Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Politics of Oromo National Identity: In need of paradigm shift?

By Gumaa Guddaa


Identity has a strong connection with individual sense of self. In psychology, the self is often used for the set of attribute that a person attaches to himself or herself most firmly, the attributes that a person finds it difficult or impossible to imagine himself or herself without. One’s nationality is a prime example of one’s identity. The primacy or importance of national identity is another quality that affects its contribution to the perception of the self.

Developing a sense of self is an essential part of every individual becoming a mature person. Each person's self-conception is also collective - identities extend to countries and ethnic communities, so that people feel injured when other persons sharing their identity are injured or killed. Sometimes people are even willing to sacrifice their individual lives to preserve their identity group(s). Palestinian suicide bombers are a well-publicized example. People who share the same collective identity think of themselves as having common interest and fate.

In the case of subjugated people, identity political formations typically aim to secure the political freedom of a specific constituency marginalized within its larger context rather than organizing solely around belief systems, programmatic manifestoes, or party affiliation. Members of that constituency assert or reclaim ways of understanding their distinctiveness that challenge dominant oppressive characterizations, with the goal of greater self-determination.

This essay examines Oromo identity politics in the context of the recent discourse by some suggesting that the Oromo need to make a paradigm shift vis-à-vis Oromia and Ethiopia.

Oromo National Identity

Before answering whether Oromo people can be Ethiopian it is necessary to examine the difference between being Oromo and being Ethiopian in the first instance. Oromo national identity refers to the identity of the Oromo people, the representation of their country Oromia as a whole, encompassing its culture, traditions, language, and politics contrary to the Ethiopian discourse that tends to present Oromo national identity as part of the multiple identities that the Oromo people enjoy with the greater Ethiopian identity.

The Ethiopian identity on the other hand means different things depending on if you are Abyssinian or not. For an Abyssinian the term Ethiopian means the same. For the rest, however, Ethiopian is filled with ambiguity and dissonance. This confusion emanates not only from difference in cultural and ethnic identity but also from politics. The political history of Ethiopia for the non-Abyssinians is nothing but exploitation, subjugation and cultural genocide. The current Ethiopian regime has raised the stake further from cultural genocide to real genocide that one Oromo social scientist dubbed it as ‘the final solution’.

Since no one has ever suggested that the so called Ethiopianess is biological, one has to look for its evidence in the spheres of political identity. Unfortunately, so far the political system in Ethiopia has not been one of inclusion. Simply put, the system the Abyssinians and their foreign supporters created is an extremely repressive regime. Ethiopia is a prison house if you happen to be non-Abyssinian. It would be impossible for anyone to develop affinity to this type of identity let alone loyalty and allegiance, except through dehumanization and self-denial, both very unhealthy for the people that tender the identity and the receiver.

Ethiopian is not a national identity. Ethiopia is a state, the worst man kind has ever seen. Ethiopia as a political entity is a forced marriage. If one allowed freedom, Ethiopia will cease to exist immediately. The same thing that happened in former Yugoslavia will manifest itself. Oromia will definitely be a fully independent country. Ogandenians might merge with Somalia. Abyssinia will revert back to its former size in the north. Others in the south will either merge with Oromia, Abyssinia or declare independence. This outcome would be so natural and offer the best chance for lasting peace and development.

Some allege that the Oromo people have no noticeable national identity that set them apart from Abyssinians as they have intermixed with others through intermarriages and culturally influenced each other. Let us examine the demerit of such a claim.

Findings from population genetic studies conform to data from linguistic, cultural and social history of distinct Oromo national identity. Population genetic studies show no evidence of significant intermarriage between Oromo and Amhara or primordial closeness at all. The Oromo are homogenous as a genetic group. The Oromo are genetically much more close to other Cushitic, including Afar, Agaw and Somali. The Oromo and Abyssinians are genetically distinct. They occupy distinct geographical areas of Oromia and Abyssinia respectively.

