I know Nuuroo very well and I might be one sided here but you don't even deserve to wipe the floor Nuuroo walks on.I agree with my fellow commentor above,You seem to criticize those who are not from your Neqemte crew.The truth is you are nuisance to all Oromo people and you have done nothing for Oromo people except to confuse and manipulate our people.To also be more honest,it seems to me if any Arsi is in any leadership role and outdoes your regionist association you seem to lash out,because thats all you can do.AS for Nuuroo let the people who know him be the judge of his character and work,not an ignorant fool like you.It seems to me that the core of your problem with Nuuroo is that he is more educated then all of you idiots put together.Now let me tell you something,we should not bash our leaders because they are educated and they are outspoken,because i Know for a fact that if you were not hiding behind this cyber tech, you would not say shit and you and I both know it.As for the Oromo cause, you would not lift a finger if you were asked to so shut the hell up and go to your part time job or go and get an education and GET A LAW DEGREE, then you can come and have an opinion.I really believe ignorant fools like you who have nothing to do but sit at home and attack people who are actually DOING something for our people should not even be entitled to have an opinion on anything.As of right now you are nothing but a blabbering fool, but at least it lets me know that Nuuroo is doing his job well.He MUST be doing something Right if he has species like you to come out of your temporary jobs and actually post a blog.
As for the blogger who says he/she refuses to call Nuuroo a doctor,i don't think you calling him a doctor or not is going to hurt him that much.It is quite interesting to know that you are soo upset about such minor issues when we are going thruogh so much.I believe you have some jealosy issues and you seem to be more bitter about people calling him a doctor than about the law suit which the blog and comments were SUPPOSED to be about.Oh, as for the money you are complaining about,I am almost completely positive you have not even contributed a dime and neither have your crew members, so shove it.Nuuroo himself has given more than you can make in a year.Even though this article is soooo appaling and unreasonable its good to know you and your kind are so simple and Narrow minded.Leave the struggle to those who know it and have lost much for it and go to church.
My advice to you is, stay where you belong and analyze youself.You NEED to do some extreme self analyses.

Anonymous said...

obbo. blogger

instead of writing nagative thoughts about people who try to change things in our community. and bring freedom to our people why dont you accept that fact that Dr. Nuro Dedefo changed people's life back in the days when he was the president of Arsi high Court by realising hundreds of Oromo political prisoners. know their were many of wallaga's had held a higher position tell one person who realesed oromo their lifetime. who ever you are i would be happy to meet you face to face talk with about this issues and i will tell you who nuro dedefo is cuase i know he is not that kind of person that you say. you just one of those stupid people who promote region rathan than promoting oromumma. i can tell how joules you are of him on this article.

Anonymous said...

The one person who made four consecutive comments, don't kill the messanger when you cannot handle the message. All the blogger did was tell what he considered the truth. But ofcourse, you may have your version of the truth too. Why don't you tell that instead of raining insults on him? You have all the space you need.

How do you know the blogger is from Nekemte by the way?

Anonymous said...

The annoymous posted at 6:31 PM,

When you say Obbo Nuro "..realising hundreds of Oromo political prisoners." Given Woyyanees strict control over the judges by imposing its political rule over the legal rule, How could Obbo Nuro was able to release Oromo prisoners? Every judge that has defected the Woyyanee regime be it Oromo or Amhara they always tell the world that they could not do their job freely because of Woyyanne. I don't see how they let him (Obbo Nuro) free his people while they don't let other judges do the same. I very much doubt it. If he had done so. Good! I applaude him for that. That does not mean I agree with him since he's a member of the Shanee/Asmara group.

The fact that you use region as a tool for switching a diffrence of views to that of regional issues is very sad to me to say the least. We can argue on views as which path would bring about our ultimate freedom without using that bad thing (separation among Oromos on basis of region) I disagree with Obbo Leenco Lata's and Obbo Dawud Ibsa's view because they changed the Original OLF program and working to democratize Ethiopia. Is that because they are from the region Obbo Nuro is from? No! In my opinion, I disagree with all of them because for me they all (Obbo Nuro & the Obbo Leencos) are on one side of the aisle when it comes to the independence of Oromo. And that is contrary to my view

As far as we all know, the world of academia has its own many rules: one of it being JDs are not doctors. period! whether Oromo, Amhara, black, white, etc. That's what I am talking about this is not about Obbo Nuro. I hope you know those rules. If you don't take my word on it ask colleges and universites.

