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Kemal Gelchu & Co.: “OLF” Trojan horse? Part II

By Observer

Continued from Part I (Read Here)

On Challenging TPLF by Force

Today, five years after they joined the Asmara group of OLF and three years after claiming leadership of an OLF faction, Kemal Gelchu & Co, are generals without armies much less challenge TPLF by force. Not only have they no army to speak of but have surrendered to TPLF whatever army there was before their arrival and sided with them during their split with the Asmara Group of OLF.

Under Hailu Gonfa’s command, in Aug. 2009, they allowed the filming, and airing on a Kenyan TV station, of the Oromo liberation Army (OLA), “in southern Ethiopia near the border town of Moyale” there by pin pointing OLA location for TPLF. A few months later, in Jan 2010, the vast majority of the army surrendered to TPLF under mysterious circumstances. Even before that, it was widely rumored that the OLA under their command was full of TPLF spies.

Furthermore, before they even fire their first shot and having surrendered their army to TPLF, Kemal Gelchu & Co. abandoned armed struggle and declared “non-violence” (Read Here) as their method of struggle there by revealing their lack of intention to challenge TPLF by force. It is unheard of for army generals to renounce armed struggle and declare “non-violence” to challenge an adversary they have asserted does not understand dialogue. The purpose, from the beginning, I submit to you the reader, was to disband OLA (Oromo Liberation Army) to deny the OLF a fighting chance against TPLF. Had Kemal Gelchu & Co. succeeded in taking total control of the OLF (including the two other factions), there is no doubt that this group would have made the OLF a toothless liberation front without a liberation army for that is one of the objectives they were sent to accomplish.

But that is exactly what TPLF wanted all along and has been demanding from the OLF to no avail until Kemal Gelchu & Co. showed up on the scene. Kemal Gelchu & Co. partly achieved by infiltration what TPLF failed to accomplish by force and through negotiations. What force and negotiations failed to yield, infiltration delivered.

But why did Kemal Gelchu & Co. choose non-violence, a method they declared ineffective when they left TPLF? What has changed since to make “non-violence” appealing to them at this point? Nothing has changed for the better form what we know! Has TPLF become more democratic and tolerant of “non-violent” methods of struggle? No! In fact, TPLF became more tyrannical wining 99.6% in its last “elections”. It continues to “disappear”, torture, imprison and kill our people. It continues to fire live ammunitions against peaceful demonstrators. One can find no rational reason for such decision under such conditions. In order to make sense of their adoption of “non-violence”, one would have to assume they were sent on a mission by TPLF to pacify the OLF. But this is not a wild assumption. It is one supported by evidence of their actions and one widely held belief in Oromia.

If peaceful struggle is what they had in mind, why did they leave the country in the first place? Wouldn’t it make sense to join Oromo organizations who have adopted that method - the likes of Dr. Merera Gudina’s OPC (Oromo People’s Congress) and Obbo Bulcha Demeksa’s WAFIDO? How do they plan to conduct peaceful struggle from afar - from Asmara? In the successful peaceful struggles with which we are familiar, the leaders remained among their peoples and led the struggle. Dr. Martin Luther King walked at the head of freedom marches in his country and with his people. Gandhi was among his people when he took on the English empire and tasted the brutality of the colonizers with his brethren. What are we to make of their advocacy for “non-violent” struggle from outside the country?

Could “non-violence” be their ticket back to TPLF once they accomplish the mission they were sent to execute? I will address this a few paragraphs later in “What would the Logical next steps be for Kemal Gelchu & Co.?”

The answer to the question about whether they have challenged TPLF by force as they promised they would do when they “defected”, should be obvious by now – NOT AT ALL! In fact, they surrendered to TPLF part of the OLA that sided with them. Before they fired a single shot, they disavowed armed struggle and adopted “non-violence”. They have no intention or plan to challenge TPLF in any way much less by force because they were sent to do TPLF work. Kemal Gelchu & Co. bears the sole responsibility for dismantling the OLA under their command.

