Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows: Isaias Afeworki Pandering to CUDP?

After extracting his country (Eritrea) from the jaws of Ethiopian colonization after 30 years of liberation struggle, Isaias Afeworki says he strives for unity of the empire he separated from not very long ago.

In an interview he gave to Eritrean media on June 10, 2007 and published in “One Ethiopia” magazine, Isaias declared “It is our persistent stance to strive for a united Ethiopia.”

“One Ethiopia” is produced by the Eritrean Ministry of Information in the English, the Amhara and the Tigre languages, and distributed in the Diaspora by Eritrean embassies.

Even before one gets to read the content of “One Ethiopia”, a single glance at the cover page and one is left with no doubts as to the message the magazine intends to impart to the reader: Ethiopia’s unity and territorial integrity. Looking at the graphics and the caption on the cover page, if you did not know what Isaias looked like, you would think he were the leader of one of the Ethiopian opposition parties like the CUDP for whom Ethiopian unity is euphemism for Habasha hegemony.

Go ahead, open the magazine and look at the inside page of the cover. A map of the Ethiopian empire, adorned with the green, yellow and red of the empire’s flag with a caption reading “Ethiopian people’s Ethiopia” appears. The implication is that this is what the people of the empire would want to maintain. You would feel you were looking at an organ of, say, CUDP not at a magazine produced and distributed by Isaias and Co.

No don’t read the magazine. Not yet! Don’t even glance at the next page. Jump directly to the inside page of the back cover.

A map of the Ethiopian empire, partitioned into nine (9) separate territories with various flags and a caption reading “Woyane’s Ethiopia” appear on the page. Even Oromia, as we know it today, doesn’t appear as a contiguous territory. God only knows what Isaias meant by that! The intention here is to show the reader what would happen to the empire if it is to continue along the path the TPLF is taking it. Compare that with "Ethiopian people's Ethiopia" and what is implied is crystal clear.

Now, close the magazine and look at the back of “One Ethiopia”. Prominent on this page is, again, a map of the Ethiopian empire adorned with the empire’s flag colors and “Ethiopia” inscribed in the middle. Just above the map appear pictures of Seyye Abraha and Hailu Shawel side by side. Seye Abraha, you may recall, is a former partner in crime of Meles Zenawi’s against the Oromo people and former defense minister of the Empire who was incarcerated for six years on corruption charges before he was released in July 2007. He is the man who led the TPLF army which decimated our freedom fighters while they were encamped in 1992. Hailu Shawel, of course, is the former leader of All Amhara People’s Organization and current leader of the most backward Ethiopian opposition party (CUDP) who would roll back all achievements made by the Oromo people over the last 30 years if given a chance. Given a chance, him and his party (CUDP) would partition Oromia into smaller “kifle hagers” and would sell off all Oromo land to the highest bidder just as the TPLF is doing at the present time. It is no brainer that Melles Zenawi, Seye Abraha and Hailu Shawul have no difference in their view of the Oromo question.

What is the message between the covers of “One Ethiopia?”

No different from the message the covers portrayed. In this interview, Isaias Afewrki addresses many questions pertaining to the region in general, the Ethio-Eritrean conflict, the role of the US in the region and Somalia issues in particular. He rightly exposes the tyrannical nature of TPLF and the almost total control it is wielding on all aspects of life in the empire.

The gist of his message, however, is to reach out to the likes of CUDP by assuring them that he will strive (struggle, fight forcefully) along side them to keep the empire intact. Echoing the CUDP and speaking about the current TPLF constitution, and particularly about Article 39 (which is only on paper anyway) Isaias says:

“Since they [TPLF] have no faith in the Ethiopian people as a whole, they divided them into the Amhara people, Tigre people, Oromo people and many others. Because that is what their constitution asserts. The constitution allows the right to self-determination up to secession. We can say that the regime’s mental instability and dangerous political approach has taken a constitutional shape in the name of federalism and democracy. Ethiopia is thus exposed to a never seen before ethnic polarization, although it would take longer to discuss the dangerous consequences of such a situation.” (p. 46)

I don’t believe it is lost on Isaias that this is music to CUDP’s ears.