Please don't twist every thing to region or religion issue. That does not benefit anyone but our enemies.

Dhugaa Dubataa

Anonymous said...

"Dr." Nuro:

I have no doubt you are the person who wrote those poisenous regionalist blubbers above. Is that the only way you can rally support? I mean by appealing to were in Oromia people were born? Why did you lie on the air when you have sworn not to mislead? why don't you tell us why you deserve to be addressed as Dr. rather than looking for support by dividing oromos along regional lines? Open a blog, write an open letter, use Shanee web sites, do what ever you can to respond to the allegations against you but don't use regionalism to win the fight which your group started in a MN court.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. "regionalism",

Come from any where in the universe, be it Timbuktu or Onchoqoror, tell us what you stand for. You talk like your masters, the Amhara. Your SQ masters did not discriminate by region when they filed law suite against Oromos from all corners of Oromia. It appears they are politically minded where as you are someone who was brainwashed by the Habashas.

They Oromo people have grown way over region. Alas your divide and rule era has come to an end and it will never work again. Do not waste your time in insulting people from Wallaga. As far as I am concerned, you could be from Mars and that does not bother me. If you stand for independent Oromia you are with me. If you were my own brother and stood against the independence of Oromia you would be my political enemy.

Gumaa Guddaa

Anonymous said...

kijiba jibbaa
Mr. Blogger and qaca members, I know that you don’t worthy a weight of salt to get response for your garbage blog and comments, but for the benefits of the readers of this blog, I would like to comment on what your wrote about Dr. Nuro Dedefo. First, you don’t worthy let alone to write about his achievements even to mention his name. Dr. Nuro’s contribution for the struggle of the Oromo people back home and in Diaspora speaks volume by itself . Born coward, raised coward and die coward like you have no gut to mention the name of this born tiger, raised tiger and die tiger. How dare you are to mention his name and tried to character assassinate him using the only trade your learned from your Abyssinian masters. Let alone to mention his name, reputation and career, you don’t worth the dirty of his shoe.
Second, one of your co-horts tries to mention why he called himself a doctor. Are you jealous of his achievement? It is not a privilege bestowed upon him by qaca member like you. It is the honor he earned it. It is not the honor bestowed upon him by criminal qaca members who sold the liberty of the Oromo nation to TPLF. Qaca can not produce even one member with Jurist Doctor. Is this Jurist Doctor degree given to Nuro Dedefo by qaca the scam founded on criminal act who betrayed the cause of the Oromo people and surrendered to the TPLF in Borana? The blogger and his co-horts could get one day for this devilish behavior of yours. Day dreamers! Bunch of criminals, whose heroism is only behind pc (personal computer). If you have a gut you should come out and do what Dr. Nuro has been doing for his people. But your sociology doctors born Abyssinian slave with Abyssinian mentality, only appear for show once a year as if the struggle of the Oromo people only done once a year. Even you call these doctors let alone a person like Nuro Dedefo who earned Jurist Doctorate from the highly respected and honored profession in the world. Hell with you, you bunch of Abyssinian slave with Abyssinian mentality. Your days are numbered. Your are history. Period. Do you know what kind of degrees given to legal profession . If you don’t know since your caliber area is not to this prestigious profession, let you know that Nuro Dedefo has earned his Jurist Doctorate (J.D.). If you don’t know what J.D., degree means you should not say a word about his degree. Amazingly, enough you mentioned many reputed lawyers, and asked why they don’t call themselves doctors. The issue is not whether they call themselves doctors or not but what their degrees are all bout. If they earned J.D., let you know that they have Jurist Doctorate. It is like M.D., which means medical doctorate . Do you know the difference between professional degrees? Why these lawyers don’t call themselves doctors , ask them . Besides , let you know that legal professionals more like to call themselves Esquire than doctor. Because being called Esquire is more prestigious than being called doctor . I just write this for the readers’ sake not for garbage like the blogger and his co-horts.
Dr. Nuro, can call himself: Doctor, attorney, lawyer, Esquire, judge. Because he got all these prestigious status because of his hard work and on his outstanding ability which made qaca members scared to death with the professional achievement, determination, caliber and articulation of Dr. Nuro Dedefo. If you think by mentioning these garbage stuffs , you would scare him from his determination, let qaca co-horts everywhere know , you know for the first time faced the right person who will take you to the last stage where you belong .
Instead of arguing the issues you engaged in personal attack the only trade you learned for your Abyssinian masters. We know that your are scared to death when you hear the voice of Dr .Nuro Dedefo who can outsmart you and your co-hourts down. You better go back to the struggle of the Oromo people if you are an Oromo, which I don’t think. You do not have a trait and character of Oromo. But it seems that you are sons and daughters of Abyssinia who determined to engage in personal attack when you are challenged by capable person like Doctor Nuro Dedefo. This time you are in the wrong site and in the hand of a wrong person who will not knell for your garbage stuffs. Let you know that we will see to it the day the criminal gang called qaca will face the justice of our people along their Abyssinian masters