The Oromo people have a distinct national cultural identity of well established democratic system known as Gada. The Abyssinians who dominate the Ethiopian political system have never known democracy in their entire history, and they do not seem to be receptive to the idea of free and democratic society either. The Oromo use force as a last resort, whereas the Abyssinians are warlike.

For an Oromo to assume Abyssinian identity would not only mean a total change of identity so different that will be unrecognizable but simply unachievable. Those who advocate Ethiopianess to the Oromo are swimming against the tide. Moreover, today the Oromos are forcibly evicted from their ancestral land and their land is being given away to foreigners and the proceeds line up the Tigre ruling class pockets; millions of Oromos are dying of manmade famine – a green famine created to reduce the number of Oromos. It is under these circumstances that some are suggesting a paradigm shift from Oromia to Ethiopia in the guise of multiethnic democracy. In any case, what is multiethnic democracy? I am afraid no one can tell you what the model would look like.

The sense of national identity has already reached the national collective consciousness of the Oromo. A paradigm shift seems to be at least two decades behind the curve. The idea of struggle for independence has passed the point of no return for the Oromo. The Oromo society has changed beyond recognition. Children born in Oromia over the last two decades have grown up knowing very little about Ethiopia. Paradigm shift makes no sense to them. Charles Taylor argues that the modern identity is characterized by an emphasis on its inner voice and capacity for authenticity — that is, the ability to find a way of being that is somehow true to oneself (Taylor in Gutmann, ed. 1994).

As Sonia Kruks also puts it:

  • What makes identity politics a significant departure from earlier, pre-identarian forms of the politics of recognition is its demand for recognition on the basis of the very grounds on which recognition has previously been denied that groups demand recognition. The demand is not for inclusion within the fold of “universal humankind” on the basis of shared human attributes; nor is it for respect “in spite of” one's differences. Rather, what is demanded is respect for oneself as different (2001, 85).

Likewise the Oromo national question is not a request for respect for recognition as equal partner or acquiring Ethiopian identity but demand for liberation of Oromia. There are some who either pretend they do not understand the aim of Oromo national movement or attempt to misrepresent it as a demand for democratic governance.

Adversarial Identities

Certain conflict's intractability depends upon the identities of the adversary. Identities can mesh with each other in ways that are more or less destructive. Two groups with ethno-nationalist identities and with attachment to some of the same land are prone to engage in an intractable conflict. Moreover, a group with an ethno-nationalist identity and even a high sense of superiority may attempt to eliminate the other. The recent example of the tragic genocide attempt by the Hutu against the Tutsi in Rwanda is a grime reminder of what can happen. The Ethiopian Empire sits on a volcano. The eruption, when it happens, will certainly dwarf the Rwandan conflict. The author strongly believes that these conflicts are avoidable by allowing separation of adversarial identities. The Oromo and Ethiopian identities are adversarial and I have not come across, yet, any sociologist who argues otherwise. Hence, it is in the best interest of all concerned to disentangle the two mutually exclusive adversarial identities of Oromia and Ethiopia.

Above all, over the past four decades the Oromo nation, as a whole, has and is paying a heavy sacrifice in terms of human life in the fight for liberation. Thousands of freedom fighters have lost their lives, fighting against Hailesillase, Mengistu and Meles. Thousands more have been subjected to exile and destitution. Moreover, as we speak, Oromia is bleeding in terms of economic exploitation, eviction from land, underdevelopment, epidemic diseases and famine.

Meles Zenawi, in particular, is conducting genocide against the Oromo through systematic destruction of the livelihood of Oromos. He has reduced the entire Oromo country to hell on Earth perpetuating untold repression, killings and exploitation of the natural resource of the Oromo. It would appear that he has a sinister plan in mind.

Furthermore, the Oromo insist on using their own language but successive Ethiopian regimes insist that Amharic, the language of the minority, be the official language. Abyssinian heroes such as Tewodros, Yohanis, Menelik, Halesellasie, Mengistu, Zenawi etc are viewed as criminal mass murders by the Oromo since that is exactly what these warlords did to the Oromo. Qubee is anathema to Ge’ez for the Abyssinians, albeit they have started using it widely learning from the Oromo. The Ethiopian flag is seen not only as a national symbol but a religious icon for an Abyssinian but is a nasty reminder of Abyssinian chauvinism to the Oromo. The OLF is a symbol of, freedom, emancipation, unity and revered as an ideology by the Oromo; whereas it is a threat to an Abyssinian ideology.