This is the second evidence of their clandestine work for TPLF from within the Oromo movement for freedom.

Continued on Part III (Read Here).

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Anonymous said...

As an ordinaly Oromo, I was suspicious of the way Kamal Gelchu and co joinded OLF and the speed at which they took over OLA.
In real world you can't be able to climb the lader with this speed in any organization let alone a liberation front. I never put things in to prospective to see it clearly the way it is articulated on this article,
Mr obeserver, I can't thank you enough for your analysis and exposing TPLF's hidden ajenda.

Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis. Air tight, I might add. It truely does not make sense for Gen Kemal Gelchu to adopt peaceful struggle which has been proven not to work with Wayyane not only by others but by the General himself. I agree with you Mr. Observer. "What force and negotiations failed to yield, infiltration delivered."

Hayyee ha jabaannu.

Anonymous said...

Dear observer! I could not agree more with your analysis. It is based on hard facts, thank you. It is time for all of us who believed in what OLF stood for and rebuild OLF and continue with the liberation struggle. No matter how much time it takes we will regain our Bilisummaa!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis. You are an Oromo think tank. I want you to grow this blog to what I would call, "Oromiyaa Affairs Think Tank."

Secondly,it has become clear that, all what we have been observing did not start with the coming of Kamal Galchu to OLF but it started by forcibly removing Obbo Galaasaa from OLF chairmanship. The OLF which had been very tight against infiltration from the enemy and Ethiopianist ideology was made widely open for enemy spies and Ethiopianist element to to play their game in it by the removal of Obbo Galaasaa from chairmanship. Remember how Ethiopians celebrated the removal of Obbo Galaasaa from OLF chairmanship in 1999. OLF suffered these immense problem under the leadership of Dawwit IBsaa. We should not ever try to blame Kamaal. We should blame the ineptness and imbecility of Dawwit Ibsaa who unashamedly still hang on the name of OLF chairman. Under the leadership of Obbo Galaasaa Dilboo, Oromo and OLF was confident, feared,respected and the symbol of Oromians unity and the embodiment of Oromo people's aspiration for independence. We are really nostalgic of OLF under obbo Galaasaa Dilboo's leadership. I want Obbo Galaasaa Dilboo to take us back to our pride as Oromians and as hope full as people who want to see independent Democratic Republic of Oromia.

For Oromo people,the last ten years has been a crises with a tremendous opportunity. If we have learned something for the last ten year and ready to learn, these lesson will definitely set a context within which we run our struggle for independence. The most important lesson that we should learn from the last 10 years is that we should not rally behind people but behind ideology. We should not entrust our trust on individuals because they are from our region, religion, tribe etc but because they share the same vision with us. We should not also run into supporting an individual or group of individuals without scrutiny and investigating on their background. We should not trust people by what they say alone but by what they do and the motive behind what they do.

lammi said...

since you begin with the fallacy arguments you can not arrive at correct conclusion,therefore you can not sell your creativity or convince oromo public at large if not your villegers. Your contribution is not postive at all for oromo community.

Anonymous said...

Playing village politcs (as you call it)didn't help Kamal, and it is not going to help anyone else. This line of politics is getting outdated in Oromo politics. It is rejected not just by Oromo people in general but the vilage they are claiming to represent as well. People are smart enough to ask what is it in for me. Apparently every benefit gained goes to Kamal not Kamal's vilage.

Anonymous said...

Mee nama ''Lammi'' jedhamu kana laalaa. Maquma kana qofaatu gaha jedhee ittiin tattaafataa jira.

Anonymous said...

Mr blogger u are absolutly amazing, u are really Oromos think Thank, i cant thank u more my dear my Our waaqa bless your extraordnary thinking ability!!

Nothing can stop our genuine struggle and not even Kamal his co agents.

Lammi please stop dirty and old politics of diverting our attention from the points and facts in to rumours and hetrades, it doesnt work anymore, today we are more vigilant and more exprienced than yesterday.

Yaaa rabbi guddaa Oromoof qalbii kenni tokko nu godhu!

