Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kemal Gelchu & Co.: “OLF” Trojan horse? Part III

By Observer

Continued from Part II (Read Here)

On Changing the OLF Political program

No serious observer of the Oromo people and their struggle for liberation over the last twenty years would doubt their abiding love and support for the OLF. That much, I argue, is beyond dispute. One cannot find a stronger evidence of the truth of this statement than pointing to the fact that the Oromo people stuck with it over the last twenty years even when it is at its weakest. Even Melles Zenawi, the arch enemy of the OLF, is said to have quipped “if you scratch every Oromo, you will expose the OLF in them” or something to that effect. This quip is one of the most telling testaments of Oromo love for the OLF.

So, why is it that the Oromo people love this organization so much and refuse to abandon it even when it seems weak and ineffective? Why is it that no Oromo organization created since has been able to garner as much support as the OLF from the Oromo people? What has it done for them in the past and what has it promised them for the future?

Most importantly, to tie it to the Kemal Gelchu & Co. story, how can one kill the OLF which seems to have nine lives and would not die regardless of uncountable attempts on its life or the number of obituaries written about its death?

Follow me, please!

The Oromo people’s deepest love is not for the leaders or members of the day; Although they love and hold them in high regard too. They know that leaders and members come and go. Their love is for something constant, something persisting in the OLF regardless of who leads the organization or holds membership in it. That, my friends, is the ideals the organization represents; the fears, hopes and aspirations it is connected to. The ideals, the fears and hopes, and the aspirations it represents and stands for are the same as those that the Oromo people hold very dear. In fact, the OLF was formed for exactly that purpose – to represent and reflect Oromo hopes and aspirations. This is manifested in its political program. It is specified as dismantling the Ethiopian empire, freeing the Oromo people from colonial subjugation and enabling them to determine their fate with no external interference or undue pressure. Without dismantling the empire the Oromo will never see freedom and without freedom they won’t be able to determine their fate freely. When that opportunity comes around, while it advocates for independent state of Oromia, the OLF has promised them that it will respect and abide by their choice. That is what gained it so much love and support from them.

Not only has the OLF reflected Oromo hopes and aspirations for liberation, it has also achieved for them, in a few decades, part of what they had lost for over a century. Paramount among them, it has helped lift Oromo identity, history and culture from the dust bin to which it was relegated by the Habasha colonizers and located it in its rightful place among the respected ones on the planet. I say helped because it is the Oromo people that did much of the lifting work through their organized and unorganized resistance. The OLF, however, gave that resistance and renaissance shape and direction. It organized and led it. The implication of that achievement alone on the Oromo psyche is incalculable. A book can be written about the impacts of this achievement. However, for the purpose of this piece, suffice to say that we would not have Qubee, or recognized as a nation without this achievement.

OLF’s work is not completed by any stretch of the imagination. But, knowing what it has accomplished for them to date, the Oromo maintain confidence that it will deliver on its promises in the future as well. That is because they are mindful of the fact that past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior. The OLF has gone, and will go, through ups and downs, rainy and sunny days, disappointments and successes but at the end of the day, they believe, it will come through for them and will deliver on its promises as it has done before. Yes, it will stumble from time to time, it will even fall down now and then, but they are confident that it will pick itself up, dust itself off, and walk, even run and fly, again. Whether it is strong or weak at any particular time is not as important as what it stands for. Its point in time strength or weakness may be most important for opportunists among them but not for the vast majority of the Oromo people.

Simply put, what the Oromo love is not OLF the organization per se. Their love affair is with OLF’s political program which is the embodiment of their hopes and aspirations. Without its political program, the OLF may exist as an organization, in name only, but without doubt will forgo the love and support of the Oromo people it has enjoyed since its inception.

In order to kill the OLF, it is not enough to murder, to “disappear” or to torture its leaders or members. Nor is it enough to delegalize it or label it as a terrorist organization. Twenty years of such practices have not borne fruit for TPLF. The secret to killing the OLF is to deprive it of the love and support it enjoys from its people. That is the only sure way of burying the OLF six feet under. What better way is there to accomplish that than by decoupling and disassociating it from its political program? None at all!

The sure way to kill the OLF, once and for all, would be to cajole, coerce or force it to abandon its missions and objectives as they are enshrined in its political program.

Enemies of the OLF know this very well. After years of attempts at cajoling and coercing it to change its mission, and having failed miserably at it, they have devised a crafty scheme they hoped the Oromo would be unable to uncover. It is to infiltrate the organization, take it over and force it to abandon its political program so as to deprive it of Oromo love and support. But they needed an Oromo tool, a “Trojan Horse” to accomplish this mission for them.

