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Berhanu Nega should NOT be welcomed to participate at OSA conference

A Response to Jawar Siraj Mohammed’s Open letter

By Argan Beekan (Oromo Affairs Blogger)

Reacting to a re-posting of my article on Berhanu Nega from Feb. 2007, Jawar Siraj Mohammed writes accusing me of attempting “to provoke hostile opposition towards Dr. Brehanu Nega’s inclusion in the upcoming OSA conference.” He further asserts that “none of his [Berhanu’s] opinions as fundamentally hostile to the aspirations of the Oromo people.”

I will respond to these charges but, first, let me say that I understand scholarship is a matter of bread and butter for some. But, not to the Oromo people. In the name of scholarship, Oromos should not be expected to refrain from raising legitimate questions about those who claim to know what is best for the Oromo people. Their questions should not be construed as intending to cause hostility just because those to whom these questions are directed find them difficult to answer.

Secondly, I would like to remind the reader that whatever was attributed to Berhanu Nega in my blog was taken from his book (Ya Nasaannat Gohi Sii Qaddi) and can be verified for accuracy.

Contrary to Jawar’s assertion, it is important to note that many individuals whose political views are in divergence with what Obbo Jawar called “assumed mainstream Oromo opinion” have at different times presented at OSA conferences without any “negative reactions” from the public. Obbo Bulcha Damaksa, Dr. Marera Gudina, Dr. Bayene Petros, Dr. Negasoo Gidaadaa, Ambassador David Shinn, to mention but a few, have all appeared at OSA conferences without so much as a pip from the Oromo public. But their opinions are hardly main stream as far the Oromo, both back home and in the Diaspora, are concerned. This is evident from the negligible level of support political views of these personalities garner from the Oromo public. Obbo Jawar, as an aspiring researcher, should get his facts straight before making statements such as “ We often see negative reactions towards the participation of those whose political views differ …”

To my recollection, the only person whose appearance at an OSA conference was canceled because of public outrage was that of Col. Goshu Welde who took part in the decimation and great suffering of our people as a member of the military junta – the DERG. The then OSA president, Asfaw Beyene, had the audacity to invite him to the 20th anniversary of OSA. Mind you, Goshu Welde was neither a scholar nor a researcher by any stretch of the imagination. His qualification for speaking at OSA conference was being Ethiopianist politician – plain and simple. OSA had no business organizing meetings for politicians to assist them in dissemination of their political views.

I would argue that the reason for Berhanu’s invitation to OSA conference is no different from that for Goshu Welde. Again, I maintain that OSA has no business assisting dissemination of political views particularly those against Oromo aspirations like that Of Berhanu Nega’s.

Berhanu’s presentation at OSA 2010 must be opposed on a couple of grounds.

First, contrary to what Jawar would have us believe, Berhanu’s, not only opinion but also, political actions have been fundamentally hostile to aspirations of the Oromo people.

Why do I say that?

Let me remind the reader that Berhanu Nega was a leader of Kinijit. Regardless of what it claimed to be, Kinijit was a party of Amhara elites bent on regaining state power they had lost to their northern cousins in 1991. Had they succeeded, and Berhanu and his friends attained power, what they would have done with the state power they so much desired to achieve is a public secret. One passing look at their leadership composition and another passing look at their manifesto, there is no mistaking what they had in store for non-Amharas. In a nutshell, they planned to roll back all achievements made by oppressed nations and nationalities in that empire to take the country back to the Haile Sellasie era. To mention but a few, article 39 of the TPLF constitution, which ”allows” (on paper only I might add) nations and nationalities the option of seceding from the empire would have been the first victim of Kinjit. Then, as they promised in their manifesto, they would have re-drawn state boundaries so as to take the empire back to the old “Kifle Hagar” configuration. The name Oromia would have been a thing of the recent past. Re-imposition of Amharic as language of instruction in schools and language of work in other areas would have followed as soon as Kinijit surrounded itself with its own PDO of assimilated Oromos. These assimilated Oromos would have been the ones to spear head Kinijit’s effort to do away with Afaan Oromoo as official language in Oromo region. It is this force, Berhanu Nega’s former party, that Obbo Bulcha Damaksa – a believer in democratization of Ethiopia - was referring to in his press conference of May 20, 2005 when he said, “While a genuine federal system has not been implemented in Ethiopia, there are forces which want to even abolish the theoretical federalism which remains only in the book.“ All this would have been executed by an organization in which Berhanu Nega was not only a member but a leader. This is the man Jawar Mehammed Siraj would have us believe “Many have testified to [his] integrity, genuine concern and commitment to the goal of social justice.”