The fallacy of the so called multi-ethnic democracy in Ethiopia is epitomized by the only African female political party leader in prison, Birtukan Midhegsa. She has sadly no public sympathy let alone followers. She is seen as an Oromo and attract nominal support from the ‘multi-nationalists’ and at the same time wholly forsaken by the 40 million strong Oromos for not leading an independent Oromo movement. Imagine if she went to prison for being one of the OLF leaders. She would have been our Aung San Suu Kyi. Her apparently ignored immense sacrifice remains a stark warning for the advocates of multi-ethnic democracy as a remedy for the Ethiopian empire.

Several books have been written on the differences between the Oromo and the Abyssinian nationalism but I have not seen any book or article on the similarities or common interest between them in favour of forging closer ties. It is preposterous to suggest a paradigm shift without exploring a common denominator between the two peoples. It is a suggestion that someone’s national identity is dispensable. In any case, it would be cost effective for the minority to make the shift rather than the majority. Why do they think that the majority has to conform? One would ask why not the Abyssinians adopting Oromo identity, if it is democracy. The unification between Oromo and the Abyssinians would only benefit the latter and it is logical for them to change in search of that advantage. Not the other way round. I challenge those who suggest a paradigm shift to come up with a single potential benefit for the Oromo nation from the marriage they recommend.

Whether and how identities contribute to intractable conflicts depends on their particular qualities. Of course, identities can and do change in ways that may help prevent, limit, and end intractable conflicts. These changes are brought about by the way the adversaries interact, and by the conduct of persons and groups who intervene or otherwise affect the primary adversaries. However, I have not seen any meaningful change of attitude within the Abyssinian culture that might suggest they can make a shift of any kind any time soon. They continue to cold-bloodedly attempt to destroy the Oromo identity, livelihood and existence. I do not sense change of heart from their allies, so far, in making the necessary intervention to stop the conflict either.

Harsh Political Treatment

The proponents of the notion that the Oromo must abandon their quest for an independent homeland of their own tend to evoke the example of the closer economic union in Europe. They tend to tell us that in the era of unity we should not move apart. The reality that their rhetoric seems to have conveniently ignored is the political reality on the ground that works against nurturing friendship and trust. Ethiopia is the most repressive regime in the entire universe. The reality is that the Oromo, due to the paranoia of the Abyssinian elite, are treated as potential threats. The current Ethiopian regime is ruling Oromia by means of state terrorism, no different from its predecessors. Oromia is an occupied territory and the people are demanding independence. According the International Crisis Group report the Zenawi regime has deployed 1 million spies in the state of Oromia alone to suffocate and terrorize the Oromo people (Africa Report No. 153; September 2009).

The current Ethiopian regime is busy passing death penalties and life long imprisonment against the Oromo almost exclusively. These innocent Oromo people suffer for no other reason than being Oromo – their identity. Arbitrary detentions, killings, rape and torture are common place. The majority of prisoners in the hell on earth Ethiopian prisons and jail houses speak ‘Afaan Oromoo’ as attested to by even some Abyssinians. You could say Oromia itself has become and open air prison. The Oromia Support Group (OSG), a UK based human rights group, has compiled credible reports of 4,185 extra-judicial killings and 944 reports of disappearance, since 1994 ( The systematic attempt by the Tigrean dominated regime to reduce the number of the Oromo can only be correctly characterized as genocide (HERE). This is a product of adversarial identity politics in its naked form.