The future is ours!

Oromia Shall Be Freeeeeee!!!!

Anonymous said...

What the hell have you been doing when they have done all these you've written ? Its very funny to read some comments,,,,,

Anonymous said...

to Anonymous above,
You comment is like asking Anderson Cooper what he was doing when Bush messed up. The oberser is just reporting, analysing and it is up to me and you to do something about it, perhaps including the oberser too as a citizen of Oromia

Anonymous said...

Gen. Kamal’s OLF explicitly announcing an ‘Internal self-determination’ as its goal is not wrong in principle! They have a God-given right just like the legitimate right of Obb. Dhugaasa’s OLF to persue its goal of ‘External self-determination’. Of course Obb. Daud’s OLF being open for both types of self-determination and stressing a REFERENDUM on the two options is a conciliatory position. The last decision on the issue must be left for the Oromo public at large! I think what angered the other Oromo nationals, who are opposing the move of the General is the irrational Euphoria and the premature celebration of the Abesha camp! The fool Abesha elites just tried to hide their own giving up of the Centeralism position and accepting of the nation-based federation of Ethiopia, the type of political arrangement which they vehemently used to oppose. Actually the position now taken by Gen. Kamal’s group is not new for the OLF, but the move of the Abesha camp to this position of accepting the ‘federal republic of Ethiopia’ or recognizing the 'Internal self determination' is new! Simply put the Oromo camp is the one who won in the negotiation between Gen. Kamal’s group and the G-7, it is not at all a victory for Abesha camp, as they try to portray and massage their wounded ego!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Oromos,

I have no doubt whatsoever that Kamal and his friends are not only TPLF agents but there is a lot of blood on their hands. How come Kamal rose to the rank of general in the first place? There is only one other general, I think Bacha Dabale, who is non-Tigrean above the rank of colonel in Ethiopia. Hence, Kamal must have been ruthless against the OLA to gain the promotion.

The blame must go to his supporters from his village to help him be given a prominence or role he hardly deserves. He belongs to jail. He stands exposed by his deeds and he should be judged so.

As to the direction of the Oromo struggle, it is in the hands of the two factions of the OLF, as they have been there since the beginning. May Waaqayyoo give them the wisdom to talk to each other rather than wasting time through the courts. On this issue it is the madness of the SG-OLF that needs urgent attention.

God bless Oromia!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Did you know there is no officer in the entire Ethiopian defence force at the level of colonel or general apart from natives of Tigray? A little fact to ponder on! Sorry fro diverting your attention from the main issue of the Trojan horse!

By the way, the blogger is spot on!

OdaaNabee said...

Mr Bloger. I cant agree more.

The Kamal Galchu group is a fraudulent group that has been wearing a false identity. Their activities from the time the group was sent to Asmara have been catalogue of scams and mischiefs. General Kamal was a defector from Ethiopian Army. No one is certain as to how and why he crossed border to Eritrea. The general agreement is that Kamal Galchu was sent to Eritrea with a hidden agenda to create rift in the OLF. High ranking military personnel(generals, colonels ..), along with hundreds of foot soldiers , crossing boarder to Eritrea(an arch enemy of Ethiopia) without any incident is something that many people found suspicious. How he managed to "cheat" TPLF's intelligence and crossed border to Eritrea remain a “mystery”. It is "unbelievable" and it is as if you are reading a script of a movie from Hollywood or Bollywood. A high ranking general , along with more than 400 foot soldiers, and other high ranking military personel, “cheated” TPLFs military intelligence and with no incident crossed border to Ethiopia's arch foe. No gun shot, no followup by Ethiopian army into the border of Eritrea, no nothing. Isn't that amazing?

Anonymous said...