As far as the Oromo question and aspirations are concerned, there is no difference of views between Males Zenawi and Berhanu Nega. They only differ in how they go about implementing their solutions – the former by making a promise it does not intend to keep, the later refusing to even acknowledge our rights.

Let me also remind the reader that Kinijit, Berhanu Nega’s former party, was made up of many unitarist parties. Membership was open only to those parties that were not affiliated with ethnic groups. Oromo federalist parties like Bulcha Damaksa’s WAFIDO and Marara Gudina’s ONC were not welcomed by Kinijit.

To my knowledge, Berhanu has never repented for these serious offences against our people’s aspirations.

Second, to make a scholarly presentation on a subject, one must have gained mastery of that discipline through years of study and must be able to speak with authority and clarity on the subject. As one can see from the title, Berhanu’s presentation has nothing to do with his field of expertise which happens to be Economics. Berhanu will be presenting “Ethnic Identity and Political Developments of the Last Two Decades” which is not his area of scholarship. By his own admission, he got interested in understanding ethnicity in the Ethiopian empire as a result of meeting Oromo detainees in TPLF dungeons. Even then, what struck him was not the suffering they were undergoing but their “hateful feelings” against his immiyyee Ethiopia.

Plain and simple, Berhanu will be speaking at OSA conference as a politician, not as scholar. His appearance at OSA conference at this time is a continuation the dialogue currently underway between Berhanu’s Ginbot 7 and the Dawud Ibsaa faction of the OLF in which OSA, a purportedly scholarly organization, should have no part.

It is a public secret that disappointed by the death of Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AFD), to which Berhanu’s former party Kinijit and Dawud Ibsaas faction of the OLF were parties, Eritrea has been working hard on resurrecting it in some form. Many meetings have taken place between these two Ethiopian opposition parties. Here in the USA Shanee representatives and Berhanu Nega have met many times to discuss how to democratize Ethiopia. Andargachedw Tsigie of Ginbot 7 has travelled “multiple times” to Asmara to meet with Obbo Dawud Ibsaa and his faction hosted by the Eritrean government. Reliable sources have informed this blogger that the two Ethiopian opposition groups have agreed on many issues and are very close to forming an alliance.

Wouldn’t it be nice to acquaint the Oromo public with Berhanu Nega and Bayan Asoba sitting side by side and addressing audiences beginning now? That may be, but OSA is hardly the appropriate venue for such political events.

Finally, Obbo Jawar informs us of his “various strategic disagreements” with his protégé, Berhanu Nega, without informing us what these disagreements are. I only know of one: that Jawar advocates for dismantling, and doing away with, the OLF whereas Berhanu Nega is at least talking with a faction of that organization. A “strategic disagreement” indeed!

Have your say!

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Yaadasaa said...

Dear J/Argan,
Your responses are well articulated, and speaks to the depth while the covering the realities of this tactical maneuvers of the dying dynasty gate keepers, which includes some disillusioned group of ours. I will reintegrate my position till cows comes home: "The attendance of Dr. Birhanu Nega the planned OSA conference is nothing but a disgrace to the principled Oromoo Scholars"

Here we go again with another saga of pure strategical differences within our own camp. Instead of bringing our scattered voices together, the Asmara group comes up as usual with another deadly divisive agenda. May Waaqayyoo inni garaa gurrachaa help them to comprehend the disfranchisement they continue to perpetuate against the Oromoo Nation's struggle for freedom from Abyssinian colonialism.
Oromia shall be free.