Now, those who call for a paradigm shift from Oromia to Ethiopia fail to acknowledge the fundamental reality on the ground of lack of favourable political environment that may foster any shift towards unification rather than polarization. History teaches us those who try to appease evil will only strengthen the hands of the evil. The proponents of the so called paradigm shift seem to think that they might save life by abandoning Oromoness. They need urgent critical appraisal of the premises of their change of heart. In the meanwhile, the rest of us should continue building the Oromo nation.


Identities can greatly contribute to conflict intractability. The history of conflict between Oromia and Ethiopia dates back to the 11th century. How adversaries think about who they are and who and what their enemies are profoundly influences the course of any conflict between them. The way the Oromos and the Abyssinians think of each other has irreparably changed and being maintained to date, by the support from the world powers to the Abyssinians since the end of the nineteenth century. Their sense of identity and conceptions of each other contribute to their conflict's destructive quality as well as to its long duration.

I do not think the conflict between Oromia and Ethiopia ends by paradigm shift by the Oromo. The author argues that the conflict is likely to have a lasting solution if the paradigm shift was made by the Ethiopians to stop claiming that the Oromo are Ethiopians and let them go. Those who call for the Oromo to convert to Ethiopia are not only condoning our loss of freedom but invite us to even loose our national identity and it must be resisted by Oromos by any means necessary. What saddens me most is that some of our own have jumped on the bandwagon of multi-ethnic democracy without bothering to clarify what it means, not to mention a well thought out strategic vision to achieve it. Clichés such as paradigm shift are barrier to clear thinking. Forget multi-ethnic democracy – as an Oromo, its survival against genocide that one must worry about.

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Anonymous said...

It seems like "paradigm shift" is the buzz word being used by the irrationally optimistic group of people within our [Oromo] society. Some simply say the word for the sake of saying it and they don’t know what they talk about once they crawl up to the stage. For those people, sticking their nose into every subject that involves Oromo would keep them on the front line and that is what they like to do.

I’m afraid they say the word without knowing the pros and cones of it. I respect the right of individuals to say what they have in mind. What I’m saying first be expert enough to know the consequences to the society of what you say.


Anonymous said...

Hi Obbo Gumaa Guddaa,
galatoomi, it is a nice article. I didn't know that the suggested PARADIGM SHIFT was a shift of Kaayyoo from Independent Oromia to Unitary (united) Ethiopia! In one of my last articles, I asked a question: is the paradigm shift a shift of Karaa to the Oromo-Kayyoo (self-determination) or the shift of Kaayyoo as you wrote? I didn't get an answer. I also didn't understand the suggested "national self-determination with multi-national democracy" as if it is a shift of Kaayyoo. I think you still think with "a parallel frame-work" of either-or mechanism. For you there is simply either Oromian independence or Ethiopian unity (black and white without grey zone). You still didn't try to think in " a series frame-work", which could help you to concieve that we can move from the satus quo of Occupied Oromia first to a genuinely Autonomous Oromia within Ethiopian Union as a prelude to an Independent Oromia within African Union (the goal which you want to see).

I still didn't understand why you and people like you couldn't learn to think in "a series frame-work" in order to support those Oromo nationalists who are emphasizing first to achieve Oromian autonomy within Ethiopian union, which is a half way towards the goal you do persue. Do you think it is constructive to curse those who want to move forward a half way with you? I tried to help you and those who think like you with the following three mataphors, so that you may change your mechanism of thinking. Enjoy it again and try to learn that those whom you do villify are on the same track moving with you towards Independent Oromia.

1) Then, I do hope that we will come slowly, but surely, to the position of clarity as far as the Oromo cause, Oromo-Kaayyoo or the Oromo question is concerned. The metaphor I brought here, putting the different terms of Kaayyoo-Oromo in a form of either “parallel circuit” or “series circuit” can make immense difference in our way of thinking and may make big effect on our contribution to the Oromo liberation movement. Putting the three terms/outcomes of the Kaayyoo-Oromo (federation/autonomy, independence and union of independent nations) in a “parallel circuit” makes the three terms of the Kaayyoo to be seen as if they are very contradictory goals to each other from which we must choose one. Putting them in a “series circuit” as if we can achieve them one after another (first achieve the federation/autonomy, then an independence and then further a union if we want), makes it clear, so we can see that there is no conflict among the three terms of the only ONE Kaayyoo-Oromo. I hope in due time all of the concerned Oromo nationalists will start to think in this form of the “series framework” instead of thinking in the “parallel framework”.