Anonymous said...

Obbo Nuro,

Please control yourself. Lawyers are expected to argue their points in a cool-headed manner. I know you are angry but you should try and control your temper. You can call yourself what ever you please, Dr., Prof., Attorney, attorney-at-law, Esquire (Esq.), lawyer, J.D., etc ...


Anonymous said...

Obbo Nuuro,

You call yourself "born tiger, raised tiger and die tiger."
How could you be so sure that you are not going to turn "CAT" before you die (assuming that you are still alive).
Becareful, I heard tigers do turn to wild CAT when they get older.

Anonymous said...

To dick head who wrote about Dr. Nuroo,
He /u/we call him Dr.not because to please it? That is the dumpest thought ever I heard from mentally retarded individual to say least."call yourself as it please you".
Mr. Dumb aka blogger and co, you called him Dr becuase he earn it but not to please him!!!! Alas. Capito!
Like it or not, he is Dr. u can not change a dent about that. He earned, period.
What have you done in your life for the oromo people? Sir, I have seen you with your neck tie and suite runing up down saturday and sunday for church. Other than that, I have not seen u in real world doing something tangable for your nation. Guess what, those who you ditest are the one dare to give their life, resources(knowledge, money etc..) for QBO while you and CO paying mortage of half million but contributing even not penny for this struggle but rush for alleging some one who is giving all he has for this QBO. Shame on you mr blogger and his CO( dhaltu QC).
Mr Blogger, Qc and their memebers, Let me be frank and ask you who is your real enemy? This is the Q must be answered by all these chicken head QCs. Your answer is one and the same, that is ABO"Shane gumii", is that right? Yeap, I have seen nothing, almost nothing you cry out about the plight of Oromo in any form and place.
All your zilch head is crying in and out about"shane Asmara". Let me straight it up a little beat, becasue your are too slow to understand, your are exactly after power not after the plight of Oromo. If you care about the plight of Oromo your promotion or demotion would mean nothing but your people and the objective they stand for.
Let me put it in other words, if you are the one happen to preach about the then Gadaa democracy of oromo, then, sir, you have finished your Gadaa and you should not cry back for power and this is against the foundation of our forefathers Gadaa system. Sir, please would you go back to your room and refer and refresh your memory about Gadaa. I could boldy say that your cry coming through back door for power is not accepted by any Oromo who are from root of gadaa foundation. In my opinion, those who finished their gadaa are good for"barcumaa yuubaa". There you go, you should hope for that to council current gadaa leaders, in this case current OLF leaders than going against them. Safuu, Safuu, safuu. Learn what is safuu, please.

let me add one more thing, I think if you QC's are crying for power, then you are not crying for current power but for future Oromia power. Sir, you are still heading to the wrong direction, the future Oromia power share is not the copycat of habasha power monopoly, it is fair and balanced, from people by people for people. The bottom line. The resources of Oromia also follow the same suite. Period. Please do not cry for future power, i know you do not want it for now beacause the current power is about sacrfying all you have including your life. I know that your are now at refugee Zoo, you would not give up on that zoo life. Therefore, even if you crave for that, please sit back and wait until time come for you to do so.