Anonymous said...

Dear Oromo Affairs Editor,

Many thanks for the information your provided to our public in relation to Dr. Berhanu. I have been following Berhanu's political courrie since his CUD days and I fully concur with your views. He should not be allowed to present at OSA this year. Every Oromo should be against making OSA a forum for his work against his work against the aspirations of our people.

Thanks again for your continued effort to expose enemies of our struggle.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

It is not bad if Shanee make alliance with G-7 and achieve genúine Oromian autonomy within Ethiopian Union. We like it or not, we will move from the status quo of Oromian occupation step by step:
- 1st to Oromian autonomy within Ethiopian union (our tactical goal) planned by OFC,
- 2nd to Oromian independence in a form of Gadaa republlic (our CORE-goal) envisioned by OLF, and
- 3rd to Oromian union (Horn union of independent nations) the lasting solution suggested by AFD.

Just as it is wrong not to plan for the 2nd step by fearing the enemies opposing this goal vehemently (the Habesha and the West), it surely is also dead wrong not to talk about the 3rd step by fearing the enemies in the Horn. Abjuu sodaatani, rafuu hin dhiisani. But we should yet be smart and pragmatic so that we first achieve the most feasible 1st step and then move on again step by step!

Anonymous said...

so what?? you want to censor different views. whether you like it or not, many oromos (especially mixed oromos of shoa) voted for the CUD party. many leaders of CUD were Oromos as well, including heroine Miss Mideksaa

you seem to think oromia separation is supported by majority of oromo people

nobody knows what is mainstream oromo political agenda

Anonymous said...

To commentor just before me,

The main stream Oormo poitical ajanda is Walabumma Oromia and Bilisumma Oromo.

We know this. You might know and I don't expect you to know because you sound Habasha to me.

What do you mean by mixed shoa Oromo by the way?

Anonymous said...

The person who commented on July 18, 2010 6:58:00 PM EDT:

You're the enemy of the Oromo ppl. I don't want to repeat what you said to divide us. But, I'll tell you again and again we know better and we're smarter than you think we are. The regions (xaqlaay Gizaat & Kiflahagar) are the prison cells created by the colonial regemis. we're one and our identity is OROMO. Period.

Hell with you, divider!!!

Anonymous said...

It is an open secrete that, Dr. Birhanu is going to preach 'National Liberation Struggles have failed because, no ethnic group in the prison house (Ethiopia) supports the very idea of liberation'.

It is also an open secrete that he shall preach: 'CUD, an organization to which he was a leader has defeated all forces of all evils (ethnic organizations) in the 2005 elections'.

So, the contents of his presentation are already known before hand. It will be the same Abyssinian rhetoric : 'The Oromo doesn't aspire to be free from the Chains of slavery named 'Ethiopia', but prefers to stay chained in it.

It is so ridiculous that 'our own' cowards are preparing a stage for him so that he shall spit upon our intelligence.

Yaadasaa said...

Dear all,
I have never heard of layers of classification when hungry, yet vicious robbers are already living in your home, not only consuming all what you got, but torturing, imprisoning, and starving your own children to death, let alone selling what ever left from them to the higher bidder!!!

The god given natural law dictates the owners/Oromo people to kick the robbers-out from our living-room first. These art of classifications is another strategy of the robber to buy Oromoo people's passivity until another plan of remaining in Oromoo people's home is drawn. Past history has taught us that the robbers utilize numerics technical utensils to achieve that, including our own delussioned and self centered individuals. Therefore, it is very wise to know who is saying what, and why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aite Yaadasaa,
don’t pretend to be paranoic and suspect every suggestion! Are you scared by Oromo's tendency to move to the fourth and fifth level of Oromo political evolution? We like it or not, we will move from the status quo of Oriomian occupation step by step:
- 1st to Oromian autonomy within Ethiopian union (our tactical goal) planned by OFC,
- 2nd to Oromian independence in a form of Gadaa republlic (our CORE-goal) envisioned by OLF, and
- 3rd to Oromian union (Horn union of independent nations) the lasting solution suggested by AFD.