2) It is also good to remember here again the metaphor I used previously, i.e the liberation journey from Djibouti = garbummaa (status quo)—---- through Diredhawa = federation (autonomous Oromia) —---- and through Adaama = independent gadaa republic of Oromia —---- to Finfinne = a union of independent nations, be it at the Horn level or at African level. I thought these two metaphors (electric circuit and train journey) may work a wonder to heal the perceived and/or real conflict produced and transmitted by those thinking with the “parallel framework”, intentionally or unintentionally. Unfortunately, still there are some like you obbo Gumaa who just couldn't be free from the percieved conflict. That is why I added the following third metaphor.

Anonymous said...

3) We like it or not, all Oromo individuals and Oromo institutions do pass through a certain political evolution process, from the following level one to level five (you obbo Gumaa seem to move at the fourth level and denounce those who want to move from the status quo/second level to the third. You yourself need to evolve to the fifth level in order to think global, not only local:

- the first level of the evolution is that of those who do support the unitary Abyssinian colonial empire as Oromo and others in the Habesha dominated organizations like UDJ of Aadde Birtukan Midhagsaa. They do deny the existence of Oromia, but cry only about imiye Ethiopia.

- the second level of those acting like OPDO of Obbo Junedin Sadoo, who do claim to be Oromo and believe in the existence of Oromia, but do accept and adore Abyssinian rule over the occupied Oromia.

- the third level of those acting like OFC of Obbo Bulcha Damksa, who do claim to be Oromo and demand Oromian autonomy at least within Ethiopian union.

- the fourth level of those acting like ULFO of Obbo Jaarra Abbagadaa and do claim the unconditional Oromian independence in a form of an independent Gadaa Repubic, disregarding the possibility for a union of independent nations (your level is of course here).

- the fifth level of those searching to foster the Oromian/Horn union as planned by AFD of Obbo Daud Ibsaa, i.e. a union of independent nations in the Horn for common economical benefit, which brings all Oromo in the Horn together.

Anonymous said...

Now coming to the paradigm shift, was there really any suggestion to shift our move back to the first level of the evolution? If there was such suggestion, I am with you to condemn! Was there a suggestion to accept the status quo/second level und to give up our liberation struggle? If yes, I am with you to denounce this. Was the suggestion to fascilitate a move from the status quo to the third level, probably with the help of a possible alliance of all forces who want to support this move including the Habesha democratic forces? If this is the case, why does this disturb you? I thought this move disturbs only the unitarist Amharas moving at the first level and the hegemonist Tigreans moving at the second level. Why your intelligent brain couldn't grasp that this move to the third level is a prelude for a move to your fourth level of Independent Oromia?

As far as I am concerned, let alone Oromo nationalists, even Abyssinians can not be free from this political evolution, even though it may take them many years to evolve. The lasting final solution for that cursed empire is as you suggested a good separation of Abyssinia and Oromia, be it peacefully like the Chek republic and Slovakai or forcefully as that of Serbia and Croatia, but with the END option of a UNION of independent Abyssinia and independent Oromia within the Horn/African union. So just let's learn to think in "a series frame-work", so that we can believe in and live out our tactical Kaayyoo (Oromian autonomy within Ethiopian Union = the third level of our political evolution), our CORE-Kaayyoo (Oromian independence, the fourth level) and our strategical Kaayyoo (a Union of independent nations in the Horn/Africa, the fifth level).

Otherwise, I advice you to learn drinking VODKA from WATER bottle! To understand what I mean, here is the story. I once met two russians in a subway in the city where I do live. Each of them has got a bottle of drink. One was using the bottle named VODKA, the other one using the bottle named WATER. Both of them were drinking from their own bottle respectively. I just observed them and could see that the one using the WATER bottle is more drunk than the other one using VODKA bottle. I was surprised and asked them: how can this be!