Say hi to Kemal Gelchu & Co., the lethal tool charged with this mission by the TPLF.

That is exactly what Kemal Gelchu & Co. announced on January 1, 2012. (Read Here) Under the guise of “a new vision with clear goals” they have changed the goal of the Oromo struggle led by their faction of the OLF from freeing the Oromo people from colonial subjugation and determining their fate freely to achievement of “New Federal Republic of Ethiopia.”

What is more, they accomplished their mission by trampling upon the due process procedure enshrined in the OLF constitution which calls for the organizations general assembly to make such a major change. Usurping the general assembly’s power and circumventing that due process was necessary to achieve their mission. Without such illegal act, they were certain that their mission cannot be accomplished for they would be opposed by the vast majority of nationalist Oromos who had joined their faction duped by their sugar coated mantra of “change”.

If the Oromo people’s aspiration were life in a “Federal” empire, they have had many organizations to choose from. First, there have been independent and “legal” Oromo organizations in the country that they could have supported and helped grow. These organizations have accepted a federal Ethiopia. The Oromo people, however, did not flock to join them and strengthen them. Secondly, the Oromo people have had the option of joining what Habasha’s call “multi-ethnic” organizations in the country. These are also “legal” and are working to remove TPLF from power. Twenty years after the OLF left the country, the Oromo people have refused to join these organizations.

Why? Why have they decided to stick to an “illegal” organization labeled a terrorist and face assured harsh treatment at the hands of TPLF?

The answer is simple. After twenty years of their refusal to join these other “legal” organizations in droves, it is fair to say that these organizations, although some of them seem independent and work for some Oromo interests, they do not represent the whole gamut of Oromo hopes and aspirations. The TPLF is very much mindful of this fact. According to TPLF even the few Oromos holding membership in “legal” opposition organizations, when scratched reveal the OLF in them.

So what is the purpose of changing the OLF political program to realizing “New Federal Republic of Ethiopia.” knowing fully that other Oromo organizations who are working for the same ideal have not gained their people’s love and support after twenty years of existence?

The purpose is to kill the OLF; deprive it of the love and support of the Oromo people it enjoys by changing its political program to one the Oromo don’t particularly care for. A “Trojan Horse” in the form of Kemal Gelchu & Co. was constructed and sent on this mission. Will they succeed? Only time and how the Oromo will react to these enemy spies’ actions will tell.

This is the third evidence of Kemal Gelchu & Co.’s clandestine work for TPLF from within the Oromo movement for freedom.

Continued in Part IV (Read Here).

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Anonymous said...

Boy, oh boy! Obbo Observer,

Your really have analysed Gen. Kamaal Galtuu's underground work with in OLF-shanee. The points that you presented are difficult, if not imppossible, to refute. Please keep informing us on these matters.

Nagaaya arkadhu!

Anonymous said...

Where were you all this time? Many of us knew this from the time they laned in Asmara. Dawud Ibsa was informed by verious sources at different times. He failed to act before the damage is done. Many of us opposed crowning him chief of OLA but were ignored. Don't blame the spies alone. Blame those who allowed them to do all this by failing to act.Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

First of all I would like to thank the blogger from the bottom of my heart for his analysis, clarity, hard work, passion, searcing for truth, tireless effort to keep us informed. You made us proud. Keep writting, keep us informed and don't pay attention to those like the commentor above who could not stop, overthrow or abondon his unfit leader in timely manner and asking where you where at?
He says he knew this from the begining. If he knew this from the begining why didn't he inform us then. How is his knowladge about the issue help us if he didn't pass it to us or didn't do any thing with that information himself. Why is he telling us now after we found out form the oberserver. It makes sense if we the readers direct the question back to this commenter. Where were you Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Only Kora Saba (general assmbly) can modify OLF program. Since they broke the low, the act is void. As simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Observer!

Keep up with the good job. In any case Kamal Galtuu and his associates are toothless dogs. They have no support or the necessary skills to fulfil their doomed mission entrusted to them by their master - TPLF. Both are doomed to be crashed by the might of the Oromo nation. The day will come soon!

Dhugaan ni qallaatti malee hin cittuu jedha Oromoon keenya.


Anonymous said...