Just as it is wrong not to plan for the 2nd step by fearing the enemies opposing this goal vehemently (the Habesha and the West), it surely is also dead wrong not to talk about the 3rd step by fearing the enemies in the Horn. Abjuu sodaatani, rafuu hin dhiisani. But we should yet be smart and pragmatic so that we first achieve the most feasible 1st step and then move on again step by step!

Anonymous said...

Interestingly some of you are confused not to understand the message. Read my message again and again, probably 3000x, so that you may comprehend! The first level of the ethiopianist Oromo and the second level of the slave Oromo serving Weyane can't lead us to Walabummaa. The third level of the Oromo democratic federalists is a pre-Walabummaa union as a prelude to Walabummaa Oromia and of course the fifth level is a post-Walabummaa union of independent nations in the region for common benefit! How can your mini-brain make the fifth to be the same to the first and second level?

Anonymous said...

The person who is trying to experment some sort of layers of evolution.
Just because you repeat, it doesn't become a fact. Don't you see that no one is buying your philosophy? People don't buy it because it is unstudied,unproven, cloud in ....mind. You are just repeatig the same thing over and over, We heared it and it doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blogger,

Is there a way you can stop the posting about the "evolution" ? There is no need to post it gizzilion times. This may be done by individuals whose purpose is to make choas to our discussion. May be not the person originally posted it doing this.


Anonymous said...

Yes! OLF's move is very good! We hope that this alliance will not be the reason for further division and schism between Oromo liberators as it was during the formation of AFD in 2006! Let Waaqayoo/Rabbii give our liberators the necessary knowledge, understanding and wisdom not to fall into the trap of Weyane's attempt to divide the camp of the Oromo liberation movement using this issue of "NO vs YES to the alliance with Amhara forces"!

Anonymous said...

To the moron who repeats this layer/evolution diatribe,

"Repeating the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome is a form of madness" Albert Einstein.

You suffer from mental constipation and verbal diarrhoea to me.

Nagaa siif hin kenninnin!

Anonymous said...

This is the Blogger,

Please don't post the same message multiple times. There is no need to do so. Your views are not accepted just because you post them repeatedly. Besides, you are wasting your readers’ time which you should have some respect for. Please refrain from doing so.

Also, please watch your words. Insulting your readers will not help you sell your point of view. In fact, it does the opposite. If you are spending time writing up your views on a certain issue, you might as well change some minds.

Warning: if you are a repeat offender, I will remove your postings all together. Just to prove to you that this is the blogger, not some impersonator, I am removing some of the Oromo political “evolution theory” posted here multiple times.


Argan Beekan

Anonymous said...

Dear Oromo Brothers and Sisters.

I hope if not all, most of you recall the sacrfice our people in Diaspora had to pay to form OSA a little over 20 years ago. This prestigious Oromo institution has done a lot to move our just and legtimate cause forward. To mention few of those: demonstartion when the Woyane regime burnt down our forest in south Oromia; petitions signed to help free Oromo political prisoners through the western governments, letters written to the UN and many more.

It is this institution that nowadays some of our own folks use to weaken our JUST and LEGITIMATE cause in the name of acadamic dialogue. Please tell me what do we gain by having Berhanu Nega on the stage advocating to us Ethiopia is our "mother land". Is that going to override history that Ethiopia was established on the grave of OROMOs? Or Berhanu is going to accept that we have been occpuied by force and live under colonial rule since Minilik? Tell me!