How can it be that the one using WATER bottle was drunk? Then they laughed at me and told me that both were drinking vodka, but the name of the bottles each of them were using differ. This is the difference between Oromo politicians like you and Habesha politicians. Most Oromo politicians like you use VODKA bottle and say a spade is a spade (talk about Oromo right directly), whereas the politicians of the two Habesha nations (Tegaru and Amhara) use WATER bottle (use the name Ethiopia to promote the interest of their respective nations). They do play the same “ethnicity” (promote Tegaru hegemony and Amhara dominance respectively), but use the bad deceptive method in comparison to the good direct liberation struggle of the Oromo which you persist to do. Can you learn the Habesha way of doing business, having Oromo interest at heart? Time will tell us!!

Anonymous said...

Obbo Gumaa Guddaa,

Thank you so much for this nice essay. Let me summarise some facts I have taken from your essay.

The reality on the ground:

• Oromia is an occupied territory and the people are demanding independence.
• The Oromo national question is not a request for respect for recognition as equal partner or acquiring Ethiopian identity, but demand for liberation of Oromia.
• The idea of struggle for independence has passed the point of no return for the Oromo.
• The Oromo society has changed beyond recognition.
• Children born in Oromia over the last two decades have grown up knowing very little about Ethiopia. Paradigm shift makes no sense to them.
• Above all, over the past four decades the Oromo nation, as a whole, has and is paying a heavy sacrifice in terms of human life in the fight for liberation….
• Furthermore, the Oromo insist on using their own language, but successive Ethiopian regimes insist that Amharic, the language of the minority, be the official language.

“I challenge those who suggest a paradigm shift to come up with a single potential benefit for the Oromo nation from the marriage they recommend.”

• The unification between Oromo and the Abyssinians would only benefit the latter and it is logical for them to change in search of that advantage
• The proponents of the so called paradigm shift seem to think that they might save life by abandoning Oromoness.
• They need urgent critical appraisal of the premises of their change of heart.
• In the meanwhile, the rest of us should continue building the Oromo nation.

Well said, you are absolutely right, we Oromos require those who suggest a paradigm shift to come up with a single potential benefit for the Oromo nation from the marriage they recommend and convince us rather than discussing behind the closed door.


Anonymous said...

What a gift for Weyane cadres! The move of the Oromo unionist liberators like OLF and the Amhara unitarist patriots like G-7 to forge an alliance against the fascist regime is nowadays the nightmare for Meles Zenawi and his followers. Now Weyane rabid dogs (cadres) are very busy to camouflage like the pro-unconditional-Oromian-independence forces and like the pro-unconditional-Ethiopian-unity forces just to polarize the Oromo democratic liberators and Amhara democratic patriots so that no challenging opposition will emerge. Unfortunately they are getting now unexpected help from the genuine extremists from both camps: from the extremist Oromo nationalists like Obbo Gumaa and from the extremist Amhara ehtiopianists, who do curse Oromo liberators as separatists!. Weyane is enjoying this polarized move of the two extremists for they are doing the job of its cadres. These extremists are simply the chimpanzee politicians who didn’t yet learn to think and act in a sofsticated way, but always pray the mantra of a spade is a spade. I hope Obbo Gumaa will learn to be a bit sophisticated in the future!

Anonymous said...

Yaa Gumaa Guddaa,
Yaa ilmma Ayyaa,

Akkuma dhugaa dubbattu kana ilmi dhugaa fi kan gumaa baasuu siif ha dhalatu! Habadan, Oromoon Itoophiyaa ta'uu numa hin dandeenye. Itoophiyaanuu isaan hin fudhattu. Isaan amansiisuuf yeroo kee hin balleessin - ilmaan habashaa hojjaa kana siif dalaguu.


Anonymous said...