Sir, You mentioned about ABO going home, changing objective and bala bla bla, why all these garbage? you been saying this all your life but ABO still neck to neck with enemy than your allegation turned out to be true. You lame, give up on your dirty thought and join the ride, the struggle.
Finally let me clear myself, I am Oromo who want independant and free land, mother land Oromia. I am supporter and stand by ABo to the last of my breath.
Sir, as the supporter of ABO and part of QBO struggle, I am struggling to bring the chance for my people to decided on their destiney.Once that chance arrived, my pre vote is for independant Oromia, that is my vote caste but I do not know about you.
I wish I got time to dwell on this.

Sir, I call upon you to join the ride, the wave of struggle and do your part, as you have done your part, we shall meet in free land and decided about our disteny.

Hope you will discarded your garbbage PC and join the gallant fighters.
Dhugaa Hadhooftuu.

Anonymous said...

Obbo "Tiger" Nuuroo (kkkkkkk),

Why do you waste your time writing up many comments on the same topic. No matter how many you write, your language, style and flow of your writting gives you up. Unlike every lawyer I have come across, you lack organized mind. Because you are unable to organize your thoughts, your writtings are all over the place. Which law school did you go to, BTW?

Please get a grip of yourself.


Anonymous said...

What a shame, you guys have enormous energy to defame each other instead of focusing on the real enemy. Some of you jump from your seat shocked with gandummaa? to knock down the other.
Oh, I am tired of that and most people do too. Believe it or not you are showing your weaknesses to the world. The world will laugh at you.
Come back to your sense and write some thing worth reading

Anonymous said...

Final from Dhuga Dubataa.

Let me start by saying to the last anonymous (posted 1:17 AM) you’re absolutely RIGHT. This is a laughable sort of debate. As concerned Oromos, there are several issues we should worry about and work towards solving it; the subject matter under discussion (law suite Shanee—OLF group filed against TA—OLF) is among those need to be discussed. Issues such as who should be called Dr or otherwise, or which school is prestigious and which school is locale although is not necessary, does imply only individual’s (Obbo Nuro’s) issue. On the other hand, resorting individual matter to a group or regional matter is irresponsible and indicative of political desire to paving a way for ones future ambitions—that’s how I see it.

With that being said, let me put a final touch on the JD issue and law school rankings to help Obbo Nuro and others understand it. For that you don’t have to take my words. Below references/resources provided.

What’s JD?

Law schools Rankings

Rank #1. Click on Top law schools you will find the top100 law schools
Rank #2 Click Tier3 you will find about 36 law schools. The top 136 law schools
Rank #3. Click Tier4 you will find about 48 law schools—Hamline law school is in this category.—could be 137th law school or 184th law school.

I condone Obbo Nuro for going to Law School and getting education; many of us sit around or work in factories or drive taxi without gaining formal education. So those of you who would NOT call him “Doctor” what don’t you consider his courage not to mention his great contributions (to Oromo prisoners, cash and time for Shanee)

Dhugaa Dubataa

Anonymous said...

SQ hve gone mad. God help them.

Gumaa Gudaa

Anonymous said...

Baayyee nama aarsa tahus garuu...kanaa booda uummanni Oromoo jara dulloome kanarraa waa eeguu jechuun tapha ijoolleeti. Kanaaf the Qubee Genmeration must stand up for struggle under a new log and even name. I hope thye start of Qeerroo will be on its ways for this. The only option left for Oromo if not to continue under colonial rule. We need the new generation mind not those of oldy ones... Please stand up... Qeerroo forming a libration front.

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