Xiinxala hedduu gaarii fi kan nama haala amma Oromoo keessa deemaa jiru gad-fageessee hubateen kan barreeffame fakkaata. Basaasota irratti ragaan kana caalu yeroo hedduu hin arkamu. Maaliif jennaan hojjaansaanii hundi dhoksaa irratti waan hundaa'eef. Anaaf kun gayaa dha - Obbop Kamaal keenya basaasa wayyaanee ti. Ha ta'u malee jaallan sobboonttonni oromoo kanneen gowwomfamanii isa duukka jiran ni jiru. Isaan kana garttuu Obbo Kamaaliin walitti qabnnee darbbuu hin qabnnu. Kanneen akka Nuro Dedefo faa jechuu kiyya miti. Isaan dur iyyuu OPDO turan. Kan ani baanu jaallan bar dheeraaf QBO keessa turan kanneen ammallee kaayyo ABO tti amanan jechuu kiyya.

Galatoomi boo!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody knows if Kamal Galtu can read Qubee Afaan Oromo or English? I wish his friends whom he delegated to forge the so called "OLF" Program explain to him the outrage his evil work has caused within the Oromo society.

For now we don't have a state power, When we do their act can be tried in a court of law for treason.


Anonymous said...

This way or that way, NO genuine Oromo nationalist in a walk of life is far away from the only ONE Kaayyoo-Oromoo of self-determination. Gen. Kamal’s group now explicitly announcing an ‘Internal self-determination’ as its goal is not in principle wrong. The members of this faction do have a God-given right just like the right of Ob. Dhugaasa’s faction persuing its goal of ‘External self-determination’. Of course Ob. Daud’s group being open for both types of Oromo people's self-determination and stressing a REFERENDUM on the two options is a conciliatory position. The last decision on the issue must be left for the Oromo public at large. I think what angered the Oromo nationals, who are opposing the move of the General is the euphoria and the premature celebration of the Abesha camp. The Abesha elites just tried to hide their own giving up of the 'centeralism position' and their accepting of the 'language-based federation', which they vehemently used to oppose. Actually the position now taken by Gen. Kamal’s group is not new for the OLF, but the move of the Abesha camp to this position of accepting the ‘Federal Republic of Ethiopia’ or the Internal self determination of the Oromo people is new. Simply put the Oromo camp is the one who won in the negotiation between the Kamal’s group and the G-7, it is not at all a victory for Abesha camp!

Anonymous said...

The commentoer above, why are you repeating yourself?
You posted the same exact comment elsewhere on this blog. You didn't even bother to change some words around like you did in the past. You simply cut and paste it. I am not saying changing some words around or changing metaphors changes the message. I am saying we heared your message and please don't waste our time reading the same thing over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Interesting is to observe how the criminal cadres of the Gujile are now enjoying the "conflict" and trying to sow more discord in the Oromo liberation bloc!

Anonymous said...

In every oppressed people's struggle, there always two opposing forces. One, those who are determined to liberate themselves and their Nation from the enemy's yoke of subjugation, and the others who enjoy the status of subjugation, and will do every thing under their domain to frustrate those gallant freedom seekers from achieving their vision of Freedom.

Starting from signing of the document in DC/USA on the behaves of Obboo Galasaa by the Shanee wing/Dr. Tadasaa Ebbaa, ....Dawud Ibsaas' leadership of surrendering negotiations with the Oromo people's enemies, to the Gen. Kamaal Galtuu and Co's desperate mission to destroy OLA, clear sides of political venues have been perused by all. But the true OLF/OLA will never be destroyed. To the contrary, it remains with strong and unflinching convictions in the far depth of the Oromo Nation's heart and blood veins. No body and no body, but no body can change that!!!!!!
Asalaam aleikum.

abdisa gada said...

dear writer this is only one way thinking just for one second think two three ways if you are a good a political analyser if not a group maker and one side supporter

maraafu garaa bal'aa irra mataa bal'ate wayya

abdisa gada said...

dear writer
this is your analyst but if you are an educated political person think for one or two minute what this time political run is going on if you aren't group supporter this is not longer

Anonymous said...

abdisa gada,
I am not an educated person per your standard. But I know, and I can feel the genuine feelings of the people of Oromia. I do not need to be a PH.D, MD, or an Engineer degree holder to know what my people want, because I am one of them; non-educated, abused, exploited and whose belongings are sold to best bidder. As for you the educated politician, the Civilized, can I ask you only one question?

Do you believe in Orommummaa?

Remember, There will be no Ethiopia without the Oromo Nation. On the other hand, there can be and will be an Oromo Nation without Ethiopia. Democratic Republic of Oromia. Long live the original OLF!!!! Oromia will be free!!!!!
Asalaam aleikum

Anonymous said...