Too Obbo Fayyis biyyaa who is repeating himself ad infinitum,

You theory reminds me of Leencoo Lataa's (your god fathers) mantra -his globilization and single super power - which he repeated ad infinitum (just like you) to sacre the Oromo into accepting the Wayyaanee constitution and stop armed struggle. Oromos refused to buy it. Regardless, he repeated it for years and years.

You have been writing about your so-called theory of karaa-kaayyoo-blah-blah and your Oromo political evolution stages, blah, blha, blah ...

You have become repetitious to the point of annoying your readers, much less be convincing. I see no one quoting you at all - believe me I read a lot of what is written on Oromo. As a result, you quote yourself, again, ad infinitum. Still, no Oromo is buying your so-called theory. In fact the difference between you and Obbo Leencoo is that he was able to convince some and got them to quote him. But, you have failed misearably. Even after posting your so called theory on every discussion forum and web site regardless of whether what you post is relevant to the topic under discussion.

I urge you to stop this nonesense. Just because they are mostly silent, don't assume your readers are stupid.

A word of advice: Do not alienat your readers.

Obboleessakee Gurmuu

Anonymous said...

1. We are tired of about the non sense theory of "oromo political evolution" , about the slow tortoise journy of the oromo liberation from Djibuti,through Adama to Finfinne. 2. now we come with the theory of political paradigm shift.
Are we all oromos crazy stupid or confused !! With time we are slowly loosing our sense and our Aim or objective. Please stop confusing the majority of oromos with your unstabile and senseles political shift.

Anonymous said...

Aite Gurmuu,
we know that Fayyis Oromia is the one, who single handedly killed the ambition and intention of Weyane rabid dogs like you, who do try to fool Oromo by crying about unconditional independent Oromia in Oromo forums/paltalks and at the same time sing about unconditional unitary Ethiopia in Amhara forums/paltalks, your purpose being to hinder the all-inclusive-alliance which might emerge against your fascist regime in Finfinne palace! I know it was very painful to you to read Fayyis Oromia. To your MERDO, he will continue to torment you the rabid dogs. Sit LEQSO, so that we will come to comfort you!

Anonymous said...


The writer, the reader and the defender of Fayis's article is fayis himslef. Checkout his comment above.

Anonymous said...

Because of your paranoia, even your shadow is Fayyis Oromia! Of course he is your Weyane rabid dogs' nightmare, it simply shows what a wonderful job he made!

Anonymous said...

My people:

instead of curseing each other "Rabid woyane Dog" or other wise, help the liberation fighters who are heroically serving their nation in the jungle. Help them financially and other ways. Till our military force becomes a huge threat to the current rulers of that empire as well as other groups who oppose our freedom struggle, put a break on negotiations and alliances with non-Oromo forces. Once we reach that stage then real negotiations will bear fruit

Jabaadha qabsa'a Bilisumaan ni dhufa!!!

Anonymous said...

You really have an inflated view of yourself Obbo Fayyis.

You single handedly did what? kkkkkk! Have you no shame? Why do you think all who refuse to accept your so called "theories" are Wayyaanee or chimpanzee? In fact, their refusal to play a lab mouse for your so-called theory proves that they are human beings with rational thinking capacity. Only a chimpanzee cannot see that. You might say a chimpanzee cannot write like you do. But, they have trained some now and they can type faster and more accurately than some. Get out of you megalomania! The Oromo are a considerate people, not stupids to whom you have to repeat so many times before they get your point. They have got your point; they just don't agree with you and dubbataa xiqqeessuuf jaluma callisuu jedhanii si dhiisan abbaa! Ati khan ammallee hin hubanne akhii? Amma eenyuree chimpanzeen?


Anonymous said...

Who is this coward Dedebite, who is lamenting about Fayyis Oromia in his absence! Why don't you go and respond to his articles, instead of hiding yourself here and fart? What ever he writes and what ever Oromo people's response is not your Weyane rabid dog's business! Now you are just farting, shitting and vomiting for you sensed what is coming against your fascist regime in Finfinne palace! Enjoy Oromia's inqulaal till you will be sent back to qulquwaal mexexaa. Talking about Oromo is not given to you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Blogger,

Can you stop this unsivilized fyiis guy who curses like lalibela. He loves his amharic and uses them in most of his comments. That is his right but his vulgar lanuage is not acceptable.