That TPLF’s mental instability is endangering the whole region, well beyond the empire’s boundaries, is no brainer and is widely acknowledged. However, it is not clear why Isaias Afeworki considers inclusion of self-determination up to secession in the constitution a dangerous political approach and why such a provision should be blamed for “ethnic polarization.” Unless, of course, the purpose is to pander to CUDP and the likes! What should the Oromo political party which he is currently hosting in his country, and who has repeatedly expressed the desire to make use of that part of the TPLF constitution, understand from this statement? That Isaias would sell them to the highest bidder?

As a former colony of the same empire Oromos and others are struggling to free themselves from, one would have thought Eritrea would take a principled approach and support the decolonization struggles of those nations who are still suffering under the yoke of Ethiopian Empire. Instead, Eritrea’s leader chose to pander to a party with retrograde Amahara-centric agenda. Apparently, to Isaias “What is good for the goose is [NOT] good for the gander.” In other words, what is good for Eritrea – an independent state - is NOT good for Oromia. If unity and territorial integrity of the empire is to the benefit of the colonized nations and nationalities, then why did Eritrea fight 30 years to decolonize herself?

It is the apex of hypocrisy to strive for a “unity” to which one does not want to be a party.

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Anonymous said...

Dear oromo brothers and sisters,
what do expect from abyssinians? To me they all the same,culturaly their languages very related to one another and most of their are from the roots or decendents.To me i don't really expect any less.now it is clear we only left one option,fight to get rid of all of them.That is the only way.Believe me there is no other way.Look if eritrea was helping OLF we weren't be here.We librated oromia long time ago.They the eritrean delibrately handcapped our struggle.Anyone who left for eritrea will never come back,like home arrest.That is how they have been playing.Now we know where we stand.So do you think we have other choice?other than fighting?

Anonymous said...

This man twisted our leader’s arms to form AFD which I thought was a tactical move. Now he is making it clear that he prefers CUD by promoting Cud’s agenda to the fullest.
He is totally subscribed to one Ethiopia leaving no room for negotiation.
If there was any doubt about his support for our issue, it should be clear now.

Anonymous said...

the man called isayasu is mad. any dude can tell. one time the he says: the days of khartun governmment is a matter of months. a decade is gone. he goes telling what remains of other tyrannies but he keeps his tyranny over his small fiefdom.

the so-called olf leaders in perpetual prison in asmara are a bunch of guys with brains somewhere near their buttocks.

isayasu will never release them until they pay millions of dollars as he is doing to sundanse oppossition.

if anyone of you know these asmara group people, tell them to treck to sudan on foot very soon. time is running out!

Anonymous said...

Dear Oromians,

Interesting, I thought, noting that Mr. Isayas included Oromia in the map of his Ethiopia but omitted Afaan Oromoo, by far the largest language spoken in the Horn of Africa, in his one Ethiopia manifesto let alone supporting the OLF. His stance however has been the same on Oromo issue. He never saw Oromia as a separate entity. This is at the root cause of the split of the OLF. The Asmara Group, now firmly SQ also does not recognize Oromia, leave aside liberating it.

"Habash hanesh".

Gumaa Guddaa

Anonymous said...

What could be his plan for WBO that are currently in his counrty? Could any one guess?

Anonymous said...

He will kill them slowly.Remember isayas is abyssinian too.Like i said before they all the same.habash muuqafaal!!!Isayas was our friend untill he arrived to asmara and then to Finfinne with meles.Then he sold us out.you remember meles wasn't alone when our gallant fighters put into their camps and rhen they disappeared.It was meles and Isayas planned all along.And they shut olf's offices and the members disappered.Isayas never been our friend at all.he was #2 enemy next weyanes.Remeber tigre,amara and eritrea are very related more than any one in that empire.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why he will kill them all as far as he can make use of them.
If they realize what they are in for they might prefer to die than becoming his personal property.

The problem is with the so called shane leaders who might help Isayas in convincing WBO to accept what ever is thrown to them.
That is the only reason Isayas needs these bunch of cowards any how. The fact that he is totally on Cud’s side ignoring these bunch says how much he disrespects them.
These people are bringing only shame and disrespect upon the Oromo people.

Anonymous said...