Dear Author,
Thank you for this informative article.To me, kemal Gelchu is just a moving dead or a well conditioned or programmed Robot with a remote control in Finifine.What do you expect from the so called OPDO generals? As mentioned earlier, this guy didn't earn the rank of general,but traded it with our fathers,mothers and brothers blood .He did a wonderful job of killing the oroms in oromia,proved himself loyal to the TPLF and was sent to Eritria to kill those who ecaped from injustice.He thinks he did his homework,but not really. Infact, what he and his followers did will bring the rest of us together and strengthen our strugle.I'm an oromo,but never been part of any political organization before.Thanks to Kemal, I'm now joining the real OLF.I'm really angry and mad at this sare. Oromos please unite and beefup your struggle. I'm sure we will prevail no matterwhat.Kemal is a disappointment to the oromos in genal and the brave men and women of Arsi in particular.

Anonymous said...

A person meant for Hague for genocide he committed against Oromo people in Eastern Oromia has become the defender of the people he exterminated, looted, raped, displaced etc. This is the most embarrassing event that Oromo will forever hate to read in it's struggle for independence. Shame on us Oromo to allow this to happen to us.

Anonymous said...

This way or that way, NO genuine Oromo nationalist in a walk of life is far away from the only ONE Kaayyoo-Oromoo of self-determination. Gen. Kamal’s group now explicitly announcing an ‘Internal self-determination’ as its goal is not in principle wrong. The members of this faction do have a God-given right just like the right of Ob. Dhugaasa’s faction persuing its goal of ‘External self-determination’. Of course Ob. Daud’s group being open for both types of Oromo people's self-determination and stressing a REFERENDUM on the two options is a conciliatory position. The last decision on the issue must be left for the Oromo public at large. I think what angered the Oromo nationals, who are opposing the move of the General is the euphoria and the premature celebration of the Abesha camp. The Abesha elites just tried to hide their own giving up of the 'centeralism position' and their accepting of the 'language-based federation', which they vehemently used to oppose. Actually the position now taken by Gen. Kamal’s group is not new for the OLF, but the move of the Abesha camp to this position of accepting the ‘Federal Republic of Ethiopia’ or the Internal self determination of the Oromo people is new. Simply put, the Oromo camp is the one who won in the negotiation between the Kamal’s group and the G-7, it is not at all a victory for Abesha camp!

salman said...

hey Mr Observer I guess your analysis does not correlate with OLF program and doesnot represent oromo peoples view because KemaL Gelchu never said it is time for Arsi....never never said those are your words so u better swallow them. really I looked at your arguments and they appear to be Oromo people are ahead of your thinking that is one point, it seems u r less informed.
and u were tryng to mention about the video taken by NTV (KENYA) I am really sorry the way you analysed was completely wrong they never pinpointed to the vicintiy of OLA second flip flap of your analysis.

Did you ask your self, after OLF gave power to Kemal Gelchu as commender of OLA , has he been in battle ground , if not why ????????

why Daud Ibsa and Kemal Gelchu in Asmaraa ????? if they really represent Oromo people.

AND DID you ask your self why daud ibsa keep flying to US, Canada , Norway etc , why Kemal Gelchu never flew or traveled from ASMARA ????????? why do think ????? and who does it ?????

in my conclusion Mr Observer I GUESS U DIDNOT OBSERVE IT SEEMS U HEARD FROM PRO daud ibsa grup. thanx

salman (AKA)

Anonymous said...

To the commentor above

Not sure why the blogger let's u be a nuisance by repeatedly posting the Same message. But do you have no mind? Would you like it if everyone did what you are doing? Would not that annoy u? Please treat others as u would like to be treated.

Anonymous said...

Now, it seems that the left arm of the Oromo liberation movemnt is represented by the OFDM, OLF-K (Kamal’s faction), ONC, OPC and OPDO; the back bone or the middle body of the movemnt being the OLF-A (Amaano’s faction), OLF-D (Daud’s), OLF-I (Ibrahim’s), OLF-Dh (Dhugaasa’s) and ULFO; as well as the right arm is excercised by the position of the Anti-Gujile Oromo nationalists in the AEUP, EPPF, EPRP, G7 and UDJ. Interesting is that none of the results of these three positions is not beneficial for the Oromo people, as long as the future rule of the political game in the region called Ethiopia will be freedom, Afaan Oromo and democracy.