Anonymous said...

I can understand if you fear even your shadow as Fayyis for he is the tormentor of the looters and the fascists! It just shows who you are: one of the Dedebites!

Anonymous said...

Dear readers,
Checkout the comments on

August 19, 2010 9:56:00 AM EDT
August 19, 2010 9:57:00 AM EDT
August 19, 2010 9:57:00 AM EDT
August 20, 2010 6:51:00 AM EDT
August 21, 2010 4:21:00 AM EDT
August 22, 2010 10:31:00 AM EDT
August 22, 2010 11:15:00 PM EDT

and make an educated guess who the writter is. I have no problem with the first 3 comments made on Augst 19 except for a wasted time (all 3 say the same thing).
The commentor become nuts after Gurmu's comment and started calling Dedebite and using all other words I don't want to repeat. See the comments on August 20 through 22. This guy can not be an Oromo. Oromoon safu qaba.

Anonymous said...

Yes Oromoon safuu qaba, but the Dedebites don't have it. We can see how these rabid dogs are busy to divide Oromo based on region, ideology and religion! The writer you mentioned here just posted Fayyis Oromia's article here and then defended himself from the attack by the Dedebites! Is this crime??

Anonymous said...

we shoud have to learn from our history and others in challenging our nations national interest.wether stalinst step by step revolution or trotskyit permannet revolution the end goal must be the oromo national interest

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

The main question the author raised was if the so called "paradign shift" is reqired. I do not see much effort in debating this central question.

I am of the opinion there is no need for a paradigm shift.

By the way "great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events but little minds discuss people".

Do the Oromo do not need to make a paradigm shift. How far and in waht way do you agree. Discuss.

Anonymous said...

It is without reason that I raised Stalinst and Trotskyite Communist factions in the past. both are stuggled to combat capitalism but they had deep rooted haterds among each other to convince one another to come to compromise of their strategy and tactics agaisnt common enemy.OLF LEBRATION FACTIONS AND OLF DEMOCRATIZATIION factions should not have acted like opposition with in opposition because the level of oromian citzens national consciousness to defend their national interest and resources mobilization is/was in considerable to face the enemy side that is/ was supported by international mentors.the monolithic voice and collective actions against world wide confrontation needs our iron alloyed unity and ironed discipline, tolerance and courage.material & human resources ineffctivly utilization , time and energy waste after and before factionism with in OLF UNPARDONABLE BY HISTORY AND OROMO NATION.What is done and happend done and is passed. it is not only passed but stamped unforgettable scar in all oromo hearts and minds.PRINCILE IS PRINCIPILE BUT NATIONAL INTEREST AND NATIONAL DIGNITY MUST BE RESTORD BY ANY MEANS.LEBRATORS THAT DOESNOT SECURE THE INDEPENDENCE OF OROMIA WHAT THE PRINCIPLE THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT? DEMOCRATIZERS THAT WILL NOT SECURE AND GAURANTY THE RIGHTS AND DIGNITY OF OUR PEOPLE WHAT ASSURANCE THEY HAD IN THEIR MIND NOT TO BE BETRAYED BY THE HABESHANS AGAIN.The national pride , dignity and national interest of our people must be restored by our selvs not given willingly by the enemy or any one else. stop humilating each other and forward against enemy together in one voice and action.the enemy and their supporters to humilate us must be challenged collectively not separatly.

Anonymous said...

The ruling aprty and opposition party system with in lebration fronts might be adisatrous because the situation doesnt allow broad democracy to practice .the democray tha emanates from the poletical power which they struggled to bring to the surface is in the hands of the minority dictatorship. therefore the system of opposition with in opposition to confront the dictatorship wether designed or by default has/ had destructive role. eg OLF WITH ALL ITS FACTIONS. PLO WITH ALL ITS FACTIONS,ETC

Anonymous said...

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