To me Ethiopianism and Oromummaa are incomptible. The reason is simple. for Ethiopia to be invented every thing (governing system, names of cities, persons name, language, land ownership, thousands were killed and mutilated, etc) Oromo had to disappear. That was then. How about now? imprisonment, death sentences, land grabbing, the list goes on and on. I know Berhanu is not in power now and he will never be in the future. But, his attitude is not different from that of the current and former Abyss. So why do we have to listen to him?

say NO to his appearance in this year OSA's conference. In fact I urge Oromos to write to him that he is not welcomed to our institution.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blogger,
I know that you are moving at the fourth level of the Oromo political evolution. Why should you remove all posts. Obbo Leencoo Lata is one of the very few Oromo, who has completed his Oromo political evolution. He is the promotor of Oromian (biological origin) Union = Horn (geographical origin) Union = Kush (according to Hebrew) Union = Kas (according to old Egypt) Union = Ethiopian (according to Greeks) Union. That is why Oromo scholars started to talk about a “paradigm shift” and even Habesha scholars are trying to join them. It is not bad that at last one of the leaders of the Habesha dominated unitarist parties (Dr Berihanu) is ready to come to Oromo conference of OSA and discuss with Oromo. By the way, the topic of the upcoming OSA-conference is really good! “Rethinking the Urgency of Paradigm shift for Democracy, Human Rights and Social Justice in the Age of Intensified Globalization.” But what do the concerned people mean by “paradigm shift”? Shift of Kaayyoo or shift of Karaa to the Kaayyoo? At which level of the Oromo political evolution are the panelists and participants moving? We like it or not, all Oromo individuals and Oromo institutions do pass through certain evolution process from level one to level five, unlike Dr Negasso Gidaada’s backward evolution move from the fourth level to the first level. Here is the Oromo political evolution:

- the first level of the evolution is that of those who do support the unitary Abyssinian Empire as Oromo in Habesha organizations like AEUP, EDP, EPPF, EPRP, G-7 and UDJ are now doing (they deny the existence of Oromia and do cry about only Imiye Ethiopia). Are panelists like Dr Berihanu and Oromo like Birtukan Midhagsaa, Yaqob Likkie and Sofiya Yilma Dheresaa not moving at this level?

- the second level of those acting like OPDO, who do claim to be Oromo and believe in the existence of Oromia, but do accept and adore Abyssinian rule over the occupied Oromia. Of course Oromo like Junedin Sadoo belong here.

- the third level of those acting like OFC, who do claim to to be Oromo and demand Oromian Autonomy at least within Ethiopian UNION. Are panelists like Jawar and Oromo like Dr Merera and Obbo Bulchaa not moving at this level?

- the fourth level of those acting like ULFO and do claim the unconditional Oromian Independence in a form of an independent Gadaa Repubic. Is there any one from such the pro-ONLY-Walabummaa without a possibility for a UNION of independent nations of the region in the conference? Are Oromo like Obbo Jaarra Abbaagadaa, Galasa Dilboo, Dhugaasaa Bakakkoo not moving at this level?

- the fifth level of those searching to foster the Oromian UNION planned by AFD, i.e a union of independent nations in the Horn which brings all Oromo in the Horn (starting from those in Egypt to those in Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenia and Tanzania) together. I think people like Professor Mohammed Hassen and Prof Assefa Jalata are moving at this level! Surely Obbo Leencoo Lata and Daud Ibsaa belong here.

The question yet to be answered is, how many of the Oromo individuals taking part in Oromo politics and the Oromo institutions they do represent did finish their political evolution process? I know there are some who already have completed their evolution, but tactically make the rhetoric of the lower levels of the evolution. But yet there are some who still are convinced to live and move at the lower level of the Oromo political evolution! Which one iof the positions (compelled or convinced) is the position of each panelist and participant of the conference in particular and that of the Oromo politicians in general? The position of the compelled ones, who do consider the lower levels as their tactical goal because of the compelling political situation or the position of the convinced ones, who do accept the lower levels as their strategical goal based on their political conviction?

Yaadasaa said...

To whom ever posted on July 21, 2010 10:38:00 AM EDT, and J/Argan.

It appears to me that you are so deprate to disrupt the current discourse among the participants on this Oromo Affairs forum. Well, your attempts will not bear any fruit, because we are going to ignore you and discuss the issue at hand, which is Dr. Birhanu Nega's anticipated, but rejected participation on OSA upcoming conference. You know, when people are that despareate, they advesvely hurt their own mission. Therfore, unless you are that retaded, you take the advice and go to hell with your attention diversion tactics.