If anyone doubts that the OLF is close to the hearts of the vast majority of Oromos in the planet, ought to Take a look at the link below from where Oromo refugees in Tunizia despite their hard refugee life adore their vanguard organization, OLF whose program is to liberate them from the colony of empire that has subjugated them for more than a century. It's this beloved organization that Kemal Geltu and his few friends have conspired to surrender to their masters. However, their dream will never come true. Yes, OLF is having internal and external stumbling blocks which indicates it's mission and goal are a GREAT threat to its enemies. They try every thing under the sky to achieving their goal of subjugating Oromos for a long time to come. We Oromos have to fight for our freedom upto death. We did not ask for others right. WE ARE DEMANDING OUR LEGITMATE RIGHT AND THAT IS WHAT OUR ENEMIES CURRENT AND PREVIOUS ARE STANDING AGAINST. IF WE COULD NOT DEFEND THIS RIGHT OF OURS WE DONOT DESERVE TO LIVE.

Waqjiraa Gudataa said...

Dear our respected blogger,
galatooma as always for your national vigilance on our national movement for our national Liberty and Identity. Today,as if the Oromo nation disappeared from the planet,the ahmara extremist group with its affiliate media are celebrating a self defeated victory over the true OLF.The true over ground even what ahmaras have in mind is that as far as one Oromo exists, no power on earth can destroy the OLF, the mosaic of the Oromo nation. Kamal G &co were the servant of TPLF in killing our civilians against the OLF original program which being done by our heroes . Today it is their/jijirama's/ conspracy against the aspiration of the Oromo nation in joining up with our historical enemies.In historical terms,it should be registered as the worest Submission to our enemie in Oromo history what our commentators described as they "Crossed the Red Line of history" contrary to as someone/Fayyis Oromia/tried to fool us in saying" internal self-determination". What this man as anonymou dated Jan 13,2012 7:00Am has further in mind when one of his three jets became anti-Oromo?.No one better than anonymous dated Jan 13,2012 10:52 understood the move of this man a long time ago where I myself failed to take his note, I regreat today more than ever.He should have left us with his jijirama as traditor, now our national anger against the ahmara intereference in our internal affairs is boiling more than ever and it opens an opportunity to come together to stand against our internal and external enemies.Yes our cancer/jijirama/has gone for ever and hence our popular demand for our Tokkummaa MUST be have a response from our QACA and Shanne.We need as an urgent as our respected nationalists Obbo ABBAS and DABALA appealed to our nation.
As our national Identity and national Interest threatened, it is a high time to show our traditional Tumsa from every corner for the true sense of Oromummaa.
Free Oromia,la lotta continua!.

dhugomsa said...

"the fact that past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior".
that tells more about shane than the new one. you make a lot persuasive arguments. However, I do not trust you, because you might be one of the shane lover not really the Oromo people. you see, you lost your credibility when you started attacking the group for there region not just what they have done. you see the division by region, is always been the work of shane's dark secret. it sounds to me all the anonymous comments are been commented by you or your friends to farther your goal of dividing us by region not by political standing.

Anonymous said...

“… As far as I am concerned, there is a way out of this present situation, which is unfortunately in favour of the ruling regime at the cost of all the oppressed nations in the empire, including the oppressed Amhara people. The G7 can correct its betrayal, by re-emphasizing that it is not against an independent Oromia, if the Oromo public will vote for it, even though G7 itself will advise the public to favour a union (integration). For G-7, being against Oromo interest is equivalent to be on the verge of its own burial; no political group in that empire can survive having the Oromo as an enemy. It can prevent its burial only by accepting and respecting the God-given and Man-made right of the Oromo nation to self-determination. Here, the pro-independence Oromo nationalists also need to differentiate G7 from G-7 and approach or manage both of them accordingly. G7 is our own, which can have different approach or can come back, if it starts to notice that its move is against the interest of the Oromo nation. Thus, we need to refrain from cursing, insulting and villifying this group of ours, which can again in the future be part of our struggle for an independent Oromia. G-7 is the moderate part of our colonizers, with whom we can reason to some extent; but if it is such a cunning fox and manipulative as it seems to be now, surely it can be declared as part and parcel of our enemy like the Woyane is and nothing can hinder us, the Oromo nation, from fighting against such colonial force. It is up to the G-7 to take a clear step not to be against the liberation struggle of the Oromo people; otherwise the step taken by G7 in Kelly Inn can be the cause for the burial of G-7, which will have no more influence on the Oromo constituency, which it highly tried to win for its own cause…. ”

Anonymous said...

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