That is why, I do see that neither the move of Kamal’s group from the double position to the left arm nor the shift of Daud’s faction also from the double position to only the middle position of the back-bone is a betrayal of the OLF mission as currently told. Actually the recentt shift to respectively a clear one position of the two factions made the Oromo liberation movement to be the discussion topic of all the concerned stakeholders in the Horn region. The Oromo liberation movement seems to be more smart, offensive and dynamic. We have to look at the positive aspect of the current move, instead of simply accusing each other. Still the three parts of the Fighter-Jet can cooperate with each other and work together against the tormenting Gujile now ruling in Finfinne palace.

What matters most is not the position of their (OLF factions’) gut, but more the direction of their verbal gun. As I can see, their position, be it independent Oromia or integrated Oromia, is not different from the position of the other genuine Oromo nationalists using differnt strategy, even though they all always implicitly or explicitly do advocate the CORE-Kaayyoo of Oromo liberation movement being an independent Oromia. But the foes of the Oromo liberation movment, who are now trying to pour benzin on the pseudo-conflict, do differ from the genuine Oromo nationalists in the ‘direction of their gun’; they do direct their gun (verbal bullet) on Oromo nationalists, who do have different approachs to achieve both bilisummaa Oromo and walabummaa Oromia, whereas the genuine Oromo nationalists consequently and consiously try to direct their gun ONLY unto the current tormenting enemy, i.e unto the Gujile now ruling in Finfinne palace.

Our foes do shoot continously the Oromo nationalists, who do have different approach, whereas genuine Oromo nationalists try to tolerate all Oromo political groups having different tactics and strategies to come to the same Kaayyoo-Oromo. So, let all Oromo nationalists check the direction of our gun; we do have no problem with the different positions of our gut; we can love independent Oromia or integrative Oromia as some of us do claim, but just let’s wake up and see how many Oromo nationalists we do sometimes mistakenily kill with our verbal bullet. May Waaqa/Rabbi help us!!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous on January 16 who asked why Kemal Gelchu is not allowed to leave Eritrea but Daud Ibsa is allowed to fly to other countries. First of all both Kemal and Daud live in Ertirea and can't do much without Eritrea's permission. They both orders from the same boss Eritrea but
Eritrea might not trust Kamal to let him out of the country for obvious reason that Kamal Gelchu is a TPLF spy. A trojan Horse. But Eritrea have a reason to keep them there, to use them for their own benefit. Perhaps as bargaing chips.

Anonymous said...

“… As far as I am concerned, there is a way out of this present situation, which is unfortunately in favour of the ruling regime at the cost of all the oppressed nations in the empire, including the oppressed Amhara people. The G7 can correct its betrayal, by re-emphasizing that it is not against an independent Oromia, if the Oromo public will vote for it, even though G7 itself will advise the public to favour a union (integration). For G-7, being against Oromo interest is equivalent to be on the verge of its own burial; no political group in that empire can survive having the Oromo as an enemy. It can prevent its burial only by accepting and respecting the God-given and Man-made right of the Oromo nation to self-determination. Here, the pro-independence Oromo nationalists also need to differentiate G7 from G-7 and approach or manage both of them accordingly. G7 is our own, which can have different approach or can come back, if it starts to notice that its move is against the interest of the Oromo nation. Thus, we need to refrain from cursing, insulting and villifying this group of ours, which can again in the future be part of our struggle for an independent Oromia. G-7 is the moderate part of our colonizers, with whom we can reason to some extent; but if it is such a cunning fox and manipulative as it seems to be now, surely it can be declared as part and parcel of our enemy like the Woyane is and nothing can hinder us, the Oromo nation, from fighting against such colonial force. It is up to the G-7 to take a clear step not to be against the liberation struggle of the Oromo people; otherwise the step taken by G7 in Kelly Inn can be the cause for the burial of G-7, which will have no more influence on the Oromo constituency, which it highly tried to win for its own cause…. ”

Anonymous said...

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