Dear J/ Argan,
I know it is some what hard to watch every drop on this forum throught the evectronic means. Therefore, it is a demanding effort to keep such deliberate subotage by the enemies of the Oromo people. Basically it will be nice to be alert and erase as earily as possible when such message with an evil intent appears on the forum again, meanwhile urging all the participants of this Oromo forum, just to ignore this person's posting.
Aslaam Aleikum,

Anonymous said...

If OSA's members are by majority pro separation, then Berhanu loses no ground, because he neither expects nor needs their ears. Such people who feel they have the authority to speak for millions are lost in their own marginalized communities far from Ethiopia.
On the other hand, if he shows up to OSA, he will be giving credibility to those extremists showing they can listen instead of only hiding in their unrealistic shell.
Ignoring the reality benefits no one. Eritreans tried it. Their problems got worse. We all still have to live together and that is the only way.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous commented on July 21, 2010 8:16:00 PM EDT

You said "We all still have to live together and that is the only way"

My Brother/sister, that is exactly why we can't and don't want to live with you.
Your statment scars even those who think you guys have come to your senses but you are still the same old nefxanya.

I am sorry for those Oromos who try to find some element of dempcracy in you. As for me I say spade is a spade.

Anonymous said...

To the person who said "Ignoring the reality benefits no one. Eritreans tried it. Their problems got worse".
What reality is that the Eritreans ignored? and also did the Eritreans told you that their situation got worst? or is it that I know what is good for you better than you do. That is typical Habasha mentality and you sound so different than any one who writes on this forum. I can smell Habshumma in you from 1000 of miles.

Anonymous said...

I strongly believe that Birhannu Nega shouldn't be allowed to OSA conference. It is high time for true Oromos to protect OSA from becoming an Ethiopian studies association. Those who want to join Ethiopian Association can become the members of whatever Organization they wish and invite Negga there. We don't have a shortage of intellectual Oromos who can run OSA as a true Oromo institution.

Anonymous said...

those of you who don't agree with the classification of Oromo based on their level of Oromo political evolution, you can reduce the classification to three or even to two levels, fact is that Oromo individuals and institutions evolve from being pro Unitary Ethiopia of the first level to the pro Oromian (Horn) Union of the fifth. Those already at the fifth level can move back to the lower levels tactically just as OLF people did support OPDO as the unitarist party, CUD, was on a verge of taking power and was ready to dismantle the formally existent Oromia. So they can also move back to the level of OFC as they did in Bergen conference or build Tokkummaa Qabsaa'ota Oromo at the fourth level as they are now trying in a form of re-unifying the three factions of OLF. Just wait, you will be surprised by the movement of the Gadaa people in your life time!

Anonymous said...

We hope that Dr. Berihanu and his likes will evolve from his obsolete first level position of supporting a Unitary Ethiopia to at least the third level of Ethiopian UNION of autonomous nations or at best to the fifth position of the Horn UNION of independent nations!

Anonymous said...

When we now try to make alliance with other liberation forces of oppressed nations and with democratic forces of Abyssinian nations, we should be conscious that our Oromo's reservation (our bottom line) is Oromian autonomy within Ethiopian union, Oromo's goal (with what we will be satisfied) is Oromian independence in a form of Gadaa republic & Oromo's target (the BEST we could possibly attain) is Oromian (Horn) union of independent nations! To comprehend what I mean enjoy the following:


Anonymous said...

Are you censoring comments? If so get used to the same one dimensional and vapid collection of comments. But then again, that is your comfort zone, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

To the commentor at July 22, 2010 2:32:00, how do you think your comment got through, if censoring is in place. I am just trying to apply logic here.

Anonymous said...

I am a commenter at July 22, 2010 2:32:00. My question was how did your comment, published if you think challenging comments get censored.

BilisummaaTV:Oromia said...

Dear Oromo Affairs: I would like to thank you millions times for your respond to Berhanu Nega Should Not be allowed at OSA.You said everything i wanted to say.If so called DR.Berhanu Nega has power and guns like Meles of TPLF he will not think twice to kill us(Oromos) off to get power and to stay on power.Again thank you very much.I will do my part to stand by people.I will do my part to stand up to Oromo haters.God Bless Oromia.