I think Isayaas either knows that the Shanee would not oppose his “One Ethiopia” motto. Or, he weighs Qinijit’s clear stand and respects them more than he respects Shanne. That means if the former is the case he [Isayaas] knows that his rhetoric does not cause sleepless nights to Obbo Dawud and his closest in Shanee. If the later is the case, then that is a great loss not to Shanee alone, to all Oromos who always looked upon OLF (As organization whether SQ or QC) as a capable organization. It’s obvious that many Oromos still believe Shanee thinking they are working towards liberating Oromia. I strongly believe Shanee has neglected not only Independent Oromia, even the right to self determination. What they say when they appear in front of the Oromo public is just an empty rhetoric. If you refer to AFD’s Memorandum you would NOT find any word to that principle.

I think now our people should rise up and tell Shanee members big or small that they should learn their lessons from people like Isaayas and join the independence camp. I don’t understand why we could not say boldly that we fight for independence? How could Ogadenian able to say the same thing and we could not? Do you know that UN is sending investigators to Ogaden because of their determination and unwavering quest for independence?

Dhugaa Dubataa

Anonymous said...

You banch of QC are idiots do not wory. do not blame isaias because it is polotics. our leaders know next step. trust them like oromo ppl.

Anonymous said...

Tha last anonymous, you may be even Woyyaanne who knows. Or one of Isaiyas ppl. But if you are Asmara group AKA SQ--Shanee Qinijit, do you mean your leaders trust Isaias more than they trust themseleves?

Dhugaa Dubataa

Anonymous said...

Dear oromo,
no libration with Dauwd Ibssa and shanee qinijit.It is shame that we are the majority and we can't librate ourselves from abyss.Let stand together and get rid of dauwd ibssa and support our southern commander obbo Dhugassa Bakako and his group.That is the only way we can achieve our objectives.We've been with dauwd ibssa and he is not the man we expected.Period.Let us join obbo Dhugassa bakako,the man is a figther and he never intersted in BS with our people's struggle.On top of that he never intersted to go abroad and enjoy himself with kitifoo and whyskey.he never let us down.I know for shure he is the only man for the job to be done.Let us get rid of Dauwd ibssa.he is nothing but whiskey and kitifoo creving sole.

Anonymous said...

Mr. anonymous, who is these leaders you say, they know the next step? I hope you are not talking about SQ.

The last few steps they took were nothing but failures. The court case, The Formation of AFD, dismantling OLA, etc

What makes the next step special?

Jogol said...

Harkka fuune Oromoo,

Daddaaqama shaneen itti jirtu kanatti yeroo keenya gubuu dhiifne, ilmaan Oromoo kan bilisummaa barbaadu hundi harkka wal-qabatee isa qabsoo dhugaatti jiru, Jal. Dhugaassa Bakakkoo waliin haa qabsoofnu, haa tumsinu, cina haa dhabanu!, Shanee Qinijjiti yoo ta'e bara jireenya ishee akka of-gabromsitetti haftti, Oromiyaa bilisa baasu miti Isayaas jala bilisa ba'u hin danda'an. Ergama isa ta'ani hafu, ashkarii alagaa. Rabbi isaanitti haa araaramu.

Anonymous said...

When I read the article regarding Obbo Isaayaas ( Pres. Isayas) expose, my gut feeling was to spill every rubbish language onto him and Shane group. My lateral thinking convinced me otherwise.
Isayas knows it and CUD knows it, that the unitary Ethiopia under the CUD government is dangerous to Eritrea and its current independent status, unless Isayas regrets governing over his current independent and impoverished country. In that case even the oromos would accept the rejoining of Eritrea with Ethiopia, provided he will not interfere in Oromo's internal affairs.
For CUD to fall to this honey covered poison and veer off their cuurent political struggle, would amount to self mutilation.
So, let the tactical game proceed and the wise would keep focusses on the prize.

Anonymous said...

Trust no body(aristotle).To me i never trust those habeshas.Never.Two face of the same coin.Historically we are not friendly on both side.Look the history of italian invasion during the second world war.The Eritrean helped the italian invaders.Specially the eritrean hamassen peoples are the one showed all the root to the deep in side oromia.I don't trust isayaas at all.They all crazy to land on oromia.who doesn't like green.who doesn't like milk and honey.who doesn't to wake up and smell oromian coffee for free.who doesn't like to decorat herself with precious oromian gold neckles.So please don't fool yourselves.Wake up oromoo.Fight and librate,that is the only way.

Anonymous said...

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