Anonymous said...

The implication of Berhanu Negas patrticiaption in OSA might not have drastic impacts on oromo agenda. therefore his participation might not have negative implication

Anonymous said...

The above video is Jawar Siraj Mohammed's frame of reference when he said Birhanu Nega should be allowed to participate.
See him speaking.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for who ever posted the above video. Jawar Siraj Mohammed and 13 or so Habahsas advocating Ethiopian Unity, no wnonder Jewar wants Birhanu Nega at OSA conffrence. The thing is Jawar can go find his friend Birhanu else where in washington DC, I suggest 18th street but he has no business in trying to get Birhanu to Oromo gathering.

Anonymous said...

Berhanu Nega participation on OSA conference amounts to disrespect for the sacrifices of Oromoo liberation fighters. The looter, the killer, oppressor,and the colonial Berhanu Nega talking to the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons of his victim makes no sense and it amount to legitimizing the killing of Oromo people for the last 100 years.

Anonymous said...

"Thank you for who ever posted the above video. Jawar Siraj Mohammed and 13 or so Habahsas advocating Ethiopian Unity, no wnonder Jewar wants Birhanu Nega at OSA conffrence. The thing is Jawar can go find his friend Birhanu else where in washington DC, I suggest 18th street but he has no business in trying to get Birhanu to Oromo gathering."

Well that is YOUR opinion. Others have theirs.
If you could you'd probably wipe out everybody that spoke Amahric.

Anonymous said...

I checked out the below site
And saw how this guy, Jawar Mohammed jumps from side to side in politics. I remember in the past when someone exposed his lie. Just to remind you all: He apparently misled a student organization based in Canada that he was a child solider recurited by a liberation front. They posted his testimony on their web site. When someone from the O-net discussion board challenged Jawar of this information with the evidence (link to the website) a day or two later that page was removed. Also, someone directed us to listen to an audio in which he said we (OLF) have tried for 40 years now we're changing course and democratize Ethiopia.... BTW, who said such a flip flapper represents a NOBEL cause like that of OLF. Of course he can lie to his new friends, the Abyss.

The fact that he supports the participation of Birhanu Nega in Oromo Studies Association (OSA) confrence should not surprise us all. I would say we've to be very carfeful about this guy. It's unknown who is behind this flip flapper. Regardless of which OLF factions you support, don't let this guy catch you off guard. Time will tell whose side he is, till then deal with him with exterme caution.


Anonymous said...

Sorry but whoever wrote this article sounds like a Woyane to me.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who wrote at August 4, 2010 9:55:00.

If chalanging an amhara domination and an ethiopian colonializm sounds like woyyane's voice to you, it probably is because you still belive in only habasha(Amhara+Tigre) capablity of chalanging each other. My brother/sister, It is not just Yohannes who is capable of chalnaging Menlik. This is a voice of Dabala and Ayaantu that you are hearing. Get used to it.

Anonymous said...

To the person who posted on August 4, 2010 9:55:00.
Aha.Guess what? Your old tactics of trying to easily agitate conflict between Amharas and Oromos are over.

To everybody else including the person who wrote the blog:
Now that the conference has come and gone, what is your opinion?

Anonymous said...

To a person who wrote at August 6, 2010 6:24:00 AM I am a person who commented about Menlik and Yohannes above.
I wasn't at the conference and don't know how it went, I tried to watch it's video on unfortunately it is not clear. All I could see was Asfaw Beyene serving Birhanu a bottle of water with a passion.

Anonymous said...

to the person posted on August 6, 2010 6:24:00 AM EDT
your comment implies that the conference resolved historical, present, and future issues.

"Aha", "Guess what?" What a wonderful conference!!! that has the majic to fix such issues within an hour or two panel discussion. And my opinion/advice would be this panel should be a model for other conflicts in the world and its panelists deserve a nobel prize. kkkkkkkkk!!!

joven said...

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